The Top 25 Most Followed Instagram Accounts

Do you want to know the world’s most-followed account on Instagram these days? I’m sure your answer will be Yes. Please scroll down to know the top 25 accounts.

Today’s Instagram

Instagram has crossed 1 billion active users in 2019. It is a Colossal Media forum all over the world. Living on Instagram is the recent ball game held with the rise of Instagram Influencers. Posting On Instagram with appropriate Images and Videos increase fame and share moments with other million users on the network. There may be loads of reasons to grow your social popularity with positive fame on Instagram. In this post, we’re going to tell you the most-followed account on Instagram till December 2019.

Here are the Top 25 Most Followed Instagram Accounts list with the user’s name of maximum followers in recent times. The List includes the Persons, Brands, Organizations, and Services as its part.

No. 25: Ellen DeGeneres [80.9 M Followers]

Ellen DeGeneres is in the 25th position in our list. It is a popular American Comedian, Actress, Host, Writer, and Producer who has won The Social Celebrity of 2019 and forthcoming ‘Carol Burnett Award in 2020’, ‘Best Comedy Album’ holding around 81 million followers on Instagram. Her Wall filled with many events, posts of special moments and public life.

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No. 24: FC Barcelona [81M Followers]

Next Instagram account in our list is the Spanish professional Football Club FC Barcelona, one of the most widely supported teams in the world has the largest social media followers of almost 81 million followers on Instagram. It has a long-standing rivalry with Real Madrid. Its Instagram account is updated with event information and popular shots.

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No. 23: Real Madrid CF [81.6M Followers]

A Spanish Football Club founded on March 6, 1902, has traditionally worn a white home kit, the highest-earning football club in the world has almost 82 million followers on Instagram. It owns a digital television channel specializing in the Club. Its Instagram posts covered with recent events from its forum.

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No. 22: Kevin Hart [83.1M Followers]

A Popular Comedian, Actor from America who won the Teen Choice Award this year has huge followers for his comedy with more than 83 million followers on Instagram. He also appeared for Macy’s underwear commercial. He entertains his fans highly on Instagram with comedy posts and videos often.

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No. 21: Kourtney Kardashian [84.5M Followers]

An American Reality TV Personality, also a Model, Socialite along with her family starring in television series has almost 85 million followers on Instagram. With Sisters, she involved in the fashion industry and endorsing several product advertisements. Her Instagram account consists of shot moments of Daily active and business events.

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No. 20: Katy Perry [87M Followers]

An American Musician and Business Women who won five American Music Awards and four Guinness World records have huge followers ranging 87 million on Instagram. She was declared the Top Global Female Recording Artist of 2013 by IFPI, acting as one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Her Instagram account has collaged with general life updates, events, selfies, and story highlights of her worlds around the world.

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No. 19: Nike [97M Followers]

An American Multinational Sportswear and apparel company is engaged in manufacturing all sports equipment and it is the world’s largest supplier of apparel and athletic shoes who sponsors many athletes and sports teams have around 97 million followers on Instagram. Its Instagram account is full of high-quality photos and IGTV content with a strong theme.

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No. 18: Khloe Kardashian [101M Followers]

A Khloé Kardashian is an American Model, Media Personality and Socialite starred in her own short-lived reality television series along with her family have almost 101 million followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account fills out with posts from lives, activities, and businesses.

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No. 17: Miley Cyrus [102M Followers]

A Starring Musician and Actress by a high range of styles in Pop with 102 Million followers. She is an outspoken animal rights advocate was listed as one of the nine runners-up for The Advocate Person of the year. Her Instagram account is pretty with lots of selfies and event photoshoots.

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No. 16: Jennifer Lopez [107M Followers]

The J.Lo, a Popular American Cine Celebrity and businessman around 107 million followers have established as Hollywood’s highest-paid Latin actress. A Spotify Singer, Dancer, Fashion Designer, Producer of all the time is regarded as the most influential Hispanic performer in the US. Her Instagram account stocked with the Behind-the-Scenes snaps, Promotions, and Events.

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No. 15: Nicki Minaj [108M Followers]

A “Queen of Rap” from Trinidad and Tobago as Rapper, Writer, Actress, Model well known for her Colourful Costumes and Wigs, has been defined as one of the most influential female rap artists by the media holding 108 million followers on Instagram. She pampers her fans with moments captured at her events, personal life, and also fans.

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No. 14: Kendall Jenner [119M Followers]

A Popular American model, Television Show Actor has 119 million followers on Instagram and She is the world’s highest-paid model.  Along with Kylie, She has featured as Style Stars of 2011 and named as one of the People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in the world. She activates her account by promoting photoshoots, selfies, fashion works, moments of personal life.

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No. 13: Justin Bieber [122M Followers]

The finest Pop Star as Canadian Singer, Songwriter, and Actor who is the first artist to hold the platinum debut song record with 122 million followers on Instagram. He ranks in the top ten powerful celebrities in the world. His account is interesting all about pictures of his day to day life moments and shots on a cartoon version of himself.

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No. 12: Taylor Swift [126M Followers]

Swift is an American Singer, Song Writer who was the Youngest Album of the Year winner has around 126 million followers on Instagram. She had been featured in the magazine’s listing of the 100 most powerful women in 2015. This active year, she becomes at number eight on the list of “Greatest of All-Time Artists” who became the Woman of the Decade. She fills out her Instagram account with prolific posts, works, and activities pictures.

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No. 11: National Geographic [128M Followers]

A Popular Magazine of dramatic photographs published continuously nearly 40 local language editions contains the article about Science, History, Geography, and culture has around 128 Million followers on Instagram. As Instagram is the cruise for photographs, NAT GEO connects people with Stunning images and videos.

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No. 10: Neymar [129M Followers]

Formerly Known as Neymar Jr., a forward Brazilian professional Footballer helped to win  Campeonato Paulista championships has around 129 million followers on Instagram. He is a forward for Paris-Saint-Germain currently. He was marked as the most influential person in the world by time in the year 2017. His activism on Instagram fills out with photos of general daily life.

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No. 9: Beyonce [136M Followers]

Beyonce, a Queen Bey from Houston well known for Singing from childhood, Writing and Acting with 136 million followers on Instagram has fame as the lead singer of Destiny Child. She roars for her Instagram Audiences with professional photos and important private life shots.

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No. 8: Lionel Messi [138M Followers]

Lionel Andres Messi Cuccittini from Argentine, a professional forward and captain of Footballer who holds the highest records and has often considered as the best player in the world, a golden member of Barcelona has 138 million followers on Instagram. His Instagram accounts fill out with his royal shot, insights, and family pictures.

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No. 7. Kylie Jenner [153M Followers]

An American Media personality, Model, Business Women, Socialite has multiplexed followers around 153 million on Instagram. She explored the photograph of an egg which become the most-liked post ever on Instagram. She entertains her followers with selfies, fashion works, promotional posts, and hit moments of personal life.

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No. 6: Kim Kardashian [154M Followers]

The American Super Star Actress also Model, Business Women, Socialite gained social media presence with 154 million followers on Instagram and Twitter. She has been entertaining her followers with modeling pictures and events information.

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No. 5: Selena Gomez [163M Followers]

The American singer with her former band, Selena Gomez & the Scene is a well-known Musician, Songwriter and Actress from America have more followers of 163 million in Instagram. She wardrobes her Insta page with selfies, social pictures, and public posts.

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No. 4: Dwayne Johnson [164M Followers]

The Rock, the most lovable Actor, Producer, Wrestler has huge fan followers around 164 million. WWE star active on Instagram by filling memories with film shots, gym pics, and family pictures.

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No. 3: Ariana Grande [168M Followers]

One of the most popular Singers as well as Actress on the universe, holding 168 million followers on Instagram. She featured at the most desired woman list in the world. She Entertains her fans by engaging on Instagram by sharing public pics, pop experiences.

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No. 2: Cristiano Ronaldo [193M Followers]

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed individual on Instagram with 193 million followers, Often considered as the best National Football player based Portuguese team of all the time.

A huge fan follower has connected via Instagram with his figures, moments, public pictures act as an eye feast for his fellow members.

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No. 1: Instagram [322M Followers]

Instagram has its parent brand account on the platform with over 322 million followers, it is the most-followed account inactive year. Everyone who has an account on it would follow the official Instagram account to get every update and it acts to be the best customer support interface for its operations and make people user-friendly. 

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Last Word

The many more users holding huge followers exist on Instagram, with a massive following attains the power to bring about change. Almost it is unexplained happiness that an individual having a maximum followers list will start brightening in a different light. The act of getting more than a million followers on Instagram is not a simple thing for a common individual.

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