How To Spot a Fake Apple Watch | Fake Vs Real {7 Verified Methods }

Are you thinking of purchasing an Apple Watch? Before purchasing, read this article to know fake Vs real Apple Watch then choose wisely. In this increasingly technical world, there are many manufacturers who make fake products that look similar to the original and want to gain profit by selling them at a much cheaper price. So that he/she can make products by duplicating the real product. And so well it also happens with the Apple products, here we talk about Apple Watch only.

So, it creates confusion in the brain of the consumer about how to know which is real and which is fake. That’s why we came with this article so that the consumer can make an appropriate decision by identifying the difference between a Fake Apple watch and a Real Apple watch.

And if you already have an Apple Watch and have doubts, is this real or not? Then also this article will help to Spot a Fake Apple Watch.

First I would like to advise you to check the serial code at the rear side of the apple watch and compare it on Apple’s Check Coverage Website ( If the code doesn’t match it means that the watch is fake. For more detailed research keep reading the article.

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7 Methods for How to Spot a Fake Apple Watch? [verified)


According to Apple, the official Dimensions of Apple Watches are ranging from 38 mm, 40 mm, 42mm & 44mm. These dimensions vary from model to model. So, for the fake manufacturers, it is difficult to copy the exact same size as Apple’s real products. Earlier its dimensions were 38.66 x 33.3 x 10.5 mm for the 38 mm model and 42.0 x 35.9 x 10.5 mm for the 42 mm model.

These are the smallest and largest models respectively. But now there are two models, also 40 mm and 44 mm. You can also check the weight too, you can find the exact weight for the apple watches on its official website, but the weight differs from model to model.

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The watch controllers are made according to the users’ suitability, Apple Watches are available on either the left side or right side. It depends on whether the user is left-handed or right-handed.

There is either a digital Crown dial on the top of the right-hand edge and a longer and flatter side button below it, or a Side button on the top of the left-hand edge and a digital crown below that. The microphone and speaker are on the other side, opposite these two buttons but the two buttons should be on the same side of the edge.


The back of the model has a complex pattern of heart rate sensors and spec text on the rear. It is present on all the models of Apple Watches. In an Apple Watch, there are four sensors in the back which are arranged in such a format that shapes a diamond pattern.

These sensors are in the circular format in which the left and right sensors are white in color while the top and bottom sensors are slightly darker. If you have a fake Apple Watch then their pattern is not in the same format or you may know the difference easily.

To test it more, you can activate the heart rate sensors on the watch swipe it, and wait for some seconds until it will start measuring and the left and right sensors will light up green. You can also see these diamond-shaped sensors are in a black circular dark surface, around the surface there is some text written.

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Don’t forget to inspect your charger. It comes with a small induction charger pod, the watch sits on the charger and attached magnetically. There are many fake chargers available in the market so you should check whether your watch charger is like that or different.

This charger plugs via USB into the power supply. The fake chargers are also designed similarly but don’t work well. You can also check whether a beep sound is produced after placing the apple watch on the magnetic charging pod and also displays a lightning bolt symbol as it charges.

If it is unable to do so, then probably it’s fake.


Packaging also plays an important role in the identification of any product. Check whether there are any irregularities in packaging to the official retail packaging from Apple.

The original Apple Watch box is white, blue, pink, black etcetera with round edges and soft to touch. Also, the Apple logo is positioned at the top of the Box while all the information is on the sides of the box, you can check if there are any spelling mistakes in the product description or an unofficial color then no doubt it’s totally fake.

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After getting the product just power on the device and check how its user interface is, Original Apple watches have built-in Apple NATIVE applications like clock, music, settings, photos, call and many more are present there.

The fake manufacturers may copy the physical structure like body and appearance but it’s very hard to replicate the same interface and user experience which a genuine apple watch provides.

You can check by launching a few apps or swipe the screen and know how it responds to the users, the fake watches generally have different interfaces and are now responsive. So, you can identify it’s fake or a real watch of Apple.


If you are buying an APPLE Watch and want to know if it’s real or fake you can go to the nearest apple store, ask the Apple Genius Bar to inspect the device, they will run a diagnostic test to check this.

It’s the most reliable way to know the product’s originality but there is also a problem that retailers generally don’t allow you to go to the Apple Store and check the product you can only do it after the purchase is made.

Also, if you are purchasing a second-hand apple watch and visit the Apple store then also there’s a probability as mostly Apple Employee is likely to decline for the inspection. And if they will help you, then it’s good for you.

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As there are so many fake manufacturers present in the market it’s being difficult for the customers to identify the original product. That’s why we came with this article in which we tell you all the possible ways in which you can check whether the Apple Watch is real or fake.

I hope you find this article useful and you should always check the product on its official website before making the purchase as from there you know some specifications like its weight, size, looks, and many more so here’s the link for the Apple Watch Official site

From this article, you will be saved from the fake Apple Watches that are rotating in the market. However, the manufacturers will copy but they can not make the same product as the original one. So, you also have to invest your money in purchasing a real product and not being frauded by any fake product.

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