How to Become a Good Writer?

Writing is an art that comes from within. No one can teach you how to write extraordinarily. Good writing is a myth. There is nothing like good writing. A write up which is good for you may not be liked by others. It completely depends on the taste and how you see it.

Your imagination and creativity reflect through your writing. A good writer always clears his or her vision before writing something. They do not just wake up in the morning and become a good writer. They do intensive research and come up with a solid topic and put up all their view. And this is how they become an extraordinary writer.

People develop the art of writing through practice and reading. Anyone can write. But not everyone can become a writer. Their interest on a certain subject or a thing boosts them to write. But whether it will be good or bad, it depends on the writer perception. A writer’s creativity and imagination play the most vital role when it comes to good writing. The wider is your thinking, the wider is the possibility to great an exemplary piece.

Ways to Improve Yourself as a Good Writer

People are trying to develop the skills of good writing for decades. But how well you have adopted the skills, it depends on you only. Good Writers are those who can communicate with the readers through their writings easily. Writing is an expression of human creativity and skills. But there are tips; an aspiring writer can follow to improve their skills in writing.

  • Read as much as possible:

    Writing without reading is not possible. Reading makes you a great writer. You can learn new words by reading. And words are the backbone of every writer. When you read, you learn new words and your vocabulary increases. Not only that but also, you will get to know how to present a particular event in an interesting way. Reading is the first step to become a great writer. Without reading, you will lack the idea of writing.
  • Don’t be afraid of criticism:

    Becoming a writer is not an easy task. It takes a lot of hard work and more than that it requires guts. A writer should always welcome a critique. If you cannot take criticism, you are never going to a better writer. The journey is painful but it is worth the efforts. Listen to them and find out the issues that you are having. And work on them to make the next writing best. Critiques unknowingly help us to find out our weakness to turn it into strength.
  • Be creative while gathering new ideas:

    Creativity and new ideas are the jewels of a writer. You need to be vulnerable to new ideas and explore them as much as possible. New ideas are an inspiration for writers. And when you adopt them, you need to put them up with creativity. It is also necessary to keep a note of the new ideas. Have a notebook in your hand always and write down anything that comes to your mind. You can also meditate to keep your mind fresh and rejuvenated. It will help you to focus better.
  • Make writing your habit:

    Don’t write because you have to write. Don’t pressurize yourself to focus on writing something. Make writing your habit and try to write as often as possible. To become a great writer, you need to write every day. Even if you are not able to write every day, you need to keep up the reading habit. If you give 30 minutes of your time every day, you will see improvement. And you will get a lot better.
  • Revise and Edit:

    Revising seems like a difficult task. It takes much of your time. But if you look at the positive side, revision is actually good. Editing and deleting content is hard. You have put all your efforts to write something. And cutting out huge paragraphs and lines from there can be tough. But do it. It is very much needed. It will make your work more authentic. And you develop yourself as a great writer. Check out the grammars and sentences. This way you can achieve greater clarity and freshness. Revision and editing separated mediocre writers from professional writers.
  • Look for inspiration:

    No matter what you do, inspiration is necessary. Without something or someone to buckle you up, you will not be able to write well. The great writers, whose work may have moved you, can be your inspiration. Other than that, there may be some person or something that may have inspired you to write. Cherish those inspirations to keep your creative spirit boosted.
  • Read the renowned authors and stop wasting time on television

    To become a good writer, you also need to read an ample number of books by renowned writers. The way you write will give the insight to get better in writing. You need to stop watching television and give your mind more exposure to the imagination. Check those writers’ pattern and mechanism and try to find out your own voice.
  • Leave the habit of pleasing people

    To be a good writer, you need to leave the habit of pleasing everyone. You cannot satisfy everyone. And this also makes your writing bias. Stop pleasing everybody else and start writing for yourself only. Your writing may some people happy and some people angry. But this is not your concern. You need to be satisfied with your own writing. When you write, the first priority you should give to yourself only. You need to impress yourself and later on try to impress others through your writing.
  • Don’t be ashamed to shows your feelings and be conversational:

    Writing sometimes means pouring your heart out. And this is the way to get better. So when it comes to showcasing your feeling, be proud to do that. Every writer is unique in their own way. They have their own style and pattern. So you need to find out your primary interest and start writing. This way you can become a good writer. Some writers have the tendency to write stiffly. They try to look smart through their writing. But that is not true. You should write the way you speak. It will put your emotions in a better way possible.
  • Give a dramatic start and ending:

    Great writers always try to make their writing unique by giving it a dramatic start. This is the way to engage with the reader. Spend a maximum hour to craft a good beginning. And when it comes to climaxing, it also needs to be interesting enough to leave people speechless. Mostly ending is the part where most twists and plots happen. If the ending is not good and engaging, the reader will be lost and ultimately will judge the whole book.
  • Shake your head out, brainstorm:

    One of the prime features of great writers is that they come up with as many new ideas as possible. Sit with many people and share your ideas to make your writing original and unique. Think outside the box. Don’t think of the conventional issues that are already there. Think of something that gives your challenge. A topic should be something that runs through your veins and does not let you sleep until you finish writing. Get indulge in your creative process and try to color the reality with your creativity. Instead of putting the reality straight cut, a little mixture of creativity and color will interest people.

Books You Can Read to Develop Your Skill as A Writer

There are a number of books that you can read to improve your skills as a writer. There is nothing wrong about getting inspiration from others. So check out the books that you should start reading today if you really want to become a great writer:

  • On Writing by Stephen King
  • The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler
  • Indie Writer Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn

Self -Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King

Try to these books out and get some creative ideas to make your writing worth reading.

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