How to Change my Apple Payment Method? {All Details}

On an iOS device, it’s simple to modify your Apple ID account’s payment information. Click on iTunes & App Store in the Settings applications. If you are searching about how to change my Apple payment method. Read this article and know about it.

When it comes to services, Apple phones excel, especially those that are built-in. One such service that enables customers to make payments using the saved methods in their iPhones is Apple Payment Method. 

The iPhone’s payment mechanisms enable users to buy apps, pay bills, or recharge their phones. Changing your Apple payment method can be challenging, but we have some simple and practical solutions that can let you switch your App Store payment method.

Procedure to Change my Apple Payment Method

On your iPhone, the Settings menu is where you may modify the payment method. To complete it successfully, read and follow the instructions provided later in this article. You can do this directly from your Apple ID if you want to switch your existing Apple payment method for a new one. To learn how to do it, simply follow the steps below.

Step 1:

Launch the Settings app, then select the Apple ID option under the Settings heading.

Step 2:

Select Payment & Shipping from the menu.

Step 3:

Tap on Add Payment Option.

Step 4:

And then select Done to select a different payment method from the default one.

Change Primary Apple Payment Method

On Apple ID, you can modify your default payment method from your iPhone. To do this:

Step 1:

Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.

Step 2:

Tap the Apple ID button.

Step 3:

Find the Payment & Shipping option and tap it.

Step 4:

Here, replace the previous primary payment method with the new one and update it.


Q:- Does Apple Pay Update New Cards?

Ans:- If your current card has expired or you need to add another card, you can update a new card on Apple Pay.

Q:- Can a Card Be Removed From Apple Pay?

Ans:- Yes, a card can be deleted from Apple Pay. On your Mac or iPhone, go to the Apple Wallet settings to make the change.

Final Thoughts

We trust you now know how to change my Apple Payment Method. Please feel free to use the comments area below to contact us with any questions or recommendations. Inform us of the next topic you want to learn about.

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