How To Take Apart Xbox One Controller in 2023 by Yourself?

It is very usual and irritating that one of your controls got stuck or stops working. Most of the time, it is the D-Pad causing the problem. And sending the Xbox One controllers back to the Customer support for repair/replacement will take time. That is also why you may be here to know how to take apart Xbox One Controller too.

Thinking to give a try to do it to yourself is the best thing you can do. But that is not as easy as opening and repairing your power outlets. The Xbox One Controller is delicate and you need to be more careful while opening the Xbox One Controller. Let’s take a look at how to take apart Xbox One Controller.

How to Take Apart Xbox One Controller?

To open or take apart Xbox One Controller you need to first bring in all the tools required. A list of all required tools is as below.

  1. Flathead Screwdriver, or a Spudger
  2. T6 Torx Screwdriver
  3. T8 Torx Screwdriver
  4. Tweezers
  5. An empty tray
  6. A Table

These are the above tools you need to easily apart Xbox One Controller.

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Now that you have brought all the tools required, it’s time to understand your Xbox Controller.

Different Sections of the Xbox One Controller

Mainly the Xbox One Controller is divided into the below Sections.

  1. Battery Panel – This panel holds and covers the batteries used in the Xbox One Controller.
  2. Both Side Grip Panels – These grips are additionally attached to your Xbox One Controller. The main purpose is to give you a comfortable hand grip for long hours of gaming. These controllers also act as a secret chamber for your Xbox One Controllers’ screws.
  3. Front Faceplate Cover – This Panel is the face of your Xbox One Controller, safely covering all your D-Pad, Joysticks, and Controls buttons.
  4. Back Cover Panel – This is the back cover panel of your Xbox One Controller to keep safe and closed all your Motherboards, Buttons, etc.
  5. Bumper Button Cover – This Cover is used to cover the Xbox One Controller from the top and the Bumper Buttons.
  6. Motherboard – Needless to say this is the main part, powering all your Xbox One Controller. The motherboard section is divided into two parts, Top Motherboard, and Bottom Mother Board.
  7. Controller Button Housing Panel – The housing panel holding all your Sticks, D-Pads, A, B, X, Y buttons.

These are the main sections you need to understand before you start taking apart Xbox One Controller on your own. Now that you understand them, let’s begin how to take apart Xbox One Controller

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Complete Instructions to Apart Xbox One Controller

#1 Remove the Battery Cover from the back of the Xbox One Controller

  • Switch back to the Xbox One Controller.
  • Hold the Battery Cover and Slides it up to remove it. Keep the battery cover on the tray
  • Now remove the Battery and empty the battery case.

#2 Open Both Side Grip Panels

    • Pick up the flathead Screwdriver or a Spudger.
    • Hold your Xbox Controller firmly.

Wedge the screwdriver or spudger between the Controller and Grip seam.

  • Start prying the Grip Panel from the Controller’s other panels until it’s completely removed from the Xbox One Controllers.
  • Do this for the second grip and keep both grips safe in the tray.
  • Don’t be so hard on prying; keep it smooths otherwise, you will end up with a broken grip. And you will have to play like that only.

Now that you have removed the Battery and Both Side Grip Panels it’s time to go inside the Xbox Controller. Just keep following the instructions.

#3 Unscrew the Front Faceplate Cover

  • To remove the Front Face Panel you need to unscrew five screws.
  • Four screws are inside the Side Grip Chamber you removed and one is hidden below the Battery case.
  • Pick your T8 Torx Screwdriver and unscrew all five Screws till they become loose.
  • After unscrewing all five screws switch back to the front side of the Xbox One Controller.
  • Hold and lift your controller from both the side, give the Controller a little shake to tap out all the loose screws.
  • After all the screws tap out your Front face panel will be removed from the rest Xbox One Controller.

#4 Pull off Back Panel from Xbox One Controller

The Back panel will automatically be pulled off once all 5 screws are unscrewed and tap out from the Xbox Controller.

Keep the back panel in the tray. Now you will be able to see the motherboard and other parts inside the Xbox One Controller. Congratulation you are halfway through.

#5 Uncover Bumper Button Cover

  • Switch back to the front side of the Xbox One Controller
  • Now to remove the Bumper Button Cover, you need to first release the Bumper button Cover lock from two little poles on both sides of the Xbox Button.
  • Pick your Flathead Screwdriver and pluck it at the bottom of the locks and pry it up slowly until it releases from the pole.
  • Now remove the cover lock and just hold and pull off your Bumper Button Cover.
  • Remove the button used to connect Xbox One Controller to the Xbox. Just pluck it off.

#6 Remove the Upper Mother Board from the Xbox Controller

Now that almost you are at the end of disassembling your Xbox One Controller completely. You should carefully remove your Mother Board from the controller. Here you will see that Mother is connected to two Vibrate motors. If you know how to do soldering than remove these motors, if not then leave them as it is.

  • Again turn your Controller to its backside and you will see a motherboard, and two vibrating Motors attached to it. This is the upper motherboard.
  • Gently pick up the Motors and pull them up from the housings and keep them aside. Remember only if you know how to solder only then completely remove them from the Motherboard.
  • Now to remove the upper motherboard you need to unscrew two small screws.
  • Pick the T6 Torx Screwdriver and unscrew both small screws.
  • After you unscrew both the screws switch back to the front of the Xbox One Controller and pull off both the Joysticks.
  • Now turn back to the backside of the Controller and you will see a gold transparent film at the center of the Controller.
  • Lift the film and you will see a short and slim wire connected to the upper Mother Board. Place your flathead Screwdriver below the Wire Plug and twist the screwdriver to unplug the wire from the upper motherboard.
  • That’s all, now hold the mother from the sideways and pull it off the Xbox One Controller.
  • Be careful upon pulling off the Upper motherboard, as the Vibrate Motors are still connected to the Xbox One Controller.
  • Flip the Upper Motor down to make room for opening the bottom Motherboard.

#7 Remove the bottom motherboard from Xbox One Controller

  • To remove the Bottom motherboard you need to unscrew six small screws.
  • Again pick up your T6 Torx Screwdriver and unscrew all six small screws.
  • Now pick a flathead screwdriver or spudgers and slightly dig it in on the upper side of the Bottom motherboard.
  • And push your screwdriver or spudger until the Bottom motherboard will come off.
  • You need to push a little harder here.
  • Hold the Bottom motherboard from the sides and pull it off.

Now after pulling off your Bottom motherboard, you are left with only some control buttons and Buttons Housing panels. Push down all the buttons from the front side of the Housing panel. And that’s the last panel left with you on Xbox One Controller.

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Answering and following How to take apart Xbox One Controller is not difficult. You just need to follow some simple steps and you are good to troubleshoot every hardware problem of your Xbox One Controller.

But doing this at home or by yourself will end your Xbox One Controller warranty. And If you will not be able to put it back and return it to working condition then you will end up buying a new one. Or can we send it back to customer support for repair?

One more thing before you start to take apart the Xbox One Controller make sure you will record the Disassembly of the Xbox One Controller. This will help you know the exact place of your hardware in case you forget where the parts have been installed earlier.

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