Upgrade Metro PCS Phone: How to

T-Mobile merged with MetroPCS and the company is now known as Metro by T-Mobile. MetroPCS has been on the T-Mobile network since then. Today we will discuss how to upgrade metro PCS phone in this article.

Almost all carriers in the United States provide a phone upgrade as a service. Some, such as free government phone carriers, provide the services at no charge, while others charge a nominal price. 

However, the good news is that your new phone will provide you with greater services, and you will not be disappointed. Metro by T-Mobile, our primary emphasis today, offers a fantastic program in which, if you qualify, a new Metro PCS compatible phone will be delivered to your home location.

The application process is also rather straightforward, and you will not be required to submit numerous documents or answer numerous questions. Learn more about how to apply by reading the rest of this article.

Procedure to Upgrade Metro PCS Phone

There are many options for upgrading your outdated cell phone. Starting with signing up with your MetroPCS account, the process is straightforward. Here’s how to have your MetroPCS phone upgraded.

1. Contact Metro PCS Customer Support Department

One of the simplest ways to upgrade your phone is to call MetroPCS customer care. You can ask the support team for help with your questions about the registration process, MetroPCS cell phones that are available, costs in your location, and cell phone activation.

Upgrade your Account Online

Do we realize you have questions when it comes to upgrading your MetroPCS cell phone, such as how much does it cost to update your phone at MetroPCS? 

Well, you can find out more by visiting Metro by T-website. Mobile’s It’s the most efficient technique to save time. 

You can activate and manage your account by upgrading your phone online. Also, alter your strategy and more. All you have to do is follow the directions, which will only take a few minutes.

Metro PCS In-store Visits

When you visit a MetroPCS shop, you can speak with staff and ask for assistance in selecting a plan. You can also see what cell phones are available, add a new line, and activate your phone.

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Deals of Upgrade Metro PCS Phone

If you are a new member, you can upgrade your phone online by heading to the official website and looking for the current deals.

The advantage of activating online is that it will save money. Existing subscribers can upgrade by going to their nearest shop or call.

Subscribers have access to the most modern phones from many brands, including recent 5G phones. 

All you have to do is pick your favorite and place an order online with your delivery information. Alternatively, you might go to a nearby store.

Cost of Upgrading Phones at Metro PCS

Depending on the upgrade option utilized, the cost of upgrading varies from one subscriber to the next. For example, depending on when you want to upgrade and the phone, you can get a variety of discounts. You may be eligible for a discount of up to $150.

There are no fees for the Samsung Galaxy A01, however, the offers are exclusively available in stores. As a result, you can start the procedure by locating a nearby retailer.

If you’re switching to LG for the first time, you can also obtain free LG phones and tablets at no cost. The upgrade can also be completed in a store.

Apart from these, there are also 5G phones with a starting price of $29.99 and no hidden fees. These devices are compatible with T-5G Mobile’s network, ensuring that you get the fastest possible connection.

If you prefer an iPhone, there is a $200 discount on the iPhone 12. You may check a nearby store or their official website for other fascinating upgrade specials regarding ZTE, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple.

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Details of Metro PCS Mobile Plan

MetroPCS not only offers phone upgrade deals but also mobile plan deals at very low pricing. Here are some MetroPCS mobile plans to think about:

1. Unlimited $25 deals

Switching to MetroPCS will offer you an Unlimited Plan for only $25/line with no activation cost. You’ll also get four free Samsung Galaxy A12 phones if you add four lines. The package provides unlimited call and text throughout the United States as well as 4G data. However, after 35GB and during periods of congestion, your speed may drop.

2. Unlimited $40 deals

Get one line on the T-Mobile network for only $40 per month and get unlimited high-speed data. When you switch, you can also get a free Samsung Galaxy A21 or other free phones. Limited-time plan promotions come with terms and conditions.

3. The $40 10GB Plan

MetroPCS has a normal 10GB plan that costs $40 per month. Unlimited domestic calls and texts are included in the plan. You’ll also have access to 10GB of high-speed data, T-5G Mobile’s network, and Music Unlimited.

For the family plan, save $10 on each additional line. You can add up to four lines to your MetroPCS account. Two lines will set you back $70, three lines will set you back $100, and four lines will set you back $130. You’ll only have to pay $160 if you receive five lines.

4. The $50 Unlimited Plan

The $50 Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data on 4G and 5G networks across the United States. In addition, Google One includes 5G hotspot access and 100GB of cloud storage.

You can save $20 on each new line if you add them to your existing account. Two lines will set you back $80. The fee is $110 if you have three lines. Four lines will set you back $140, while five lines will set you back $150.

5. The $60 Unlimited Plan

It’s one of MetroPCS’ top mobile plans, allowing you to use unlimited high-speed 4G and 5G data. In addition, the plan includes 15GB of hotspot internet and a Google One subscription worth 100GB.

You will also get access to Amazon Prime. It allows you to listen to music indefinitely and watch TV shows and movies for free. It also offers savings at Amazon Photos and Whole Foods Market.

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What is the cost of a Metro PCS phone upgrade?

The cost of your phone upgrade at Metro PCS is determined by the phone you want to buy. However, you must pay a $10 upgrade cost as well as a tax fee.

When is the best time to receive a Metro PCS phone upgrade?

You are eligible for any promotional upgrade when you make a phone purchase. This normally occurs every three months after your phone has been activated. To put it another way, you get to do this roughly four times a year.

Does MetroPCS have deals for existing customers?

MetroPCS, also known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a prepaid or no-contract carrier that uses T-4G Mobile’s LTE network. Existing Metro Pcs users can take advantage of new rate options, which are offered to new consumers or require them to sign up for wireless service.

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Final Words

We hope that this page clarifies how a MetroPCS phone upgrade works. For a phone upgrade, go to their website or the nearest MetroPCS store in your state. 

Metro PCS offers a diverse selection of high-quality smartphones from the industry’s leading brands. Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and LG are among the companies represented. They also allow you to bring your phone if it is unlocked and compatible with the GSM network.

The majority of individuals looking for a service provider with an easy verification process and reasonably priced programs. 

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or use a federal lifeline program, there is also the Metro PCS phone and plans for low-income families alternative.

Metro by T-Mobile also offers a low-cost mobile phone replacement service. You can also choose to insure your phone to avoid situations where it is destroyed and you are unable to pay for it. With that in mind, you’ll find Metro by T-Mobile to be a breeze.

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