How To Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free(Step-By-Step Details)

Avast is a great company premium security suite that includes many things like an antivirus engine, browser cleanup tool, browsing protection, and a firewall.

Avast is one of the industry-leading software package vendors in the world. These days nearly 95% of the work is finished all around the world through computers.

However, several hackers and security threats steal personal data, and a few software conjointly injects viruses into your pc without knowing you, which can cause severe harm to your PC.

To save from such malicious attacks, Avast provides you an antivirus software known as Avast Cleanup. It’s free with some limited features, and its paid version has so many functionalities like opposition firewall, webcam spying, and so on.

Since its premium version is costly, we’ll teach you ways to get the Avast Cleanup premium version at no cost.

The latest Avast Cleanup version is available for almost all operating systems like Windows, MAC, Android, iOS.

You will never get a free trial for smartphones by Avast, so let us discuss the way to get the premium version for free in Windows and MAC.

How To Get Avast Cleanup Premium for Free

Here, we will provide the process to get Avast cleanup premium for free. Follow the given below details carefully:-

Avast Cleanup– Features of Premium 

  • The premium version comes with Automatic maintenance of your PC by clearing up disk cache, broken shortcuts, etc.
  • In the premium version of Avast, you will get Sleep mode for separate apps, putting the minimized apps to sleep without causing the program to break.
  • In addition, you will get Automatic browser cleanup that supports all the most used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • It comes with a rescue center that helps you to revert to the previous process.
  •  Avast Premium version comes with real-time notifications, which gives notifications about any issues on the PC and reminds you to clear the issues.
  • It Automatically detects and clears unsafe data like user accounts, outdated files, etc.

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Avast Cleanup Premium for Windows PC

So, if you have a windows operating system, you will get Avast premium free without any subscription or credit card.

  1. Open any browser on your Windows, and navigate to the Avast website or
  2. After this, click on the Try it accessible for 30 days option.
  3. The software will start downloading on your device, wait for it to download then run the software.
  4. Finally, click on the Install Now button. This will take a few minutes for installation.
  5. Once the installation is completed, Avast premium has been installed on the PC.
  6. To check the validity of the accessible version of Avast Premium, go to Menu – My Subscriptions. Here you will see the validity of premium subscription. You have successfully got access to the AVAST Cleanup premium subscription for 30 days free of cost.

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Avast Cleanup Premium for Mac

You will not get a free trial of Avast cleanup premium for Mac as AVAST doesn’t provide it free. But you can get Avast premium which has almost the same features that AVAST Cleanup PREMIUM provides.

It is the same process as you will do it in windows, but on Mac, you will get a 2X trial period for Avast premium.

But as they offer a 60 days trial period, they ask users to checkout for $0 using their credit card. After 60 days, if the user doesn’t cancel the Avast premium version subscription, they will directly deduct the charges from their bank account using a credit card.

To get the premium version of Avast for free, follow these steps to get it on Mac:-  

  • Open Mac device, launch the safari browser and navigate to Avast website or
  • For downloading the software, choose Mac, then click on Start Free Trial For 60 Days.
  • Enter your and your credit card details here, then click on Continue.
  • After completing the $ 0 payment, your software will automatically download it, or you can download it from the link sent via email from AVAST.
  • Finally, after the installation of your software, log in to your account.

Premium version with 60 days validity activated on your Mac, but make sure to cancel the subscription before the next due date. If you do not cancel the subscription, it will automatically charge your credit card without permission.

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Q:- What is Avast Cleanup Premium?

Avast Cleanup Premium is a performance, storage, and security optimization utility that scans for and fixes faults on your Mac. Avast Cleanup Premium is a subscription-based service that costs money.

Q:- How can Avast Cleanup Premium boost my Mac’s performance?

With continuous use, your Mac’s dependability and performance begin to deteriorate. It’s possible that you’ll notice the following issues:

  • Programs that take a long time to start, crash, or freeze.
  • There isn’t enough space on the hard drive.
  • ‘Bloatware’ programs’ pop-ups.

When you use Avast Cleanup Premium to scan for and address problems on your Mac, you improve its efficiency, free up disc space, and get rid of unwanted programs and secrecy.

Q:- Is it possible to use my Mac during a scan?

Yes, while Avast Cleanup Premium detects and cleans your Mac, you can continue to use it. However, before Avast Cleanup Premium cleans your Mac, we urge that you verify the scan results and confirm any actions.

Q:- Is it possible to use my Avast Cleanup Premium subscription on more than one device?

Avast Cleanup Premium can be installed on as many devices as you selected during the purchasing process.

This information can be found in your order confirmation email or in your Avast Account, which is linked to the email address used to purchase Avast Cleanup Premium.

If your purchased subscription has reached its device limit, you can transfer it to a new device by following the instructions below:-

  • Uninstall Avast Cleanup Premium from the original device.
  • On the new device, install Avast Cleanup Premium.
  • Activate your new device’s subscription

Q:- Is it possible to utilize Avast Cleanup Premium without having to install Avast Security?

Yes. Without Avast Security or Avast Premium Security installed on your Mac, Avast Cleanup Premium can be installed as a standalone application.

When I buy Avast Premium Security, does Avast Cleanup Premium come with it?

No. To use Avast Cleanup Premium, you’ll need to purchase a separate paid membership. Avast Cleanup Premium cannot be activated with an Avast Premium Security subscription.

Q:- What should I do if the subscription I paid or the activation code I received does not work?

If your activation code isn’t accepted by Avast Cleanup Premium, attempt the troubleshooting steps below:-

  • Use your Avast Account to locate your activation code, then try activating the subscription again.
  • Uninstall Avast Cleanup Premium and restart your Mac if activation fails.
  • Avast Cleanup Premium is available for download and installation.
  • Try activating your subscription again after opening Avast Cleanup Premium and clicking Insert activation code.

Contact Avast Support if your activation code is still not accepted.

Q:- What is the procedure for purchasing Avast Cleanup Premium?

Click Buy Cleanup Premium after installing Avast Cleanup Premium to purchase and activate a membership.

Q:- How do I find out when my subscription is about to expire?

Open Avast Cleanup Premium, then select Preferences from the Avast Cleanup menu on the left side of the Apple menu bar. Select the Membership tab in the Preferences box to see the duration and expiration date of your subscription.

Q:- How do I change the settings in Avast Cleanup Premium?

Open Avast Cleanup Premium, then select Preferences from the Avast Cleanup menu on the left side of the Apple menu bar. The following options are available in the Preferences window:

  • General tab: Add or delete the Avast Cleanup Premium icon from your Apple menu bar, as well as control application updates.
  • Scanning tab: Manage the Clean Clutter and Find Duplicates options in the Scanning tab.
  • Trash tab: Set the time limit for files to be deleted from the Trash.
  • Alerts tab: Manage your Avast Cleanup Premium notifications on the Alerts tab.
  • Subscription tab: View your subscription details or create a new one under the Subscription tab.
  • Privacy tab: Adjust your personal privacy settings on the Privacy tab.

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In this article, we know about Avast cleanup Premium and how to get its premium version free for Windows and Mac.

Any service that is paid doesn’t provide its premium version free of cost, but they can give their service at least for a duration of time to know about their features and specialties.

Avast also provides its premium version free for up to 60 days for both Windows and Mac.

I hope you will like this article and find this helpful article for getting Avast premium free for Windows or Mac.

Avast is an excellent anti-protection service for your pc, which saves you from malicious attacks and viruses; you must try its free version to know more about its premium version.

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