How to fix Snapchat not loading Snaps?

Snapchat is one of the most popular picture-sharing applications in the world. Millions of active Snapchat users like to use this application. There is a feature that attracts many users, and all known stories or things disappear after 24 hours.

Although some users complained that Snapchat did not download Snaps, Snapchat is one of the most advanced social media applications downloaded by millennials. It is one of the most popular photos and video sharing applications and is called Snap with friends and family.

The most attractive feature for a large number of users. Once the recipient opens the file, any stories or snapshots will disappear. This feature was initially only implemented in Snapchat, but other applications will use this feature in the future. But this does not affect the app’s popularity, because other features make Snapchat unique and easy to use, and people love it.

According to some users, they touched the picture while using the Snapchat camera, but they saw a black screen with no error message. No matter how long the video was uploaded, it could not be loaded. Many users also said that no matter how many times they tried to load the plug-in into the app, only a gray thumbnail appeared.

Snapchat not loading Snaps – Fixed

Since this problem occurs on all platforms, including Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft phones, the following solutions can be used to solve the snaps not loading on the Snapchat issue.

#1. Restart your Phone

To solve the problem of the application, just restart the phone. If the error is small, for example, the application is not loaded correctly, then this solution will work in most cases. So try to reset your phone. This can solve the problem of downloading applications. This is a method to completely reset the phone according to the mobile phone operating platform.

  • For Android users: The user must press the power button and volume down button at the same time until the following screen appears. Follow the instructions to restart the phone.
  • For iOS users: Short press the volume up key, then press the power key until you see the Apple logo.

#2. Clear the Snapchat Cache

From the moment you download and use the Snapchat application, it will download multiple types of data and media to your phone. If any of these files are not loaded properly, the application will not function properly and may not allow snapshots to be uploaded.

Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly clear the cache of downloaded applications on your phone, which is possible on the Android platform. phone.  This is the method you can use to clear the Snapchat cache. On your Android device, open Settings >> Applications >> Snapchat >> Storage and click Clear cache. Or you can open Snapchat >> Settings >> Clear Cache to clear the cached data in the application.

Even if it does not take a long time and does not cause data loss, just delete all cache files so that the application can force synchronization with Snapchat’s servers.

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#3. Remove Snapchat conversation

When you cannot load a snapshot or story of a specific user, try to delete the conversation, go to the account operation in the Snapchat settings, and here is an option available “Clear conversation”. Here select the specific friend whose conversation you want to delete which has issues.

However, keep in mind that this option will delete all captured and sent conversation images.

#4. Check the Snapchat server and network connection

It is also possible to trace the error to a wrong WIFI connection or an unstable Internet connection to a cellular network. Therefore, if you have trouble using WIFI, please switch to a cellular network and vice versa. This is another option for changing DNS settings. This technique helped some users.

These are the steps for changing DNS settings. Go to Wi-Fi Settings >> Change Network >> Advanced Settings >> Change the IP settings in Static Now, change DNS1 and DNS2 to 8.8 and 8.4, in the appropriate place is Google DNS.

#5. Check the permissions are enabled for the application

If your internet connection is stable and working with other applications, Snapchat may not have the necessary permissions to operate. The required permissions include storage, location, etc.

There is an easy way to check the permissions of the application, as described below: Navigate to Snapchat settings >> click “solution” >> enable the lost permissions and reinstall the application or update the application.

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#5. Use Latest Version of Snapchat

If you are not using the latest version of the Snapchat application, you sometimes encounter the problem that the plug-in is not loaded into the application.

Open the Play Store or Apple Store and search for the Snapchat application based on the type of phone you are using. Check the store to see if there is an update for the app. If the update is available, update Snapchat to the latest version. After applying the update, try to reload the plugin or history, usually, everything is normal. Add friends again.

#5. Not loading snaps with a specific friend

Similar to the conversion deletion solution above, you can try to read your friends, but this will delete all images sent and received with that particular friend.

The following describes how to delete an affected friend from the friend list. On Snapchat, click on your profile >> my friends >> delete the names of the affected friends from the list. Then you can add it back. The above solutions are some of the most common troubleshooting solutions where Snapchat won’t upload snapshots.

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Snapchat is a wonderful and interesting application to chat with your loved ones from all over the world. But sometimes it can cause headaches such as loading errors of pictures or stories, and sometimes it can cause users to uninstall apps for these reasons.

But think twice before concluding, because some methods can be used to solve the problem, such as the methods listed above. Patience is the key to solving these errors. As long as your Snapchat snapshots, pictures, or stories are not loading, use the above methods and fix them as soon as possible.

Most importantly, you also proposed a solution to the Snapchat login problem and the inability to send pictures.

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