How do I Switch my Metro Phone to Another Phone?

Today we will discuss a question that is how do I switch my metro phone to another phone. If you are also looking for this question, then read this article.

Metro is one of the most well-known cellular service companies in the United States. Because it was purchased out by T-Mobile a few years ago, it is now known as Metro by T-Mobile. 

They are more common in some parts of the country than others, and their limited and unlimited data plans are both reasonably priced. 

T-Metro Mobile is a prepaid plan provider. It operates on T-network Mobile’s and offers a wide range of prepaid cell phones. While they do offer certain savings online, their best bargains, which frequently include free phones, can only be found in their stores.

If you are a MetroPCS customer, the moment may come when you’re ready to upgrade your phone. Let’s look at how you can accomplish this as quickly and easily as feasible.

So, before we get into the specifics of “how do I switch my Metro phone to another phone”, let’s go over some fundamentals.

Pre-Activation Requirements

1. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

To complete the activation, you’ll need your phone’s IMEI and SIM card numbers.

2. Plan Picking

There are numerous plans to pick from when using the online activation tool. During the activation procedure, you’ll be asked to select and pay for your first month.

3. Your Email Address

In order to complete the activation procedure, you must enter a valid email address. This email address must be unique to the new Metro account and cannot be shared with anyone else.

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Procedure to Switch Metro Phone to Another Phone

MetroPCS follows the same rules as other service providers when it comes to switching services from one phone to another. If you have opted to perform a transfer, you will need to first insert your existing SIM into the newly purchased phone before you can activate it. 

There are some areas in the United States where finding a nearby retailer may be problematic; in these cases, you can activate it online.

Metro SIM Activation Process

Simply insert the SIM card and activate it online if you already have a phone that is compatible with MetroPCS service. Anyone who needs a SIM card and a phone that works with it can do so at any authorized retailer.

As previously stated, if your phone is compatible with MetroPCS, you can use it. If your phone is locked, you can contact your prior carrier for assistance or look it up online.

If you’re a new MetroPCS customer, go to their website and click “Activate Multiple Phones” or “Activate One Phone,” depending on how many phones you already have.

Follow the guild line, complete any necessary payments via credit or debit card, and your phone will be enabled. You will need your phone number and PIN if you are porting your number from another provider.

Metro Switch Phones

If you already have a MetroPCS service and want to transfer it to a new phone, you must first check their website to see if the new phone is compatible. Even better, you can just go to their store and choose from their phone list.

When it comes to transferring your data from an old phone to a new one, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions to easily backup your information to any cloud-based system. If you require additional assistance, contact the manufacturer.

SIM Card Transfer to the New Phone

If the old SIM you’re using isn’t compatible with other phones, you’ll need to contact MetroPCS customer support and get a new SIM.

When you receive the correct SIM, go to MetroPCS’s official website and select “Change/Upgrade Phone” from the drop-down menu. You must have your account information on hand before beginning this procedure.

Call or Go to a Store

If you want to activate a MetroPCS phone but don’t want to go through the online activation procedure or have them change the phone that’s already attached to your account, you can call them or go to a MetroPCS shop. To avoid delays, you must accompany both phones and their information.

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Is it Possible to Bring my own Phone on the Metro?

You can get a new local number or keep your current carrier’s number if you bring your phone from another carrier. If you bring your phone number, make sure you have the account number and pin for your existing carrier.

On the other hand, if you have a MetroPCS-compatible phone, you can insert a MetroPCS SIM card and activate it online. 

Additionally, validate that your phone is unlocked and compatible with your current provider. You may also use the Metro database to check compatibility by locating your IMEI or serial number and entering it.

There are three ways to find out what your IMEI number is:

  1. Using your cell phone, dial *#06#.
  2. The number is printed on the label under your battery if your phone has a replaceable battery.
  3. Look through the settings on your phone’s phone menu.

You quickly locate your device’s IMEI number, enter it into Metro by T-database, Mobile’s and learn whether your phone is compatible or whether you need to get a new one. 

After you have unlocked your phone and confirmed that it’s compatible, you’ll need to purchase a Metro SIM card.

Once you have your SIM card, you can make the switch. You must activate your Sim and select a plan that is appropriate for you.

Procedure to Upgrade My Metro Phones

Metro pcs phone upgrade is available if you acquired a new smartphone in-store or online and wish to upgrade to a handset with more advanced capabilities. You must update within 180 days of your last new device purchase, and you must pay the full retail amount for the upgrade. Take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your account at by entering your phone number as the login ID and then your password.
  2. Select “upgrade device” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Then choose your chosen device and add it to your shopping basket.
  4. The next step is to choose a plan that meets your requirements. MetroPCS offers a 2-year contract or no commitment at all. After you’ve made your selection, click “Add to Cart”.
  5. You will be asked to add a protection plan before logging out; do so and then touch “Continue to next step.”
  6. Review anything else you might be interested in, then click “Next Step”.
  7. After you’ve reviewed your order and made your selections, click “Submit”.
  8. Finally, sign out and choose your delivery options before clicking “Submit”.

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Q:- Is it possible to use a MetroPCS SIM in an iPhone?

Ans:- Only T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint iPhone 5 or above models are compatible with the MetroPCS network, according to the SIM terms and conditions. If your current iPhone is locked and from another carrier, contact them to have it unlocked.

Q:- Why Would I Want to Change My Metro Phones?

Ans:- People usually change phones because their current phone is no longer working properly or because they wish to upgrade to a newer model that will better suit their needs and desires.

Q:- Is it possible to use my MetroPCS SIM on a different phone?

Ans:- If your second phone is compatible with MetroPCS, you can plug it in and start the activation process online. Even if you’ve previously used the phone with another carrier, it will still work once unlocked.

Q:- What Kinds of Phones Does Metro Carry?

Ans:- Metro by T-Mobile has a large selection of smartphones. It sells iPhones and Android phones at all price points, from entry-level to high-end.

Q:- Is it possible for me to bring my current phone to MetroPCS?

Ans:- Unlike before, you can now bring your existing phone with you if it isn’t locked. Android, iPhones, and Windows phones are all accepted. Tablets, BlackBerrys, and hotspots, however, are not permitted. Visit to see if your phone is compatible.

Final Words

If you want to switch Metro phones, you must first transfer your service from your old phone to your new one. Furthermore, your new device must be unlocked and Metro-compatible.

Even if the phone is from the same brand, the old model of the previous phone can prohibit the transfer from operating. 

It’s possible that the design is simply out of date. You will need to contact MetroPCS and obtain a replacement SIM card in these cases.

This change is also highly welcome under the Bring Your Own Phone app for non-Metro users who want to bring their handset and activate a Metro service.

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