Roomba Not Charging: How to Fix it

In this post, we will go through how to fix Roomba not charging. Your beloved Roomba should be up and running as it should be by the end of this article. Let’s get this party started.

Electronics can endure a long time if they are used appropriately and properly maintained. Taking a few extra minutes to clean and organize your electronics can save you hundreds of dollars in the long term, and it will also make them appear nicer.

Many individuals dislike keeping their equipment clean for a variety of reasons, including laziness or a lack of time. In the long term, however, failing to maintain your machinery costs more than taking a few seconds to do so.

Procedure to Fix Roomba Not Charging

Several people have reported that their Roomba is not charging properly. This could be due to issues such as dirt in the charging connectors or damaged batteries. Here’s a list of options for resolving this issue.

Solution 1. Clean the Contact Points

The most common cause of the Roomba not charging is dirt stuck on the charging port’s contact points. This is why cleaning your Roomba on a daily basis is highly advised. Otherwise, problems like these, and a slew of others, will continue to mount. 

Simply dampen a cloth with alcohol and begin wiping the contact sites. After that, try plugging the Roomba back in to charge it, and it should fix the problem.

Solution 2. Reset the Roomba

Sometimes it’s just a software issue; you can be encountering a bug that makes Roomba appear to be charging when it isn’t. 

To reset it, simply hold down the clean and dock buttons until you hear a beeping noise, then release the buttons. 

Some Roombas include a specific reset button that you simply press down for 10 seconds and the Roomba will be reset. When the Roomba restarts, try plugging it in again, and it should begin to charge.

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Solution 3. Switch the Outlet

The most common cause of a Roomba not charging is a malfunctioning power outlet that does not provide enough electricity for the Roomba to charge correctly. If the problem persists, try plugging the Roomba into a different outlet.

Solution 4. Clean the Docking Station

Dirt that gets lodged on the docking station’s connecting ports can sometimes be carried by a Roomba. This prevents the Roomba from charging through the connectors. In such cases, cleaning the docking station with rubbing alcohol can be a simple repair. After that, you need to clean the dock, and then your Roomba should begin charging properly.

Solution 5. Fix the Battery Position

If your Roomba still won’t charge, it’s possible that the battery was shifted from its original position during shipping. 

Before you go out and buy a new battery, try reinstalling your vacuum battery. Follow the procedures below to fix the position of the battery:

  1. Turn the Roomba unit on its side.
  2. After that, remove the screws from the bottom of the base.
  3. Remove the base cover and set it aside.
  4. Check to see if the battery is in the correct location.
  5. Tighten the screws and replace the cover in its original position.

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Solution 6. Replace the Dock

It’s also possible that the docking station isn’t working properly, resulting in the Roomba not receiving enough electricity to charge. 

If you have tried cleaning both the docking station and the Roomba and it still won’t charge, you should obtain a new dock. If your warranty is still valid, you should get a new order in less than a week.

Solution 7. Factory Reset

The software problems in the Roomba have been linked to charging concerns. This problem can be resolved by hard resetting the Roomba. 

However, you’d have to re-map your house, which could be inconvenient. So, before you decide to factory reset your Roomba, make sure you’ve tried all other options. 

If you live in a smaller flat, though, you won’t have to wait nearly as long for Roomba to map your space. It will most likely take less than an hour to complete.

Solution 8. Replace Batteries

The majority of charging problems are caused by defective batteries. New batteries are less expensive, and replacing them in a Roomba is pretty straightforward. 

Simply detach the battery compartment, insert the new battery, and reassemble the compartment. Then just switch the Roomba back on and put it into an outlet or docking station to begin charging.

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Solution 9. Customer Support

If none of the fixes appear to be effective, you should contact Roomba support for assistance. You can also visit the community forums to connect with other users who have had similar charging troubles with their Roomba.

Solution 10. Claim Warranty 

If nothing seems to work to remedy your Roomba’s charging problem, it’s most likely malfunctioning, and you should have it replaced. 

If your warranty is still valid, you should be able to get a new order within a week. If not, you may always take your Roomba to a repair shop to have it fixed. 

It’s also possible that there’s a problem with Roomba’s internal circuits. As a result, make sure to have a professional examine and repair your gadget.

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Causes of Roomba Not Charging

There are a few reasons why your Roomba is not charged. You could be suffering from one of the following problems.

Dirty contacts on vacuum or base station

Dirt on the charging connections generates a high resistance joint, preventing the Roomba from charging. I discovered that using a magic eraser works wonderfully for cleaning the contacts. It’s similar to a rubber sponge that won’t scratch or harm the charging connectors.

Dirt under the front wheel

If there is dirt or hair under the front tire, the Roomba will sit higher on the charging station. The charging connections will not touch if there is a lot of build-ups. All you have to do now is remove the front wheel and clean the accumulation.

Failed Lithium-ion battery in the Roomba

If used every day, lithium-ion batteries are expected to last two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles. If your cleaning cycle is less frequent, such as every other day, the battery should last roughly 4-6 years before it needs to be replaced.

Due to the battery capacity only being able to hold a 70 percent charge or less, the battery run time tends to be reduced. The Roomba may be unable to return to the base charging station as the battery begins to fail.

Battery Runtime of the Roomba

The Roomba i7 should last roughly 75 minutes (1h 15 minutes) on a single charge. This charging capacity will deteriorate with time. To get the best performance, replace the battery when it reaches 70% capacity. 

This capacity decline is typical of Lithium-ion batteries, and it will take several years for them to disintegrate. They don’t last indefinitely, much like your phone batteries.

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Q:- What is the best way to find out if my Roomba is charging?

Ans:- Look for the LED light indicator surrounding the CLEAN button to see if your Roomba is charging. Look for the following colors:

Solid Red:- The battery is not charged or is in the process of being charged.

Amber Flashing:- Charging is in progress.

Solid Greem:- Charging is complete when the light turns solid green.

Amber Pulsing:- The Roomba is in the middle of a 16-hour charging cycle.

Q:- How can I tell if the battery in my Roomba is dead?

Ans:- The battery drains quite quickly. After initiating a cleaning cycle, it can empty in minutes. The robot vacuum cleaner will stop functioning after 15 to 20 minutes.

There is no activity in the power light, and it does not even flicker. Resetting the Roomba is ineffective in resolving the problem.

Q:- When charging, does the Roomba charging dock light stay on?

Ans:- When charging, the Roomba charging station light does not stay on. To conserve energy, the light will flash for around 5 seconds before turning off.

To save energy, the Roomba base light flashes for around four seconds before turning off altogether.

Q:- How long will a Roomba battery last?

Ans:- The battery should last for roughly 400 recharges, or 2 to 4 years, depending on the size of your home and how often you use the Roomba. 

You can extend the life of the Roomba battery if you have a smaller residence or don’t use it as frequently. However, replacement batteries aren’t prohibitively costly, so having a clean home is preferable to purchasing a new battery.

Final Words

You can get your Roomba to start charging again with these fixes. Checking the outlet, restarting the device, and cleaning the charging base are all good places to start.

If none of these solutions work, you may need to consider a battery replacement or a complete replacement. It’s also a good idea to see if your warranty is still valid.

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