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How to Reset your Amazon Firestick? 2023

How to Reset your Amazon Firestick

How to Reset your Amazon Firestick

If your once-dependable Amazon Fire TV Stick is slowing down or your screen has gone blank, you should consider restoring it.

You can learn how to reset an Amazon Fire Stick to factory settings, so it will work as it did the day you bought it, by following the steps below.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a convenient one-stop-shop for accessing a variety of streaming services from a single interface.

All devices, both old and new streaming sticks, are susceptible to a variety of problems.

It’s possible that the Amazon Fire TV Stick is causing you nightmares, which is why you’ve come to our page. Don’t be concerned. You’re not on your own.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick, like any other device, is susceptible to malfunctions such as a black screen, being trapped on one app, random app opening, or odd hangs. A factory reset frequently solves these problems.

But how can the Fire TV Stick be reset? That’s what we’ll tell you right now. You can use the following methods to reset the Alexa Voice Remote whether you have it or not.

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Procedure to Reset an Amazon Fire Stick

You can either use your remote control or go into Settings to reset your Fire Stick. If your Fire Stick remote control has lost connection with your device, see our prior post for instructions on how to pair it manually with your Fire Stick.

Note that resetting the Fire Stick to factory settings will wipe out all of your data and personal settings.

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Procedure to Reset Your Fire Stick With your Remote Control

If you can’t reset your device through the Settings screen, you can use your remote to do it. Here’s how to do it:-

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Final Words

We hope you were successful in resetting your Fire TV Stick using the techniques outlined above. To use the Fire TV Stick once you’ve reset it, you’ll need to pair your remote with it again.

When it comes to pairings, things don’t always go as planned. To do so, replace the battery in your remote and then pair it by holding the home button for at least 30 seconds.  It takes a long time, but after one or two tries, you’ll be able to link them effectively. Best wishes!

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