How to Correct Chromecontinue Where You Left Off?

Google Chrome contains a slew of innovative features, including Chromecontinue where it left off, and a slew of other current features designed to make users’ lives easier.

The standard “Chromecontinue where you left off” feature works flawlessly in any chromium-based completely browser that has received mixed feedback from users.

Those who use the opera browser or Microsoft Edge will be able to use this option in Chrome successfully.

However, in recent times, a few users have complained about how Chrome remembers where you left off, with some claiming that it opens more tabs than the ones you had open when Chrome crashed or shut down.

On the other side, some users have reported that the feature opens fewer tabs than the one that was open before Chrome crashed, prompting the desire to fix this issue.

Overview of Chromecontinue Where You Left Off

The Chromecontinue where you left off feature is available in all Chrome browsers and allows you to reopen all of the tabs you had open the last time you used that browser before your PC shut down unexpectedly or Chrome crashed.

This feature has proven to be valuable to clients who have lost data due to an unexpected power outage or the tool shutting down without warning.

Some customers have reported that this option isn’t working for them after reopening more tabs than the one they previously opened, forcing them to seek advice on how to fix the situation. Below are vital data on how to get Chrome to resume where it left off.

Procedure to Correct ChromeContinue Where You Left Off Error

In my opinion, we researched this error and were successful with the restoration. On a few Chrome browsers, one way worked, while on others, the error was fixed with a different strategy.

During this approach, we discovered five distinct methods that could, in fact, solve the problem. We’ve compiled a list of all five techniques for restoring ChromeContinue where you left off:

Method 1: Update Chrome

Chrome includes the option of replacing your browser automatically. If it doesn’t work, the option should be disabled. There are, however, alternatives to Chrome.

  • Open the Chrome web browser.
  • Go to Settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • Now go to the “Update Chrome” option and update to the most recent version.
  • From the About Chrome area, you can see when you have an ultra-modern model connected.

In addition to those alternatives, see if a replacement is available inside the three-object menu, as it will provide a Chrome icon to replace; if not, use the most recent version of the browser.

Method 2: Run again as Administrator

When you start an app as an Administrator, you’re granting it access to certain parts of the Windows operating system.

If you do this with a couple of 1/3 birthday celebrations and unknown apps, it’s possible that the app will have access to all of your data.

But, because you can rely on Google Chrome to do it, it will grant Chrome access to every function it requires to execute properly. Here’s how you can go about it:

  • Go to your desktop at home.
  • Choose Run as Administrator from the context menu when you right-click Chrome.
  • It’s possible that caution will be proven.
  • If you want to continue, select Yes to allow this app to make changes to your device.
  • That’s it, Chrome will now launch automatically.
  • Check to see if the ChromeContnue function where you left off is working properly.

Method 3: Use Third-Party App:

This is the proper Chrome restore. Continue where you left off. In this case, we may use a Chrome extension to store all of the tabs so that when you start the Chrome browser again, all of the tabs will be open. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Open the Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Go to Chrome Web Store now. In Chrome, you can alternatively go to the Settings option, and after that click on More Tools.
  • And then select the Extension by clicking the three dots on the top right corner.
  • In Chrome’s internet save, you’ll find all of your browser’s extensions; we’re looking for a Chrome extension.
  • Restore “Continue where you left off” by searching for “Continue where you left off.”
  • When it opens, select Add to Chrome.
  • That’s it; now, whenever you start your Chrome browser, the last page you visited will be the first one to load.

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Method 4: Re-Install the Chrome Browser

If none of the above methods worked, you might uninstall the Chrome app and reinstall it. Here’s how you could go about doing it:-

  • Open the Control Panel on your computer.
  • Select Google Chrome from the list of devices to uninstall, then click Uninstall.
  • Reinstall the most recent version of Google Chrome from the Microsoft Store, Google Play Store, or the official Google Chrome website.

Method 5: Disable Extensions

Extensions are quite important these days for a lot of high-tech websites, especially educational websites.

Aside from that, it also has groundbreaking functionality that allows you to do a lot with your browser.

However, a few extensions are infested with insects, which have an impact on the operation of other extensions as well as the browser’s overall performance.

As a result, removing all extensions can help ChromeContinue where you left off. Here’s how to turn off all extensions:

  • Open Chrome and go to the Settings page.
  • After that, go to Advanced Tools and scroll all the way down to Extensions.
  • Finally, select Deactivate All from the drop-down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:- How Do I Use Chrome’s “Pick Up Where You Left Off” Feature?

  • Choose Settings from the menu symbol with the three dots in the pinnacle proper nook in Chrome.
  • Remove from where you left off by scrolling all the way down to When you release.

Q:- Why does Chrome always pick up where I left off when I open it?

Configuration of the browser. The browser can be set up to open a certain set of pages or tabs when it starts up.

In some circumstances, you may also have the “pick up where you left off” option set, which causes Chrome to open previously loaded tabs while you start.


Chrome’s “resume where you left off” feature is designed to let users get back to the information they were researching before their devices abruptly shut down or Chrome crashed.

However, a few consumers have expressed dissatisfaction with the chrome browser’s performance.

As a result, there are more or fewer tabs open than before. This post has covered a few strategies that you can use to ensure that this decision is working for you.

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