How To Create Spaces In Instagram Captions and Bios

In this post, I’ll tell you almost everything about how to add space in Instagram post and bio…

Famous entrepreneurs Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram in 2010 while releasing its Android version in April 2012. It is one of the most popular social media platforms in today’s digital world. 

Along with grabbing customer attention at a rapid rate; the Instagram caption spacing issue has become a trend. Of course, the world is discussing how to opt for spacing while you post a caption on one of the top social media sites.

How Popular Is Instagram?

According to Statista, the platform has over 120 million worldwide active users. With the advancements in the future, the interest of people in photography has taken a rise. Therefore, photo-sharing apps are popular among all age groups.

Pinterest happening to be one of the most popular social media platforms, too, is another place for sharing pictures. While both the social media sites keep competing regularly, people choose one the basis of pictures.

It is one essential reason for Instagram being recognized among people. It is the best picture-sharing platform that lets a user post pictures, like them, comment on them, and add captions with them. 

Captions! It is where the actual struggle starts in Instagram marketing.

Instagram Spacing Important From a Business Point of View

Instagram marketing is one of the best approaches in social media marketing. Of course, 25 million business profiles on a platform are enough to prove its worth. Almost every marketer opts for advertising products. 

No matter if you are a brand or an affiliate, Instagram can be your best social media platform in both cases. While you can select the site for purchasing a product from your favorite brand, you can also use it for finding online promo codes for the same brand. 

You may be aware of the strategies of Instagram for changing the couponing game. It is a popular app, with 60% of adults in the age group. While you are looking for a business point of view, it is important to know that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business account. 

Among these, 72% also confirm themselves as purchasers of products they viewed on the platform. Ever wondered how these business pages will look if all their captions do not have spaces?

Some enormous brands and influencers rely on caption and content while promoting products. An entrepreneur may have huge details about their picture or product, yet an incorrect format will only risk your strategy and lose your traffic.

An Instagram bio for travelers, athletes, and media people revolves around the content on it as well. Also, in the case of a business or influencer profile, bio is very important. Describing all your achievements and experiences in the bio may look wordy without line breaks and in-between-lines spacing.

What Happens When Captions Do Not Have Spaces?

Often people consider Instagram as a place for sharing and liking pictures only. But, there is much more to the site. Besides promotion, you often come across random clicks where captions are missing. Or you may find some images that rely on descriptions and explanations.

The importance of Instagram caption spacing comes up when your timeline has a picture of your favorite brand. However, it also has excellent messy content that has emoji stuffing, no line breaks, many words, countless hashtags, and everything that can ruin your mood.

Imagine how an Instagram bio for travelers will look like if all its travel stories do not have any spaces and line breaks! Such content posts are difficult to read or even understand. People on this platform search for pictures. Stories, especially unformatted, will only mess things for them.

Creating an Instagram caption with spaces does not involve any rocket science. Yet, many people confuse while doing it. Therefore, we have some best practices that can help you in formatting your Instagram captions with spaces.

Best Practices for Instagram Caption Spacing

Concern regarding followers and traffic is crucial for a strong business strategy. Top social media sites are always the primary source of finding loyal fans. These tips, while preparing a caption, will let you format it easily.

Opt For a Different App to Write Your Instagram Caption

Often people start writing any caption directly on their apps. All those stories that you see on a popular Instagram bio for travelers or athletes have their own formatting stories.

Rather than writing your story directly on the app, look-out for notes app or other similar ones. Make sure of formatting every line properly and later than try to publish it on the page.

While you write content on Instagram directly, it posts quickly without any proper spacing. Therefore, you must opt for notepad or any other similar one to adjust the spaces in your caption. Also, you can use an email app from your phone and finalize your content in the draft.

Remove Extra Spaces from Your Content

Additional spaces ruin the format of your captions and bios on Instagram. In case you opt for invisible line breaks for adding spaces, it is essential to format every space properly. Make sure of removing an extra space between the last punctuation and the alphabet of a sentence and another invisible space.

Soon after you complete a sentence with a full stop, do not push the ‘space’ button for extra space. Instead, directly hit ‘Enter’ and start a new line.

Other Approaches for Instagram Caption Spacing

These are the fundamental approaches for creating Instagram captions with spaces.

Make the Best Use of Symbols to Add Spaces

The easiest method for adding spaces between your captions is through symbols. Besides being the fastest way of adding spaces, it also lets you with the opportunity of typing directly into your Instagram app. 

Symbols can be in the form of a dash or an emoji while the addition of this character will help you add spaces between captions. On the other hand, you will be able to add perfect spacing between paragraphs as well.

The only negative impact that comes with this character is the visibility of the emoji. Either it is an emoji or a symbol. It will highlight in your text and ruin the bright look.

These steps will help you add spaces between captions and paragraphs through emoticons and symbols.

  1. Type the caption on your Instagram app.
  2. Soon after you have finalized your first sentence, tap ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’.
  3. Add the emoji or symbol you wish to opt for. You can think of adding a period if you want minimum possible visibility.
  4. Again tap ‘Enter’ or ‘Return’ and start writing the next paragraph.
  5. In case you desire more spaces between paragraphs, keep repeating steps 2 and 3.

Download the Insta-Space App Now

The is a free app for every Instagram user worldwide. It supports iPhones and Android phones simultaneously. Therefore, you can freely download it from Google Play or App Store.

It is available in 10 different languages comprising of English, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, and Italian. The app will automatically add invisible spaces in your caption. You have to type, convert, copy, and paste it on your app.

The platform is one of the top social media sites you can ever come across. Being able to create an Instagram caption with spaces is not enough. You can do better by making sure of writing good captions.

Tips for Writing Worthy Instagram Captions

Most popular social media platforms rely on content a lot. An Instagram bio for travelers can do better only if the stories on it are worthy. You can go through some smart tips for writing good Instagram captions.

  • Make a habit of writing numerous drafts initially.
  • Try to front-load the actual point in your visible caption.
  • Opt for a call-to-action text or make a question.
  • Try to limit your caption up to four hashtags maximum.
  • Blend your caption style with Instagram’s soft tone.
  • Use emoticons as much as you can but do not stuff the caption.
  • Promote your other social channels and increase following on all accounts.
  • Brief the caption if you are not sure of the information.

Some practices can add charm to your captions and bios. While you are trying to add spaces, it is your prime responsibility to make the best use of these spaces.

Are You Adding Spaces Now?

Adding spaces in Instagram captions and bios is not the only remedy towards Instagram marketing. Making the smartest use of top social media sites is important. Every entrepreneur is not able to successfully advertise a product on social media platforms.

The strategy that can get you successful is something you should opt for. Through these points, you can look around and decide which practice suits you perfectly. There is much more that can charm your captions and bios on every social media website. 

All the business profiles and active users will keep increasing in the year 2020 on social media platforms. It is the right time to select your strategies and take benefit from Instagram in the best possible way you can.

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