How to Change App Icons on your Smartphone? 4 Easy Ways

Do you want to change app icons on your smartphone? Because one of the most appealing aspects of Android smartphones is the various levels of customization available to users, I believe boredom is the furthest thing from an Android user’s mind.

New layouts, interesting backgrounds, and a variety of icons may refresh the look of your phone whenever you become tired of it.

So, if you’ve suddenly begun to feel that your app icons aren’t entertaining enough, use one of the ways described below to modify app icons on a Smartphone.

How to Change App Icon on your Smartphone?

There are four methods for changing App icons. The first way involves using a launcher, and the second involves using a standalone icon pack. Both of these solutions do not necessitate rooting your phone.

Method 1: Change App Icons on your Smartphone Using a Launcher

You can choose from a variety of launchers available on the Google Play store. Check the reviews and feedback to ensure that you get a launcher that works properly and is appropriate for your smartphone. Simply download and install the launcher you want to use on your phone once you’ve decided which one you want to use.

When you touch the home button after the launcher has been loaded, you will be asked if you want to use it right away. Choose the launcher as your default, and you may be prompted with further steps to configure your displays, depending on the launcher you’re using.

Users who have previously used a launcher will be able to import their prior launcher’s settings; otherwise, you may need to spend some time bringing the many widgets and apps you use to your home screen.

Some launchers, such as Nova Launcher, let you choose a picture from your gallery to use as your app icon. With such a wide range of options for changing app icons, you may give your apps fresh icons on a regular basis, either by utilizing images from your gallery or by switching launchers.

Launchers come with a variety of backgrounds, themes, and app icons that allow you to customize your smartphone to your liking. Some of them may contain advertisements, but they are useful, especially if you enjoy experimenting with different phone designs.

Method 2: Change App Icons on your Smartphone Using an App

Some of our readers are hesitant to use a launcher for various reasons. They are, however, unconcerned with changing the app icons to give their phones a new look. In this case, an app is a good option to change the app icons without having to modify the skin of your phone by utilizing a launcher. Apps like Awesome Icons and Icon Changer are well-known for their ease of use when it comes to changing Android icons.

The instructions for using the app will differ depending on the app. However, most apps that help you change app icons need you to open the app once it has been downloaded and installed, and then select the apps for which you wish to change the icons. You may even be able to rename an app in some cases. This might be a fun method to change the look of your phone.

It can also help keep prying eyes away from your phone, especially if you rename your banking apps or if you use adult apps. You can rename the app and change the icon, making it easier to operate your phone without others knowing which apps are loaded.

Method 3: Change App Icons on your Smartphone Using In-build Feature

As previously said, some cellphones include this capability. Here’s how to utilize it (the procedure is nearly identical on all phones):

  • Simply tap and hold on to the Home screen to bring up a few options.
  • On certain phones, select “Icons” or “Change style.”
  • There are a few pre-installed themes, and if you don’t like them, simply select the “Custom” option.
  • You can customize the icon size, shape, color, and font size to your liking.

That’s all; your phone now has some cool-looking app icons to show off.

Method 4: Change App Icons on your Smartphone Using Custom Themes

For some custom app icons, you can use custom themes on your phone. Some designs even have app icons that are far more appealing than the default ones. Here’s how to customize your phone’s theme and app icons:

  • Tap and hold the home screen of your phone.
  • Search for Themes, or go to your settings app and search for themes there.
  • Choose a theme that has attractive app icons and is the right size for you. There are also both paid and free themes available.
  • When you tap Apply, the theme will be downloaded and installed on your phone.

You can choose from a variety of themes and enjoy various types of app icons. To be mentioned, the method for changing themes is identical on most phones, but certain phones may not have a large theme store. Custom themes are also available for download from the Play Store.

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To give your phone a new look, use these four methods to change app icons. It not only makes Android more fascinating, but it also prevents you from being bored with the same collection of app icons on your phone. With these ways, you can change the icon on your device as often as you want. Both of these approaches can be utilized on phones without the requirement to root your device or possess extensive smartphone technical knowledge.

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