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Ways to Fix MMS Download Problems

Ways to Fix MMS Download Problems

Ways to Fix MMS Download Problems

If you are searching for a solution to fix MMS Download problems, then here in this topic we will discuss this topic today.

You may occasionally receive an MMS but be unable to download it. It’s quite aggravating. However, trying to imagine why a multimedia message won’t download will just make you angrier. MMS, on the other hand, is one of the best ways to transfer media in a text message.

It only works if they arrive at their destination. Files can become corrupted while on the server, preventing your MMS message from downloading.

It would annoy you if you couldn’t download MMS, whether you use it frequently or not. So, how do you fix a multimedia message that won’t download?

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Solutions to Fix MMS Download Problems

Here, we will discuss all details related to it, read this article and know the brief knowledge about it:-

Solution 1: Changing the Network / Network Mode

If you try to download the MMS attachment via Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to do so until the Wi-Fi calling option is turned on. Even if the aforementioned option is enabled, you may still experience the problem on non-carrier phones. Switching off Wi-Fi and enabling mobile data may cure the problem in this scenario.



Solution 2: Delete Old Messages

If there are too many old messages, fresh messages may not be downloaded. When the limit on the default messenger app is reached, no additional messages may be downloaded. In this case, you’ll need to delete previous messages to make room.

Once the old messages have been deleted, new messages will be downloaded automatically, resolving the MMS download issue.

The ability to remove messages is now limited to the device itself.

While some devices allow you to remove all messages from the Settings with a single click, others do not.

It’s possible that you’ll have to pick and choose each message before deleting it. This may appear to be a lengthy procedure, but believe me when I say that it works.

Solution 3: Enable / Disable Auto-Retrieve MMS Setting

When activated, auto-retrieve allows your phone to automatically download multimedia, eliminating the need for the user to tap on the media to download it. However, in the instance of our error message, the Auto-retrieve option is a double-edged sword. It’s sometimes required for getting the message, and other times it’s the source of the problem. Enabling or removing auto retrieve may solve the problem in our instance.


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Solution 4: Disable the Package Disabler

Many people use Package Disabler (or a similar utility) to disable bloatware programs. When the “Disable Bloatware” option is activated, the Package Disabler disables numerous important apps and services. If the Package Disabler flags the MMS service on your phone as bloatware, the service will be deactivated, resulting in the error. Disabling the package disabler may solve the problem in this case.



Solution 5: Enable Download Booster

The Download Booster is a feature (mostly supported by Samsung) that allows you to download files larger than 30 megabytes faster by simultaneously using a Wi-Fi and mobile data connection. Download booster can be used to download a wide range of objects, including apps from the Galaxy Apps and Play Store, among other things.

If a network communication problem prevents the message from downloading in the current network model, you may get the error discussed. In this case, Samsung customers can use the Download Booster to download the multimedia message.



Solution 6: Clear Cache and Data for MMS Service

The MMS service makes use of a cache to carry out its tasks. If the service’s cache/data is corrupt, you may be unable to download the MMS message.

Clearing the cache and data of the service may solve the problem in this case.


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Solution 7: Clear the Cache Partition

Apart from the app cache, Android OS makes use of the cache partition for a variety of system tasks. If the cache partition in question becomes corrupt, you may experience the error described above. Clearing the cache partition could cure the problem in this case.



Solution 8: Disable IPV6 Protocol

The IPV6 protocol was created to address the limitations of the IPV4 protocol, however, it still has flaws.

If your router’s IPV6 protocol is enabled and you’re downloading MMS via that connection, you can see this problem. In this case, deactivating IPV6 could solve the issue.



Solution 9: Changing Messaging Application

The messaging software you’re using could be to blame for the MMS problem you’re having. In some circumstances, the stock messaging app causes the problem, while in others, the issue is fixed by using the stock messaging app. The smartphone community has conflicting feelings about it. If you have T-Mobile, you should try T-Mobile Digits.

Install another messaging app, such as Messages (Google), Hangouts, or Textra, if you’re still using the stock messaging app, and then switch the default messaging app to the newly installed one.


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Solution 10: Reinstall / Reset the Carrier or APN Settings

To connect to a wireless service, your phone utilizes an APN (Access Point Name). If your phone’s APN settings are incorrect, you won’t be able to download MMS messages. Reinstalling or resetting the carrier settings may remedy the problem in this situation.



Solution 11: Update Profile and PRL

If your device’s data profile or the Preferred Roaming List (PRL) database is corrupt, you can see the error mentioned.

Your phone may not be able to download MMS messages if the PRL/profile is invalid. In this case, upgrading the profile and PRL may be enough to solve the issue.


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As previously stated, MMS issues can occasionally be caused by the carrier business. Some companies, for example, will not allow you to email or download files larger than 1MB.

If you’re still having problems after trying all of the above-mentioned solutions, you should contact your network service provider or carrier.

Switching to a new carrier service is also an option. Send us a text in the comments section below if you need any additional assistance with MMS or SMS.

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