Tellraw Generator Minecraft Bedrock: How To Use The TellRaw Command In Minecraft

The tellraw command in Minecraft Bedrock Edition allows for advanced and customizable text messaging. Using a tellraw generator makes crafting these messages much easier.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of the tellraw command and how to utilize an online generator for creating tellraws.

What is the Tellraw Command?

The tellraw command lets you send formatted JSON text messages to players. With tellraw, you can:

● Format Text Elements: For example, you can have bold, italics, underlined, strikethrough, obfuscated, and colored text.

● Make Text Clickable: You can add a click event to the text that runs commands when clicked.

● Add Hover Text: Hover text appears when hovering over a section of clickable text.

● Link to Web URLs: You can make parts of a tellraw message link out to external webpages.

Using a Tellraw Generator

TellRaw Command In Minecraft

Attempting complex JSON syntax manually would be very difficult. Online tellraw generators like MCStacker, MinecraftJSON, and Tellraw Generator allow you to customize the tellraw through a graphical interface instead.

For example, in MCStacker you can:

● Populate Text Content

● Format Text Styles  

● Add Clickable Commands

● Include Hover Text

● Insert Scoreboard Variables

It then handles creating the finished tellraw command to copy/paste.

Implementing Your Tellraw

To actually use the generated tellraw, you need Operator permissions in your multiplayer world/server. Typically you would execute the command from a command block or admin console to message players.

This allows for interactive messages, announcements, adventure map narration, transports based on clicks, and more. The hover text also facilitates intuitive interfaces.

Tellraw Command in Minecraft: How to Use It

Tellraw Command in Minecraft: How to Use It

The tellraw command in Minecraft allows for sending advanced, customizable text messages to players. It opens up options for text formatting, interactivity through clickable elements, and more. This article provides an overview of using the tellraw command effectively.

Using the Tellraw Command

Target Selectors

After typing /tellraw, you specify a target selector to choose who receives the message:

@p – Nearest player

@r – Random player

@a – All players
@e – All entities

@s – Yourself

Command String

Then start the command string with a { to begin defining the message content and formatting:


“text”: “Message text”


Text Formatting

You can customize text styles like color, bold, italic, etc.:


“text”: “§bBlue text”,

“bold”: true


Hover & Click Events

Hover events show text/items when hovering over a message part. Click events run commands or open links when clicking message parts:


“text”: “Visit site”,

“clickEvent”: {

“action”: “open_url”,

“value”: “”



Closing the Command

End the tellraw command definition with a } after adding all desired content and formatting.


The tellraw generator allows for advanced messaging in Minecraft Bedrock to create an engaging experience for players. The ability to format text, make text interactive, and include variables opens up many creative possibilities.

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