Top 10 Tricks To Earn Quality Backlinks Easily

There are over a billion websites in this world. Each website is struggling every day to seize the highest rank in the Google SERPs. There are over a hundred strategies that can help you achieve the highest rank on the major search engines. From keyword analysis to content development, you may go mad in an attempt to push your website to the #1 rank of the search engine.

What if I tell you that there is a highly trusted method that will help your website achieve the #1 position on SERPs? 

I am talking about backlinks


Backlinks are created when you link an external website to your website. Higher the quality of your backlinks, the more authoritative your website becomes. And the authority of your website is directly proportional to the rankings and traffic of your website. Therefore, I have crafted a list of 10 simple ways to earn quality backlinks to your website easily. 

10 Simple Tricks To Build Quality Backlinks To Your Website  

Backlinks are one of the most crucial SEO elements that determine the ranking factor of your website. In fact, Google looks for the backlinks specifically to understand how your webpages are connected to each other. The backlinks also let Google know if your website is reliable enough to rank on the SERPs. Check out these ten effective tips to build quality backlinks to your website in no time. 

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#1. Write guest posts for authoritative websites 

Guest posting is the contribution of high-quality content to another website and getting a link back to your own website. It is one of the most popular link-building strategies that will help your content get more online exposure than ever.

Guest posts are not just about backlinks. They are about creating a strong and robust online reputation. You can expand your target audience and leverage your social media followers through superbly written guest posts. 

Type the following to find the reliable websites accepting guest posts in your niche:

Keyword + guest-posts 

Keyword + bloggers wanted 

Do you want to look at the guest samples written by famous bloggers? In that case, type the following on Google:

Author’s name + guest post

I searched for the guest posts contributed by Neil Patel and here is the result.  

Search for guest post

#2. Follow the broken-link building strategy 

In my content marketing career of 8 years, I have found the broken-link building method to work perfectly to build one-way backlinks. Keep an eye on a website for broken links on that website. Contact the webmaster as soon as you get hold of a broken link on the website. Be friendly, introduce yourself and let him/her know about the broken link. Provide the exact location of the link along with some alternatives to replace that with. Once the webmaster understands that you are trying to be helpful, he/she would also try to help you out through high-quality backlinks. 

You can download the tool ‘Check my Links‘ from the Google Chrome store and find broken links on web pages easily. 

#3. Use the public relations strategy

You can even try citing your website as a source in a news article or any other online content to get quality backlinks using the public relations strategy. You need to sign up for ‘Help a Reporter’ or HARO and you will get daily notifications whenever a journalist searches for an article related to your niche. Say you provide assignment help all over the world. Thus, you may get emails from journalists who want updated assignment writing tips or other information related to academics. Once you are able to impress them with your information, they will cite your website as a source. Once your content is accepted, you can request the editor of the website to add a link to your website.

#4. Generate attractive and relevant infographics


According to Neil Patel, infographics tend to attract traffic 60,000 times faster than normal texts. No wonder the demand for infographics has increased significantly all over the world. Take the top online publications like Entrepreneur and Mashable, for example. They publish multiple infographics every month or rather a week.

Create your infographic on a topic that your target audience would be interested in. Then distribute it through supreme quality directories. Click here to get a list of over 100 directories to submit your infographics. You will successfully earn a quality backlink once the directory accepts your infographic. 

#5. Make use of skyscraper content

Skyscraping is making the most of your content that’s already awesome. Use Google Analytics to find out the best content of your website that links most of the external links to your main website. Now look at the page and ponder upon the following questions:

  • Who is not being served in this post? 
  • Which instructions or steps are quite hard to follow in the blog?
  • Did I skip any important questions?
  • What more can I add to the post to make it even more appealing to my readers?

Implement your answers to your original content to make it even more creative and informative. Now use the web analytics tool again to check out the external links, referring domains and anchor text clouds linking back to your website. Say the links are from, and Reach out to those websites and let them know that the content still exists in a better form. Suggest them to use the content as a resource for their readers. 

#6. Use valuable internal linking strategies

Internal links influence the way search engine crawlers work to understand the context of our website. The internal links not only bring quality backlinks to your website but also contributes to the way the major search engines interact with your website. According to Microsoft’s Matt Cutts, it is always better to keep the number of internal links below 100 on a web page. You can do so manually if you are using WordPress. Stuffing your page with internal links can ruin the usability and SEO of your page, let alone the quality of backlinks. 

#7. Promote your contents at the right places 

I usually look for websites or bloggers that run weekly or monthly roundups for quality and relevant contents. Once I get hold of a website in my niche, I send them the link to one of my best contents through email. The websites may link back to my website if they find my resource or content useful. 

You can do the same thing to build quality backlinks to your website. Type the following to get a list of websites running the roundups in your niche. 

The keyword + roundup

Change the time span, as shown in the screenshot below to choose the most relevant website according to your preferences. Get in touch with the webmaster and introduce them to your website. Keep the introduction short and quick. Then send a link to any of your best contents and wait for the response. You may even expect to hear from the bloggers on a regular basis if they are looking for great contents. 

#8. Donate to NGOs

That’s true. You can fetch quality backlinks if you donate to the non-profit organisations. Search for websites in your specific niche and see if they accept donations and link back to the websites that donate. If yes, then write the amount of money you would like to donate and mention your website URL along with it. You need to invest time and find out the right website that will provide you with a strong backlink to your website. I usually use the following queries. 

Contributor’s page + donate + the keyword 

Contributor’s page + the keyword 

Donation + contributors + the keyword 

#9. Keep a tab on sites that link to your competitors

It is very important for every marketer to keep a tab on the competitor sites. You can use Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker, to see the backlinks in your competitor websites. You can assume that if the websites link to your competitors, there are high chances that they will link to your website as well. In case you use the tool mentioned above, you will find a list of backlinks that link to your competitor sites. Just click on your link and check out the type of content that links to your competitor. Send a request to the publisher of that website to publish a link to your website similarly. 

#10. Try writing testimonials

Many of you may not know, but writing testimonials about other brands will help you earn high-quality backlinks easily. Make a note of the top brands that you use and get in touch with them. Request them to let you write a review about your experience using that particular product. High-end brands are usually eager to feature feedback, reviews and testimonials on their websites since that enhances their online credibility. You can request them to link back to your website after they have published your testimonial or reviews. 

Last Words

Earning backlinks is one of the most crucial methods of increasing the rank of your website on the SERPs. Implement the methods as discussed above and see which one brings your maximum profitability. Also, make sure you don’t indulge in practicing black hat SEO methods in an attempt to earn backlinks. 

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