Top 10 Money Making Apps that Can Help You in this Time of Pandemic

This unexpected event has caused millions of people to be out of jobs or lose their business. The job market is becoming more competitive than ever, and it’s tough to get a position in a company or even start a business.

But, you don’t have to worry, as there are still ways to earn money or get some extra cash. With the help of your smartphone or any mobile device, you’ll be able to get an extra income. Whether you decide to use it as a side hustle, part-time job, or just something you can use in your spare time, these apps are excellent for earning money.

Most of these apps won’t give you much, but you can earn some with it, and it’s even simple to use. You don’t have to worry if these apps are legitimate. We guarantee you it’s safe, and that many users have already tried and tested these apps.

Get your smartphones ready to download these ten money-making apps you can try.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular and known money-making apps you can try. The moment you sign up for free, you will get a bonus of $10. You could either receive gift cards or cash for the daily things you do online. Swagbucks has already given away $433,188,472 in cash and gift cards. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s easy to earn money from it. You can search the web, watch videos, answer paid surveys, play games, or even shop online to get more. Your rewards such as cash are directly deposited to your PayPal account, while gift cards can be claimed from a retail partner like Amazon and Walmart.

You can earn as much as you want. You can add about $50 to your monthly income. Join 20 million active members, and start earning money.


Another great app to try is iPoll. It’s a paid survey you can take to earn some cash. With iPoll, you can answer surveys or polls about products or services you use daily. All you need is to download the app on Google Play or Apple Store for free, sign up, and start answering questions. 

Access their great reward catalogs and earn cash or gift cards from your favorite brands. 


Although it’s not a money-making app that will instantly pay off, with Acorns, you can start investing money for the future. When times like this arrive again, at least you are ready. 

Acorn is a beginner-friendly app and is known to be the best investing app in the market. Once you sign up, you get an offer of $10 immediately. You can choose which tier you want. It ranges from $1, $2, and $3 per month. 

You can start investing even if you don’t have enough money. Acorn will ask you to answer a few questions and after which they will recommend a portfolio that will fit your needs. As simple as that!

Furthermore, it rounds up your spare change from any of your online or credit card purchases and deposits it as an investment to your account. 

You can download the Acorns app on Apple Store for free.

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MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks, but it has been on the industry for 24 years. When you start using MyPoints, you’ll accumulate virtual points where you can convert them to gift cards or cash. MyPoints has 75+ other retail and restaurant partners you can choose from.  

You earn your points by purchasing at any partner store. Earn up to 25 points with every dollar you spend and convert your points to gift cards anytime you want. But it doesn’t stop there, you can also earn points by watching videos (500 points per day of watching), answer surveys (300 points per completed survey), play games (10 points per dollar), and read emails and visit partners of MyPoints (5 Points).

You can get your cash at your PayPal account. In addition, you get a $10 bonus when you sign up. But in the form of an Amazon gift card or Visa gift card. You need to make a qualifying purchase before you get your bonus.


Google has an easy way to earn some money. You can get Google Play credits for you to shop on Google Play Store, or you can get PayPal credits. You get to answer surveys like opinion polls, hotel reviews, merchant satisfaction, and a lot more. Surveys are often short.

Download the app, complete the basic questions, and wait for Google to send relevant surveys you can answer. However, you only receive a few surveys when using Google Opinion Rewards.

#6. FOAP

If you have been spending most of your time taking photos or if you like doing it for fun, Foap is the perfect app for you. You can sell your photos using this app to brands or individuals. You can start taking pictures and sell them, or you can sell what you already have in your portfolio. 

Foap is free for download for Android and iOS users. When you make a sale, you split the profit with Foap. You’ll be needing an active PayPal account to receive the payments. You can have the chance to work with bigger brands like Bank of America, Mastercard, and more.

Earn money with your passion or hobby. Join over 3 million talented creators and start getting paid.


Another money-making app you might enjoy is Money App. It’s uncomplicated, unlike other apps. Money app is a market research app where you’ll earn tokens until you reach a specific amount that can be checked out.

You could complete various tasks present such as playing games, offering opinions, checking store display, involve in free trials, and testing services. You can redeem your money through PayPal, and it’s often faster than other money-making apps. Money App takes only two to five days for you to get your money. It’s faster than other apps.


If you don’t mind answering surveys or giving your opinion on certain things, you might want to try Survey Junkie to earn some extra cash. You become an influencer as your opinions will be reflected in hundreds of partner brands or services. Survey Junkie gets your opinion or suggestions on brands and products, and you get paid in either popular gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Join over 10 million active and dedicated users on lending their voices to improve brands and services. You can join them and start earning money too. In addition, Survey Junkie is known to be one of the highest paying survey apps available.


Another simple way to make money online is with InboxDollars. The company has been around since 2000 and paid over $59 million in cash to its members. InboxDollars has provided excellent service and been recognized by a lot of companies. They have been accredited and awarded multiple times, guaranteeing that InboxDollars is real.

There are many ways you can earn money with InboxDollars. You can answer online surveys that either takes 2 minutes to 25 minutes to complete. You can answer surveys ranging from $0.50 to $20 depending on your demographic profile. 

You can also get paid by watching short videos from big companies and answering short surveys at the same time. There are games available to play, and if you want to get more, spend a dollar on games to earn 18% cashback. Get cashback, free samples, and discounts when shopping online from top brands, receive offers on your email and get paid for reading them, and access free coupons for groceries, home, and more.

InboxDollars is a fun and easy way to earn money. Sign up today and get $5 instantly. Start getting real dollars, not points, when accomplishing activities. Download the app now on your Google Play or Apple Store for free.


Staying fit and healthy this pandemic is a common trend. A lot of people focus on their health by exercising daily or taking weight loss challenges. But staying motivated to achieve this goal is tough. However, there are apps available on the market that are willing to pay you while you achieve your goal to stay healthy.

Achievement is an app that tracks your steps, health goals, and more. You can connect apps you use and start earning points with your activities. Once you have earned points, you can redeem them through PayPal, direct deposit to your bank, or you can donate it to charities. 

Furthermore, you can also be part of cutting-edge research and contribute to human studies. You’ll get insights, and your participation in such researches is published on top medical journals to benefit all.

You can download the app for free on both Google Play and Apple Store. You can stay fit and get paid at the same time.

Additional Money Earning Apps To Try


Honeygain lets you earn passively. According to their website, you can earn up to $30 a month when you share 10 GB of your unused data daily to data scientists. It’s simple to use Honeygain. Just download the app on your Windows, macOS, or Android device, connect it to the internet, and start earning.

When you sign up, you get $5 as a bonus. In addition, it’s good to know you need an unlimited plan because it might use a lot of bandwidth. 


We shifted our purchasing behavior abruptly since the pandemic. We get all our needs online, whether its groceries or any item. One app that benefits from this pandemic is Ibotta.

Ibotta is a free cashback and payment app that you can use for your daily purchase. When you buy online or in-store retail using the app, you get instant cashback. In fact, Ibotta has already paid over $600 million in cash since 2012. 

You don’t only spend money all the time, but you get to have something in return every time you purchase. You can get cashback from over 150 online retailers, food delivery services, and more. 

You can purchase using your computer by downloading the browser extension, or you can download the app on your iOS or Android mobile device for free.


As more and more people prefer to stay at home than to go out and shop for their grocery needs, online shopping becomes a trend. If you want to earn some extra income, you can be part of Instacart and deliver groceries or more to people’s houses. 

Moreover, you don’t need to work on fixed hours or days. You only get to work when you are available. Plus, you get weekly payouts. You can earn as much as $450-500 a week.


Vindale Research is another online paid survey you can use to try to earn some extra cash. You can even get up to $50. You’ll get surveys that will match your demographic information. Search through their list or receive emails from Vindale for new surveys. 

Vindale Research also offers other ways to earn money, like reading emails and watching videos to get paid and give feedback. 

They are one of the highest paying surveys in the industry you’ll enjoy. Sign up and start completing surveys to receive more money. You can redeem your rewards via PayPal.


Despite this tragic event, there are still simple ways to earn money. Although it is not that much, having a side hustle can also be a great help. With the use of your smartphone or laptop, you can download apps and start earning some money. 

Now is the right time to go try some of these apps. There are even more apps available that can help you gain extra income, but for now, here are the best and most known tried and tested apps.

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