How to Use Cross-play in Minecraft? Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft is a fantastic game to play with your friends, and you can play with them on any platform as long as you have the same version.

This implies that if you possess Minecraft’s Java Edition, you can only play with other Java Edition owners. The Bedrock Edition is no exception. If you have separate versions, you must purchase the other to play together.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition can be played on any platform that runs the game. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and mobile devices are all included. In order to do so, you’ll need a Microsoft account. If you have an Xbox account, it will function properly.

Once you’ve created a Microsoft account, double-check that you’ve added the friend you wish to play with to it. This frequently necessitates sending a buddy invite to their Xbox Gamertag. Once that’s taken care of, here’s how you can join in on the fun.

How to set Minecraft Cross-play?

It’s simple to play Minecraft with your friends. All you and your buddies need is the proper setup, which is outlined below:

  • Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Samsung Gear VR are among the supported platforms.
  • The Bedrock Edition, which is not the same as the Java Edition, is required for you and your pals. The Java Edition does not support crossplay.
  • A Microsoft account is the very last thing you’ll need for crossplay. Use your Xbox account instead if you have one.

If you have the Bedrock update installed, you will be able to play Minecraft cross-platform on your PS4, Xbox, PC, or iPad in the future.

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Setting up Minecraft Cross-play for Xbox One

Because there are fewer content limitations on Xbox One than on other platforms, preparing cross-play is simple. With a seamless Xbox Live connection, you’ll be ready to play right away after installing the game. Users of the Xbox One should make sure they’re playing “Minecraft” rather than the incompatible “Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.”

  • On your Xbox One, go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Select the title of the search.
  • Type Minecraft into the search box.
  • Choose Minecraft from the list of options.
  • Start Minecraft.

Minecraft is available on Xbox One. Existing Minecraft: Xbox One Edition owners will receive a free download, while others will have to pay $43.

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Setting up Minecraft cross-play for Nintendo Switch

Due to the console’s limitations, cross-play on the Nintendo Switch has a few more challenges to overcome. You’ll need to sign into a Microsoft account if you don’t have a native Xbox Live integration.

Furthermore, because there isn’t an integrated browser, you’ll need to rely on a mobile or PC for assistance. Users of the Nintendo Switch should install “Minecraft” rather than the incompatible “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition,” as they did with the Xbox version.

  • Start by going to the Nintendo eShop.
  • Select the Search option from the drop-down menu.
  • Look for Minecraft on the internet.
  • Choose Minecraft from the list of options.
  • Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is available for download. Existing Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition owners will receive a free download, while others will have to pay $29.
  • Start Minecraft.
  • When prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account, choose Sign In For Free.
  • On your computer or mobile device, go to
  • Enter the one-of-a-kind code that appears on the screen.
  • Go to your Microsoft account and sign in. There will be a confirmation screen. Soon after, your Xbox Live profile will display on your Nintendo Switch.
  • To finish the process, select Let’s Play.

Minecraft has been integrated into Xbox Live and is ready for cross-platform gaming.

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Create Minecraft Cross-play Games

Setting up cross-play sessions is similar to setting up any other Minecraft multiplayer game — create your environment and you’re ready to go. These steps can be skipped if you already have a Minecraft Realm from another platform.

  • From the main menu, select Play.
  • Under the Worlds menu, select Create New.
  • To begin a new game, select Create New World.
  • Go to the Multiplayer area of the menu.
  • Make sure multiplayer is turned on.
  • When you’re ready to play, select Create.
  • Your Minecraft world will now begin, and other people will be able to join.

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Join Minecraft Cross-play Games

The Friends tab in Minecraft provides a quick method to see live games and join sessions. By going to this section, you’ll be able to see which online games are compatible with different systems.

  • From the main menu, select Play.
  • On Xbox One, press RB to open the Friends tab. On Nintendo Switch, press R to enter the Friends tab.
  • To join a game, find one that is currently live.

Games on Xbox One will be divided into two categories: joinable friends and joinable Realms. Games are organized on the Nintendo Switch by Nintendo Switch friends, Xbox Live cross-platform friends, and joinable Realms.

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Step-by-Step: Playing together

After that, all you have to do is get right into Minecraft with your pals. Start the game as usual, and the option to “Sign in with a Microsoft account” will appear. This option allows you to connect your account.

After that, all you have to do is get right into Minecraft with your pals. This is a step-by-step explanation of how it works.

  1. Login using your Microsoft account.

Start the game as usual, and the option to “Sign in with a Microsoft account” will appear. This option allows you to connect your account.

  1. Confirm your Minecraft Edition code by typing it in.

The site will be immediately routed to you. To connect your Microsoft account, type in the code from your Minecraft Edition there. Confirm that you want to complete the process. You’re already connected if you’re playing the Xbox One version.

  1. Select “Play” from the menu.

You can start a crossplay multiplayer session after the accounts are connected. A maximum of eight persons can play at the same time.

  1. Select “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends” from the drop-down menu.

To begin a session, select Play and then “Friends” to find other players to play with. Look for the option “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends” in the drop-down menu. It’s possible to make pals from different platforms there.

  1. Invite your friends.

You can either host your own game or join your friends’ sessions. You have complete control over what your pals are permitted to do. For example, they can only explore or develop in your world.

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Crossplay is not only highly practical but also very simple if you know the categories of which platforms can be played on certain versions of Minecraft.

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