How Can You Promote Your Business On Quora?

For most of the online business owners, it has been a big challenge to get traffic driven on their website. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is Quora marketing. Do you know why?

The answer is very simple – Quora gives you a platform where you can directly interact with people in the form of questions and answers.

It has already been ten years since the Quora got introduced. And now it turned into a powerful marketing platform. With more than 300 monthly active users, Quora gives you the great opportunity to grow your reach with the audience.

In case you want to grow your professional brand as an authority in your niche. Or you want to spread brand awareness with the audience. Quora can be the solution for you.

Why Use Quora For Marketing?

People usually check quora for finding answers to their queries. With over 400,000 topics to talk about, here you can surely find a wide variety of questions and answers. It’s a great way to find out the issues which are puzzling your potential user base. And by answering their questions, you can also create brand awareness for your business.


Here are the factors which explain – how Quora gives you a perfect stage for marketing your business.

  • There is a huge community of Quora users. With over 300 million monthly active users on Quora across the world, you can really expect to get high exposure for your business.
  • The questions asked on Quora has high visibility on search engines. In fact, compared to other social media platforms, your content could survive for a long time. Which means that it would drive traffic on your website for similar search queries.
  • There are many high profile writers and experts on Quora. In fact, many of the CEOs and Founders share their opinions on Quora. It could be a great asset to enhance your own business knowledge.
  • Here you can also give direct answers to anyone who might be interested in your business and want to know more about it.
  • Quora also lets you check the ones who have upvoted your answers. If they are satisfied with your answers, they might also be interested in your brand products and services.

With honest and reliable answering, you can draw more engagement in your answers. And it can also help you to gain devoted customers for your business. 

Now you have already learned how Quora can be an effective marketing solution for your business. Let’s check out the ways to get more out from Quora marketing.

Starting With Your Account Profile:

In case you don’t have an account on Quora, you need to create one. For that, you can use your Google or Facebook profile to sign up, or you can also sign up using your email account.

Sign Up on quora

Your profile information shows the reliability of your content on Quora. It should depict your expertise and knowledge about the subject you want to discuss. Unlike other social media platforms, you might not be able to create a profile with your brand name. 

Or even if you create one, it won’t give you a separate brand page. In simple terms, you can say that it’s just an individual account that you are using with your brand name on it.

On every post and answers, Quora shows the name and other profile information about the writer within 50 characters. Here you can also describe your company. And don’t forget to include clickable links so that you could be able to drive traffic back to your website from Quora.

Find Relevant Topics On Interest:

Make sure to do your research before opting for the topics on Quora. Track the questions which are relevant to your industry. There you will find a search box. Here you can search out the keywords based on the interest of your business.


It will show you some instant suggestions. From there, you can choose the topics which you want to follow. And also check, the email settings to confirm whether you are receiving notification alerts on your email or not.

Explore Other Quora Users:

While searching, you will find many questions relevant to your niche. From there, you can also learn about the people who are participating in such discussions.

There might be some people who are experts in your niche and want to share their knowledge. Or you may also learn about some competitors, brands in a similar niche, or partner companies, etc.

You can also follow and upvotes for people who answer such questions. It may also result in getting you more followers and upvotes for your answers.

Stats To Back Your Answers:

You should justify the credibility of your answers based on the real stats and reliable sources. By showing the facts and analysis, you can support your argument with proper justification. 

While you can also include your own personal experiences to back your answers. There you can also share links of the sources or reference, or you may also link some old blog posts with relevant information. That way, you could have a win-win situation as you can get even more traffic on your website.

Build Your Reputation:

Once you have answered a few questions on Quora, you would start getting notifications of question-related to that topic. If your answers are reliable, you would also get requests from other Quora users. 

It shows that people are acknowledging your expertise in a particular topic. However, you need to maintain that reputation so that you could be able to get the “Most Viewed Writer” badge from Quora.

About Your Brand:

Have you seen your brand name on some of the questions on Quora? There might be a chance that some people may have some queries about your brand product or services. And they have added those queries on Quora. Make sure to follow such topics that specifically relate to your brand products or services.

By answering such questions, you had a great opportunity to drive more engagement for your money site. Stay prepared and write catchy answers to gain more revenue for your business.

Create Your Blog:

Yes! You can create your own blog on Quora. It gives you a platform where you can publish your own ideas and stories. While you can also use it to promote your brand products and services. To create a new blog on Quora, go to your profile page. Here you will find the “Create a Blog” option. Click on that.

Create your blog

There you can write your blog name, create a URL, and give a brief description of the topic of your blog. After creating a blog, you can start writing a blog post about your selected topic. Just like the regular blog, you need to add title, add your blog content with a few relevant images and click on the post button.

Fill it

Now that you have published your blog, you can add a few backlinks which can help you to bring more engagement for your business.

Analyze Your Great Work:

Have you been getting lots of views and upvotes on Quora? If you want to check your progress, you can use Quora’s free analytic tool to analyze your content. Here you can check the contents which get the most clicks, views, and upvotes. That way, you can also learn about the answers which are trending and doing great on Quora.

Cross-promote On Other Social Media:

You can also share your Quora expertise on other social networking sites. Here you have the option to auto-share your answers on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, etc. For doing so, you need to integrate Quora with other social networks.

Go to the “Settings” there you have the account option. From there, you can connect to other social networks. By sharing your answers on other sites, you can also enhance your expertise outside of Quora. It would also result in boosting your profile on other social networking sites. 

Cross promotion

I would also suggest employing some of the best social media automation tools like Hootsuite, Agorapulse, Socinator, and Buffer, etc using which you can auto-pilot your cross-promotion strategy.

Do Not Over Promote:

Sure, you can use Quora to promote your business. But don’t forget that it’s a community to help others. Make sure that your content isn’t causing spam. Over promotion won’t be beneficial for you in any aspect while it may also depict a bad reputation for your company.


Going through the above article, you might have realized the potential of Quora as a great marketing asset to your business. It can help you to make people aware of you and your brand.

In fact, most of the top brands have already been in discussion on Quora.

Do you also want to include your brand in that list?

Though it would be a tough sell to build your brand recognized on Quora. But it will be worthwhile if you could be able to achieve so.

So have you decided to get the most out of Quora? If you have some good ideas, please let us know in the comments below.

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