How To Charge an iPad faster?

Charging an iPad seems like an easy and straight process but it can be slow if your charger is not working properly.

However many people don’t know that the speed of charging depends on the way you charge the device and, In this article, we will simply discuss some tricks and tips on how you can do fast charging on your iPad.

Best Tips and Tricks for Charging an iPad faster:

1.Pick the right charger

If you want to charge your iPad fast you simply need a faster charger. We know that the higher number of watts does charge faster to your device and it will charge but there is some limit at some point that your iPad will hit the maximum ceiling and how much power it can take on board at once. And this is controlled by an adapter of your iPad that is not charging well.

The standard charging options

The USB port of your iPad sometimes also works faster than your adapter. But it will be faster when you charge it from the standard charger or a USB port from your mic. To opt for faster charging you need the standard charger for the particular iPad device.


USB cable is the fastest way to charge your iPad. It always comes to mind that the adapter packed with the mobile box will be running fast or need to charge with a good USB- cable. It is possible that both devices will give different speeds of charging. Charging your iPad with a USB cable makes the fastest charging.

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2. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a 2017 model, Wireless charging basically charges the battery faster by increasing the power resulting in shorter resulting times. In order to use fast charging, you need a mobile device that supports fast wireless charging and delivers the required fast power. While charging, the charger transfers more energy to your phone. Transferring more energy means it takes very little time to charge. This is effective when your battery is empty.

When the charging speed decreases slightly then the battery gets fuller to protect your device. Therefore, fast charging is mostly suitable for a quick charge for an almost empty battery so you can go with some additional hours with power.

Fast charging is faster than normal charging. Sometimes it’s difficult to say that exactly how much fast charging depends on several factors, such as the state of charge of your battery, manufacturer, or temperature.

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3. Charge Connected to Mac

There are several rumors that mac contains a high-power USB port. This may affect the device’s charging speed and turn change with all the important wattage. A mac Usb of 2.0 ports is typically a Mac air that provides certain conditions. Connect your Mac to the power outlet using the included USB- charge cable or USB -cable adaptor.

It optimized battery charging helps to reduce your battery and improve its lifespan by daily charging routine. It delays the charging of the battery when it blows to lower charge so that you will be unplugged for an extended period of time and aim to charge the battery before you unplug.

If you want you can change the battery options to go in battery preferences. You can charge the iPad through a Mac using either of the thunderbolt or  USB 4 ports. The battery charges more quickly when the iPad is off or in sleep.

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4. Remove the charger

A lot of people do this simple tip for more efficient charging. I also use it several times and it takes the case off your iPad. If the problem you’re avoiding here is heat buildup then you’ll have noticed that the charger is also heating up while charging particularly when charging and running an app at the same time so don’t do that many times to make some worse problems.

Excessing more heat may cause some issues with the battery capacity, but the main effect of heat is to cause battery damage. So taking off the case may not produce appreciable improvements in charging speed but it could mean the battery run lasts longer. So if you’ve ever noticed your iPad heating up during a charge off the charger from the main switch.

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5. Use Airplane Mode

One trick that is really worth it is that you can charge your iPad slightly faster by switching on Airplane Mode – but do it by means slightly.

Turns off the mobile data and Wi-Fi and uses low power while charging. Open the Control tab and tap the plane-shaped icon when charging. Note that while Airplane mode is activated you won’t be able to take phone calls or use your iPad to browse the internet, but the iPhone will charge a little bit faster.

You have to avoid using the web or making a phone call for a few minutes, switch to Airplane Mode while charging up. This feature will prevent your phone from wasting battery searching for cellular and Wi-Fi signals, so it will charge faster.

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6. Turn the iPad off

When you switch your iPad off during charging enables it charges faster. Again, the difference will be fractional but maybe worthful. Because the iPhone isn’t draining any power during the charging time.

You have to plug the iPhone into the wall charger, hold down to the Sleep and use the Slide to Power off icon to switch off the iPad. Leave it some time to fully charge. To turn off the pad is useful and really works to make your charging speed better.

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This article is useful for people who are facing issues while charging their iPad. They might think that the iPad is damaged or defective but it is not correct every time.

Sometimes your iPad has created some issues while at the time of charging, the steps which are given above by using these guidelines will make some changes to your iPad and make it a faster charging and running device.

The method of the turn off to turn on the iPad once will make your iPad running well. I would like to suggest to you through this article that this trick is very useful if your iPad does slow charging.

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