Master Facebook: 5 Ingenious Business Marketing Strategies

Using social media as a form of marketing is nothing new. However, if you are new to business or marketing, you may well need to continue reading for our top tips to ensure you are utilizing Facebook to your advantage. 

Set up a comprehensive page

The most important thing about using Facebook for business is ensuring that you get your page right. Not having up-to-date information on there, whether it is your operating hours, contact telephone number, or even website address, could potentially lose you a prospective client. Another vital part of getting your page right is ensuring that you have an easy-to-find address. Adding underscores, a series of numbers, or even a place name can look like a good idea, but these can add confusion. 

Post regularly

Setting up a page that looks great and contains correct information about your business is not enough to get you seen on Facebook. Posting regularly is imperative. This ensures that you are seen in people’s news feeds. People can have hundreds of friends and a similar number of pages. Posting just once a week decreases the likelihood of being noticed. However, before you start posting photographs of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner to increase the number of posts, stop and think. Would someone looking for a plumber, for example, really want to see this content? Irrelevant, spam-like content can be enough for people to hit the ‘unlike’ button or ‘unfollow’ at least. For further support with this, you may consider online training via a provider such as Maryville University

Engage with your fans

Posting alone will not keep people engaged with your page. In fact, to do that, you have to engage with them too. If someone comments on a photo you have shared or asks a question about a service you have posted about, be sure to respond within a short timeframe. Not only will it keep the person who commented or questioned satisfied, but it will also show other potential clients that you are proactive. Holding giveaways of your product or service is another great way of building up the number of people who see your page. Be sure to follow the clear guidelines for giveaways though otherwise, you may find yourself penalized.

Link up with other local businesses

Mutual back-scratching can be a great way of increasing your visibility on Facebook. Liaising with another local business whose services complement yours could be fantastic for getting your name out there. For example, getting together to organize a large giveaway will spread fairly quickly (if seen as worthwhile) and, as a result, you may find your number of pages likes rockets.

Join Facebook groups

Facebook pages are now able to join groups. Doing this enables you to post as a business rather than simply sharing a post from your personal account as used to be the case. Look out for people seeking a local carpenter or someone to design a logo, and then comments offering your services. Do not be afraid to post any special offers you have too, but do be aware of individual group rules to avoid being ejected.

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