How To Play Apple Music on Roku? Step-by-Step Guide

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Roku is the most popular streaming device that allows you to watch and listen to online videos and music on your television. Netflix, Hulu, Discovery Plus, Amazon Music, Spotify, DirecTV, and others are among the channels available on the platform.

Apple Music, a specific app for playing music on Apple devices, is not supported by Roku. However, you may still listen to iTunes music on Roku and enjoy your favourite songs.

How to Play Apple Music on Roku

Here, we will provide some important ways to play Apple Music on Roku. Follow these given steps carefully, then surely you will play your favourite song:-

Note:- Before you start following the steps, set the screen mirroring mode on Roku to Always allow.

Method 1: Play Apple Music on Roku Using Android

If you are using an android device, then you need to follow these steps carefully.

  • First, you need to “Install Apple Music” from the Play Store on your Android device.
  • Launch Apple Music when it has been installed and enter your Apple ID credentials.
  • To listen to the music, you’ll need an Apple Music subscription (monthly or annual).
  • On your Android device, open the Notification Panel and select the Cast icon.
  • On the screen, a list of adjacent devices will appear. Select a Roku device.
  • Your Android device and Roku must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Allow your Android screen to be mirrored, then open the Apple Music app.
  • Now you may play your favourite music on your Roku device and listen to it.

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Method 2: Play Apple Music on Roku Using iPhone

Apple Music is a music app that comes pre-installed on iPhones and iPads. As a result, there is no need to install the program. To listen to the tunes, make sure you have an active Apple Music membership.

  • Screen mirroring iOS devices on Roku, unlike Android, requires a third-party program. 
  • Install Mirror for Roku on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Add the Mirror for Roku app to your Roku device, on the other hand.
  • Start the apps on both devices that you’ve installed. Check to see if both devices are on the same WiFi network.
  • Select the Roku device on your iPhone.
  • Permission should be granted in the warning prompt.
  • On the next screen, select Start Mirroring and then Start Broadcast.
  • Open the Apple Music app and start listening to your favourite songs.

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Method 3: Play Apple Music on Roku Using Windows or PC

If you are using a Windows or PC device, then you need to follow these steps carefully.

  • On a Windows laptop or PC, open a web browser and go to
  • Configure your Apple ID login credentials by tapping the Sign-in menu.
  • After logging in, use Windows + P to get the menu for connecting to a wireless display. Your PC and Roku, like the other methods, must be connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Choose a Roku device.
  • Now you may listen to your favourite music on your Roku device.


Q:- Is it possible to put Apple Music on Roku?

Apple Music cannot be played directly on Roku. You can instead utilize one of the music converters or AirPlay your audio files to your Roku.

Q:- Is it possible to AirPlay to Roku?

Yes, you can AirPlay media files to Roku from your iPhone or iPad. Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick+, Roku Streambar, Roku Premiere, and Roku Smart Soundbar are all AirPlay-compatible Roku devices.

Q:- What Is Apple Music and How Does It Work?

To listen to Apple Music, you must subscribe to one of the packages available. Following that, you’ll be able to build your own music collection by selecting tracks and music videos from Apple’s massive library.

Q:- What Are Your Thoughts on Apple Music Library?

After you subscribe to Apple Music, your library becomes a central repository for all of the items you’ve purchased or downloaded. Up to 100,000 songs can be stored in your collection.

Q:- Is Alexa compatible with Apple Music?

Yes. Alexa is designed to work with Apple Music in a matter of seconds.


Hope this information will helpful for you. Because there isn’t a dedicated Apple Music app for Roku, these are the only options for playing Apple Music on Roku.

You could alternatively use Apple Music Converter to convert Apple Music tracks to the needed format and then play them on your Roku through USB.

It does, however, necessitate a significant amount of work and the use of a third-party premium converter.

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