How to Get Verified on Instagram in 2022 – A Complete Guide

Wants to get a blue checkmark on your Instagram Profile? For this, you need to learn how to get verified on Instagram? But don’t worry we have made it a little simple for you. In this article, we have compiled all the information you need to get your Instagram account verified. Let’s quickly start our article.

What it actually means Instagram Verification?

Instagram verification is not like the other social media platform verifications. You can’t buy the verification or Blue checkbox. You need to earn it. Instagram has made it very clear until and unless your account is authentic, unique, complete, and notable, it will not be verified.

Instagram Verifications once done will increase your Profile Authority. This little blue checkmark on your Instagram Profile symbolizes your Authenticity, Uniqueness, trustable to your followers. These Blue checkmarks are visible in search results too.

Keep in mind the Blue Checkmark or a Verified Instagram only is a tool to separate fake accounts from the real ones. Don’t expect to get high rankings in search results or any special privilege from Instagram Algorithm. You can only get higher rankings with great content that your audience likes.

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What are the requirements to get verified on Instagram

Before you apply to get verified on Instagram, there are certain requirements you need to meet. First and foremost is you must be following and complying with Instagram’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. In addition to this your Instagram account also to be:

  1. Authentic: You cannot submit your Instagram Account profile for verification until and unless you are a real person or a registered business or entity.
  2. Unique: You can only verify one Instagram account representing you or your registered business or entity. Yes, you can apply for verification for the same account in a different language. You cannot verify any general interest accounts (example: @lotsoffunmemes)
  3. Complete: To get verified on Instagram you must convert your Instagram Account to Public. You must have a complete Bio, a Profile Photo, and at least a single post to your Instagram feed. Also don’t include any ‘add me’ links to other social media services in your profile.
  4. Notable: There is where Instagram sorts most of the profiles applied for Instagram verification. Instagram has made it very clear that only well-known and highly searched for personbusiness, or entity will be verified and honored with Blue Checkmark. For this Instagram rely on multiple news sources and online media presence to review your Account.

Keep in mind you have to be truthful at all times while providing any information during the verification process. Failing to which may result in rejection of Verification review or even deletion of your Instagram account permanently. That’s all the requirements you need to fulfill before apply to get verified on Instagram. Let’s quickly move onto our next section.

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How to get verified on Instagram – Complete steps

There is no rocket science or expert-level skill required to get verified on Instagram. You just need to follow some simple steps and fill out a simple form and submit the review application. That’s how simple it is. Let’s take a look at all the steps involved to get verified on Instagram.

  1. Tap on Instagram Icon from your Application Launcher to launch Instagram
  2. From your Instagram home go to your Profile Page by clicking on the Small Profile Icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Hamburger Icon at the top right corner of the Profile Page.
  4. From the menu clicks on Settings at the bottom of the menu.
  5. A new Settings screen will appear, from the menu tap on Account.
  6. In the Account window scroll down to Request Verification and tap to open the Verification form.
  7. A Verification form will appear on the next screen. Your username will be already pre-filled in the Username field.
  8. Enter your Full name or Business name as it appears on your ID verification documents.
  9. After entering the Full name enter your Known as (if applicable) and Select the Category best suits your content or business.
  10. After completing all the details move to upload any of the ID Verification documents (Driving Licence, Passport, or any national identification document, Tax filings documents, Business Incorporation documents, or Electricity Bill in case of business only) by clicking on Choose File. After clicking on choose file allow Instagram to access your device storage. Select your documents and upload them.
  11. After successfully uploading the ID verification document tap on the Send button to submit your Instagram verification review request.

That’s how simply you can simply apply to get verified on Instagram. Now questions arise how is my account gonna be verified? Let’s take a look at this question in the next section.

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How Instagram account will be verified by Instagram.

Keep in mind that there is no tool or algorithms are deployed to review and approve your Instagram Verification requests. All the Instagram verifications are done by the Instagram teams manually. After the review, Instagram will send you a notification stating the status of the application. This will take time even several weeks. So don’t panic and wait for the message from Instagram.

If you get verified on Instagram by the team then you will receive a message informing you that now you have a verified account. And blue verified badge will now be visible to all your followers next to your user name. You also be directed to keep following the requirements to get verified on Instagram. Instagram also directs you to switch on the two-factor authentication for your Instagram account.

In case your application is rejected then don’t worry you can re-apply for verification after a cooling down period of 30 days. You can do a quick scan of your profile and see what lags behind that resulted in the rejection of your application. You can refer to some tips to increase your chances to get verified in our next section.

Expert Tips on how to increase your chance to get verified on Instagram

If you have been rejected by Instagram, you must have known that it is not as simple it looks to get verified on Instagram. In fact, in reality, it is much tougher than in any Social Media platform that currently exists. But don’t worry, our experts have compiled a list of tips you can use to increase your chances to get verified on Instagram.

Increase your news and media online Presence organically

That is the first and foremost factor that Instagram check before giving away a verification badge to any profile. Instagram is very much clear they don’t care about the number of followers or number of posts you posts. If you check the requirement they only need a single post from your account that’s it.

Instagram has clearly mentioned that the verification will be based on the accounts that are featured in multiple news sources. And no paid or promotional content will be considered for review.

Hire some good Media or PR Agency

Getting on the news is not so very easy, and definitely will impact your pockets too. But if you can afford it you should hire some professional and good media or PR agency. They will help in spreading out the news and also bring in some good Public attention.

Keep in mind our first tip, you should be there in the news when Instagram Team is reviewing your profile.

Increase your followers

Though Instagram has never said that for verification you need a certain number of followers; but they have also mentioned the highly searchable or well-known person will be given priority. But don’t get into fake followers. Create genuine followings by posting genuine and engaging content.

Check your profile for any ‘Add Me’ Links

If you have read it carefully above in requirement it’s a single line in the Instagram Requirements to get verified on Instagram. But it is also an important one, and among the common reasons, Instagram Verification gets rejected many times.

Just to increase your chances to get verified on Instagram delete all your Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Tumblr, Vimeo, etc social networks links from your Bio and profile. Though links to your Landing Pages, Websites, etc. are perfectly fine.

These are some best tips you can apply to increase your chances to get verified on Instagram quickly. If your account is verified on your very first request, that doesn’t mean it will be verified eternally. You need to keep following some terms to keep your verified badge on. Don’t worry all these terms are covered in our next Section.

How to keep your Instagram account verified on Instagram

As it is tough to get your account verified it is also easier to lose the Verified Checkmark or badge. You need to keep complying with Instagram’s terms of use and Community Guidelines. In addition to if you want to continue to own the Blue Checkmark, you need to keep your Account Public. That’s simply you can keep your account verified on Instagram.


In this article, we have taken the most important questions that arise when you trying your Instagram account to get verified on Instagram. In later sections, we also covered what are the requirements you need to comply with to apply for the Instagram Verification request.

Further, we also have covered all the steps that need to be followed for easy submission of your Instagram Verification review request. Follows the section on how your Verification request will be processed by the Instagram Team.

We also covered some expert tips for increasing your chances to get verified on Instagram fast. Coming to conclusion we have ended this article on how you can keep safe your verification checkmark from disappearing.

We have tried to keep the article language simple for better understanding and implementation. Hope you will be benefitted from this article and get your Instagram Verified soon.

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