Complete the Guide about “How to Start a Blog” with the help of HostGator

Do you want to learn “how to start a blog” with an affordable hosting plan and easy steps to set up your blog? If yes, then this post is only for you.

The Blog

The blog is a website that focuses on written content. You don’t need any technical qualifications for blog writing rather website needs technical skills.

Blogs are a useful technical tool that helps an individual to explore his knowledge of the world. It is widely used in all fields including, teaching, education, business, small-scale industries, traders, travelers, business enterprises, etc.

A blog is different from a website. The website may contain a blog but the blog never contain the website. But the blog needs spacing and hosting for exposure in the internet industry.

This blog greatly helps in the SEO setup. The uses of Word press blogs significantly show more responsibility in the internet market. You can add a Google Analytics tracking code for performing high posts and more traffic. Now we go to the point of how to start a blog easily.

How to start a Blog?

To begin with, you need a basic computer and English knowledge. A blogger doesn’t need any professional degree or experience. He must be passionate about the blog content. When you write the blog, write more conventional and conversational content. This helps others to understand better.

A personal blog needs a passion that helps them to stand out from the huge blogging. The readers look for creativity, presentation, and information about the content. It is essential to give detailed information on the blog to increase the audience’s views.

Here are some of the ideal ways to start a blog with easy steps. Let’s look into that below.

#1. Choose Your Niche

How to Start a Blog

Bloggers must focus on choosing a niche that illuminates their uniqueness. Do proper research before choosing the niche, and ensure you are aware and strong about the particular topic you are speaking about.

It is essential to bring attention to the audience regarding your niche. When you write your blog, use skillful content and language and focus on the blog that helps the audience.

Make a blog in a conversational way and adequately provide content. Bloggers must be passionate and should achieve maximum followers in their blogs. The success of the blog is depending upon the number of the targeted audience and the fan followers.

If you find difficulty in content refer to similar sites and express your ideas in your way. Don’t try to copy or follow the same content or the follower. Whenever necessary try to include the pictures, images, and photographs.

This increases the value of the blog; at the same time, it helps the audience to understand the content easily. Always try to post the photograph which you have taken and don’t try to copy the photos from other sites and paste them into your blog.

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#2. Naming your Blog

The name on your blog must be significant, identical, and informative. Always choose the name relevant to the topic you are talking about and choose the most identical and catchy names for easy remembrance and understating.

Try to follow a strategy in your blog; this helps the audience to understand the blogger’s name and his way of style. It shows the uniqueness of your brand and recognition. Make several topics, side headings, and attractive photos in your blog, this helps the audience to understand the blog and blogger easily.

Always focus on keywords that must be related to your niche, say for example a blog related to travel must be written with relevant words like a voyage, explore, touring, wanderlust, etc. Never use the word travel inside the blog.

To keep the blogs efficient, use your blog name and the domain name must be the same and unique. Try to match your blog name with the domain for identical meaning and reach. 

For searching the availability of a domain name use HostGator’s domain search tool and input your selected blog or domain name and check for availability. It is well and good if your domain name is available with the desired extension.

In case the domain name is not available, HostGator helps in the most significant with the extension domain name or available domain name that is related to your search domain. You can choose your desired name or extension from the list and avail the blog of your choice.

The most common domain name extensions are .com, .net,,, .info, .biz, etc. The successful blogs and websites choose the domain name with the extension of .com, .net, and info. 

You can also choose more than one domain extension with little more cost and avail of two or more extensions. This helps to choose your name to be identical and there is no other domain user can use your extension or related blogs.

Once your domain name is available or chooses your desired name from the available list of HostGator proceed to purchase and get access on login credentials.

#3. Choose Your Hosting Provider

A blog or website needs hosting. Once you design a website or write a blog, it never directly reaches the internet. It is necessary to buy the hosting and domain from the hosting company and host the site.

The hosting is called a server space that is available in Linux, Windows, and SSL servers. Based on your service and design choose a relevant server and buy the space for rent. The space in the hosting helps to store the website or blog information with the help of the domain name. 

The domain must be placed with the hosting, if you buy the hosting and domain from a separate provider, you need to address the hosting details inside the domain server and place your content in the web hosting space. This process is called hosting.

Without hosting, the design cannot be launched on the internet. When you select the hosting provider, make sure they are experienced, attentive, able to provide 24/7 customer support, and have switching options from Linux to Windows or vice versa. 

Check whether renewal options are available in the hosting provider. It is essential to check for 99.99% uptime on the server. You can create an email for the domain name. When you select the space limit, try to choose some extra space for extensions, emails, and promotions.

The blog uses shared hosting which enables the blogger to use sufficient space for his blog and the cost of space is very low. The shared hosting login gives you a separate space and time for your hosting, updates, changes, etc.

HostGator provides successful shared hosting for bloggers and website providers with special packages and varieties of buying options that include, domain name, web hosting space, reseller package, shared hosting, dedicated server, etc.


Hosting plan

Buy your new website or blog space head over to the HostGator page and choose your desired package and click the buy now option. It will redirect to the payment gate page and you can select your desired payment option and proceed to buy with the information.

The Different Types of Web Hosting for Blogs

The web hosting, spacing, and domain name selection are completed in simple steps at an affordable cost in HostGator. You have different options to choose your desired plan here are a few

This is the most affordable plan for beginners and small-scale industries and businesses. The hosting is made with a shared server. The cost is very low and the uptime speed is very high. 

The shared hosting usually has huge traffic and the server can easily be hosted. The blog or website gets significant traffic down the line and is easy to handle.

Many experienced designers preferred to choose shared hosting for their customers for their efficient use and ineffective way of service.

This is one of the most important platforms in website hosting. As we discussed earlier, you know how easy to use word press for blogging and website building. 

It is easy to use and perfect for blogging and website. It helps to manage the content as a whole and the update works can be done easily in word press.

A HostGator company designs a plan with special features that enable bloggers to choose word press hosting. The control panel is typically one-click scalability that enables the blogger to install the blog with one click.

The hosting plans are designed specifically for bloggers and beginners. Many blogs choose to prefer the WordPress plan as it easy to design and convenient to use.

The rebuilding of the blog and updating of the blog can also be done with a single click in word press. Choose the word press site for blogging that satisfies your goals.

Cloud hosting enables the designer to make use of the website more instantly and faster. The technically strong person will use this hosting efficiently. For large business and e-commerce sites, the cloud hosting plan is appropriate to use.

Cloud hosting is booming with great perspective. This plan helps to increase web traffic more quickly and more flexibly to grow in real time. The cost of cloud hosting is a bit high than shared and word press. But the net output is high than shared hosting.

You never feel slow uptime, low traffic, or intervention in a cloud hosting plan. But this is preferred for commercial sites and not for simple blogs. Many bloggers use blog websites as their profession, for such people, this is the convenient hosting plan.

A Virtual private server or VPS is the most efficient hosting in recent days. As everyone started to use the website for business, the internet traffic increased and SEO for our website ranking goes down.

VPS hosting is wide popular than cloud hosting. It helps the site from hacking, helps in an increase of traffic, and provides authenticated server hosting, and secure hosting which is most suitable for payment gateway procedures.

In recent days, all e-commerce website prefers to choose cloud hosting and VPS hosting for web promotions and payment gateway services. The bandwidth of HostGator VPS hosting is much wider and a big sharing space with a dedicated server.

But for blogs, it is not essential to invest in VPS hosting, but for website big enterprises it is preferred. As a blogger, you must know about the types of hosting and their needs. 

Cost of Hosting in HostGator 

A blog or website essentially needs web hosting. In HostGator, the hosting plans start from a basic $2.69, and the different plans are available on the website.

This basic $2.69 hosting is a shared hosting, based on the types and time duration, plan cost will vary. It is easy to start with a monthly plan in HostGator and you can upgrade your plan accordingly.

HostGator provides an option of the various plan and different switchover options along with pricing details. All payments can be accepted through wire transfer or online transfer.

Just navigate to the above-said page and choose the preferred plan to buy. Then click on the “Buy Now” option you will be directed to the next page. There you are requested to choose a plan with a specified duration along with the pricing.

Select your most convenient plan with the “drop-down menu” option and select the username for your login credentials.

When you choose the username, follow the instruction given under the box and type the name accordingly. Take a screenshot of the plans and names which will help you in the future.

Then click on “OK” and it will move on to the billing information. In billing details, select your preferred payment method. You have a credit card option and a Paypal option to choose from. Navigate to your desired payment options and start proceeding to the information and proceed to the payment.

Once everything is done, you get the confirmation details in your e-mail regarding the payment, login credentials, and plan details. Make a copy of it in your draft or folder for further renewals.

#4. Build Out Your New Blog Using HostGator

As there are many hosting providers available in the market, it is preferred to choose HostGator, as the service provider gives various options for building a new blog with short-term and long-term needs. 

In the first option, you can select the desired template to start publishing your blog posts. The template helps to design a blog with easy steps and a blogger doesn’t need any technical skills or design skills.

HostGator website builder allows building a blog quickly and easily. This is beginner-friendly, and you can search for a convenient tool with a relevant keyword and start creating your blog without experts’ help.

If you find difficulties, you can call customer care or chat online for any assistance. You get a clear idea of the website-building tool. Once you choose your preferred template just select the blog and start to edit the content as per your requirement and creativity. Start explores to blog building and becomes an ideal blogger.

Build a Blog Using Word Press

The other option is Word Press. Word press is a more sophisticated approach that helps in the content management system and manages your content. The word press needs more technical knowledge to build a website or blog.

However, HostGator Webhosting provides offers a one-click installation provider that helps to launch your blog in word press in just a few minutes. It helps to build your blog more unique and manage the content.

First, navigate to the control panel and select the quick install from Word Press. In the next screen, enter the relevant blog or website content details and press install. The inbuilt software in word press installs the word press on your domain site and creates all the files necessary for the launch. 

Now log in to the site and navigate to the theme by the simple following method

Appearance>Theme then click on the “Add New” blog theme. Now choose the preferred word press theme and add the themes with the most extensive blogging features.

To customize your site navigate to Customize the page and choose the edit option for edits and updates on the blog.

Publish Your New Post

Once everything is finished, not time to publish the first post. Many of us have a starting problem, and once everything is completed we may shiver in publishing. Once everything is done, why worry about the net outcome?

Be confident and make sure you have made everything with a proper name, title, content, and image, and start to publish your first post.

Publishing the first blog with the HostGator builder is simple and efficient. All you must do is just click on the blog and in the editor just click “Add New Post”.

No other service provider can make your work as easy as HostGator. After clicking on “Add New Post,” enter your post title, name, author name, meta tags, images, and post content.

Once you entered the all details in the relevant boxes and everything is satisfied, just click on “Save Post”. That’s it your blog will be launched within a few minutes of server upload.

Publishing a Post with Word Press in HostGator

Publishing the blog in Word press is similar to a website builder. First, select a post in Word press and add a new blog post with word press. This enables you to bring the post editor and you can enter the title, post content, and add social media posts or any metadata post in the content.

Once you are ok with everything on your blog content click “Publish” and make the post live for internet users. 

Need for Blog in Web Hosting

Webhosting companies maintain the servers and they provide the space for rent to all the internet users who want to create their website and blog and make it public. There are different types of web hosting companies available in the market.

HostGator is the ideal one that provides different hosting types, packages, and user-friendly builder sites. They understand the need of the customer and provide efficient spacing for the beginners and the experts.

A beginner can start a blog in no time and an expert can launch their site or blog efficiently with the help of HostGator. Here are some important features about why a user must prefer HostGator for web hosting and services.

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Top 10 features to be considered while choosing the hosting company for the blog

While every blog will be different, the best web hosting for a blog will typically accomplish at least ten things. 

Up Time

For every blog and website, the most important thing to be considered in choosing the hosting provider is “uptime”. 

Have you ever noticed on the launching page of any website like “Server not found”, or “the web page is not available?” “The site is taking too much time to respond.” These are the most frequent errors that occur due to uptime problems. “The server is under maintenance.” Etc,

When you get these types of errors on your web page, internet users get a bad impression on your blog and they skip your site and switch over to the other site. It is essential for the blogger to choose a hosting provider who can provide 99% uptime and for the claims against third-party sources or alternate server uptime.

When you choose, HostGator web hosting services you never get those types of uptime errors. This company provides 99.9% uptime and provides an additional server for emergency cases. The blogger never worries about hosting Host Gator as they provide excellent service to their customer and their resellers.


For any blog or website, speed plays an important role in hosting services. The loading page must be speedy, as the visitor never waits with patience if the site takes too much time for loading. They just skip the blog and move on to the next blog when the speed is slow.

Internet users use mobile devices for online access. It is essential to choose a hosting provider who is good at speed and uptime. 

In the case of SEO, the low speed reduces the traffic of the site. Make sure your service provider provides a responsive mobile device feature in the hosting with promising speedy loading times.


HostGator provides excellent security and services to its customers. Bloggers are not aware of the security of the server, hacking, and misuse of the sites. Hostgator slips spammy links and helps your site to be more secure.

They provide internal malware software to protect your blog from virus attacks or any malware functions. The security of the blog promises an increase in the traffic of the blog that enables a more targeted audience.

Ease of use

HostGator provides excellent service to their customer. The FAQs in CPanel help the blogger to assist in the ease of service. 24/7 customer service enables the user to make use of the hosting provider’s service effectively.

The website loading can be done in 2 ways in Hostgator. The user can upload the file using Cpanel details or FTP details. All the Cpanel and FTP details are mailed clearly to the customer and they can make use of it.

Backup features

Sometimes the blogger may not be technically skilled or not aware of online hosting, they may lose their data at the time of the update. The HostGator has an excellent backup feature option that enables the user to get back their data even if it is lost or erased.

For safety, it is advised to take them back up each time they upload the blog and during updation. Make a separate folder in your system and keep track of it. This helps you after 2 years of service, as you may forget where you saved the data.

HostGator provides an automated backup option that enables the blogger to focus on the blog and they have confidence that all the works are saved easily and can be accessible at any time for updates.

SEO tools

HostGator provides an SEO tool available in the hosting plans. It is better to choose a plan with SEO options that helps for easy online marketing and helps in the increase of traffic.

If the blogger needs the reader to find his blog, this SEO tool helps them to find a particular blog with a relevant keyword search. Taking a few efforts on SEO steps makes a huge output on the blogging website.

Website Builder

Usually, a blogger spends a week or month time to complete the blog content. With the help of the HostGator website builder, it is easy to build a blog with a preferred template and the blogger can complete the blog in 3 hours.

The content made with the website builder is more efficient than the one designed by the beginner. Many blog contents are made ready with the professionally skilled blog writer, as the blog service provider has to spend huge money on designing the content.

With the help of a website builder, it is easy to create a blog without any professional help and you can save huge money. At the same time, you can learn to code with the website builder.

Once your blog is ready, post your first blog and see the response. You have a new and great experience if you are a beginner. Later, you preferred to write more blogs and content accordingly.

Customer service

A good blogger needs the best hosting service provider. Selecting the hosting plan and service is not enough to get an increase in traffic. Proper customer service helps the business to reach the targeted audience. 

If you have a hard time publishing the site or website building, you need assistance. HostGator provides excellent online customer care support for their customer to solve their basic and technical needs.


Web hosting services bill on a monthly or yearly basis, you need to do a subscription if you want to continue their service. All the plans in HostGator are more affordable and easy to switch over plans.

If you are a beginner choose, shared hosting and if you are doing an eCommerce website prefer to choose cloud hosting or VPS hosting for hosting services. All the payments can be made online. 

It is preferred to choose the same provider, as you get convenient services, and make use of their service easily. As you use to it many times and you can easily get backup and email options.

When you are the customer, the company comes forward to solve your problems more quickly and helps to increase traffic.

Last Words

Hope this complete guide helps to choose the best web hosting provider for starting your blog. Choose a convenient plan and start exploring the internet traffic with unlimited service of hosting providers. 

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