How to Use Google Calendar on Apple Watch? (Simple Steps)

Google Calendar is a simple and straightforward app that allows you to link all of your activities and reminders to it.

It’s difficult to keep track of all of your appointments and activities, but the Google calendar makes it a lot easier.

You may add all of your upcoming conferences, activities, and times to the app, and it will alert you when they are due.

Google Calendar is available on all of your devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows. However, there is no official Google Calendar app for Apple Watch that is compatible with iOS.

If you want to receive Google Calendar notifications on your Apple Watch, the best way to do so is to sync your Google account with your Apple Watch-connected iPhone.

Google Calendar is a calendar app with a lot of features. If you receive an email about an upcoming event or conference, the app will automatically forward it to you and provide real-time event notifications.

When you use Google Calendar, you don’t have to be concerned about losing information because the app will automatically sync all of your events and schedules with your Google account. As a result, you can access it from any of your devices using your Google account.

How to Use Google Calendar on Apple Watch?

The Google Calendar app on your Apple watch cannot be set up or accessed. Alternatively, you can sync your Google calendar with an iPhone’s Apple Calendar.

  • Open the Settings app after unlocking your iPhone.
  • Select the Passwords and Accounts option.
  • The next screen will show a list of your iPhone accounts; tap the Add Account option at the bottom to add a new account.
  • Then choose the Google option.
  • The following click preserves the active that specifies Settings must use to sign in.
  • Then, in the finest textual content box, enter your Email address and Password, then click Next.
  • Choose which Google apps you want to sync with your iPhone. The Mail, Contacts, and Calendar apps are synchronized by default.
  • If any changes are made to the integrated apps on a paired iPhone, the Apple watch will be updated as well.
  • As a result, the iPhone calendar app is synced with Google calendar activities, and you’ll be able to receive all Google calendar notifications on your Apple Watch device. If it isn’t enabled, tap the toggle to enable it.

When you launch the Calendar app on your iPhone, you’ll be able to see all of your Google calendar activity.


Connect your Google account to your iPhone, and your Google Calendar events will be automatically synced with Apple Calendar.

It’s the most convenient way to receive all Google Calendar app notifications on your Apple Watch.

If you need to host or book a secret meeting, the Google calendar will protect your privacy by masking the dates and times from public view.

This method works with any Apple Watch model. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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