How many Instagram Followers you need to make Money

Just started getting followers on Instagram, not knowing when you can start monetizing your account. Don’t worry we are here with our brand new article on How many followers to make money on Instagram.

This article will guide you on how many followers you need? How to make money on Instagram? How much money you can make on Instagram? That’s tempting! Right, but before let’s have a little talk over the Instagram Journey.

Instagram is one of the most popular Photo and Media sharing platforms, owned by Facebook. Since 2010 its user database has increased from 1 Million to 1 Billion to date and still increasing day by day.

It was in the year 2016 when Instagram first started its Instagram monetization journey by adding a product tagging feature. And now you have Instagram Live and IGTV ads too.

So that’s a brief intro we talked about, hope you are still here and reading it along. Let’s us without wasting a single second quickly start, what you are here for?

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How many followers do you need to make money on Instagram?

Yes, you guessed it right; you will definitely needing a good number of followers to make money on Instagram. You can’t be an Influencer with 100-200 followers. Though, Instagram has yet not defined how much be the number required to be an Influencer. The greater the number the greater is your chances to earn more.

But be aware being on Instagram, you cannot afford to have fake followers. In Instagram, you only get paid if you have both a high number of followers and higher engagement rates. Your engagement rates should be above the average Instagram engagement rate, which is 3%. Engagement includes likes, comments you get on your Instagram photos and videos.

So, better do not engage yourself in false influence marketing tactics. Not only Instagram, but advertisers also become smarter. There are several Instagram Audit tools in the market that can easily identify genuine Influencers.

So, ideally, we can say that you need to have genuine followers with as much as the number with genuine engagements. Don’t worry our last section will guide on how to build genuine and engaging followers base on Instagram.

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How to make money on Instagram?

In the above section, we have told you how many followers you need to make money on Instagram. In this topic, we will guide you on how to make money on Instagram.

One thing it should be kept in mind Instagram doesn’t play any role between you and advertisers. Don’t think, as Google or Youtube takes care of everything and you will get paid by Instagram. Yes, you will be having a direct relationship with your advertiser, and that what is the good news is.

Thinking about how it can be good news. Let me explain to you, what happens in YouTube and Google, they will pay a fixed amount whatever the price the advertiser is paying right. And that also depends on several rankings and parameters.

But on Instagram, you just have to have a loyal follower base and high level of engagement rates and you will be selected by the various Influence marketing platforms automatically. Then these platforms will help advertisers to connect with the right Influencers best matching with their interests.

Remember we have talked about the Instagram Audit Tool in the above Section. Yes, these Influence marketing platforms use these tools to rank the influencers. That’s where dollars are coming pouring in. You and Your advertiser then talk about the Sponsored Post costs and all.

Another way is Advertisers will by themselves find you and ask you to promote his product and negotiate the Sponsored Post costs. In addition to the above, you can also do affiliate marketing, promote the online stores, eCommerce, selling online courses, etc.

See, how simple it is for you to earn some good money. But keep in mind don’t buy followers, earn them.

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How much money you can make on Instagram?

That’s the big question to answer here. You will definitely want to hear some good numbers. How much you make it depends on various factors. Don’t worry here is the list of the main factors which can increase your chances to earn more than others.

  • The niche you are working on: You should be working on a niche that is popular and profitable, or else it will be difficult for you to find an advertiser. Some of the popular niches are Traveling, Beauty, Fashion, Health, and Fitness, etc.
  • Monetization method: There are several methods from which you can choose from. The rates will be different too in each method. Some of them are Affiliate Marketing, Selling Online Courses, Sponsored Posts, Referrals, Tagging Products, eCommerce, etc.
  • Number of Followers: Yes, this is one of the main factors which can earn you big dollars. The higher the Instagram category you are into, the more you will be earning. The Categories are
    1. Micro-influencer: 1K to 100K followers
    2. Macro-influencer: 100K to 1M followers
    3. Mega-influencer: More than 1M followers
  • Engagement Rates: Engagement rates have an inverse relationship with the followers. The lower the number of followers the higher will be the Engagement rate. It’s simple as you go above the influencer categories, you will be getting fewer times to engage with your followers. Might be busy earning some good cash.
  • Instagram Content Monetization Terms and Conditions: The last important one adheres to the Content Monetization policy and the Partner Monetization Policy of Instagram to keep earning cash. Don’t violate any of Instagram Terms and Community Guidelines.

As I have told above in almost all sections the engagement rates are the must-have essential factor to get you on the Advertisers List. Having 1M followers with a Zero engagement rate will do nothing for you. There is an ROI which Advertisers looks for from your follower. It’s simple higher Engagement higher the ROI. Money matters, not followers. Get it.

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How to build genuine and engaging followers base on Instagram?

Must have got worried about increasing the followers in genuine ways; it is not a complicated task. You just have to take a few steps and will start getting good results. Here are few steps worth applying:

  • Instagram Bio: This is the first and foremost CTA that converts your visitor into a follower. Make it simple and clear. Don’t make visitors use his mind to understand who you are and what you are offering. Don’t forget Time is money. And on Instagram, you can’t stop a visitor scroll away for a better competitor.
  • Consistency is the Key: That’s one of the main reasons for low engagement rates. You should be posting regularly. This way you can build a loyal relationship with your followers.
  • Using Hashtags in your Posts: You must be kidding if you don’t know what Hashtags are. Yes, they are the same as on other Social Media Platforms. These hashtags help users finding your Photos or videos related to their query niches.
  • Use High-Quality Pictures only: If possible, try to use a good camera for capturing the Pictures rather than using your phone. You can’t influence someone with some loose shots. Also, this will result in higher engagements.
  • Increase Engagements with your followers: Go check out their posts, like them, comment on them. That’s the best way to receive back the likes and comments on yours.

By following these simple steps you will be able to build a good follower base.


In this article, we have tried to cover almost everything which can help you earn a decent amount of cash on Instagram. Let’s take a quick look at what we have covered in the above sections of this article.

First Section was all about how many followers you need to make money online. In this section, we have learned that its’ not about how many followers it majorly depends upon the engagement rates. And the engagement rates can only be increased with a genuine follower base. One should avoid using buying fake followers or using bots to manipulate the statistics of the profile.

Later in our Second Section, we answered how to make money on Instagram? We have discussed how the Influencer Marketing Platform works? How does an Advertiser connect with the influencers for product marketing? What are the other options you have to earn money on Instagram?

Moving further with our Third Section we tried to answer the question, how much money you can make on Instagram? Though there is not a certain amount you can make, yes but the amount depends on several factors, and have further discussed the important ones.

We have tried not to use jargon in this article for your better understanding. But there may happen that you might come across some point above that might not clear. In that case, use our comment box below, we love to revert you on that.

Thanks for being so patient with us.

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