15 Best YouTube Alternatives To Upload Your Videos In 2023

Hello guys, are you searching sites like YouTube or the best YouTube Alternative? If yes then you’re reading the right article to get your best answer.

No doubt YouTube is the best platform for Watching videos online for free and important thing is it’s part of Google and most of you have YouTube Channel.

YouTube is more than just a video streaming platform. Even though it was intended to function as a social media platform (which it certainly is), it is now serving as one of the largest pools of user-generated content. In fact, people are making a living by creating content for YouTube. The platform sure is one of a kind, isn’t it?

Some of you might actually beg to differ. Yes, YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform on the internet. But it’s not the only one. In fact, When we talk about YouTube Alternatives It’s available but not much similar to YouTube video site but there are also available great video sites on the Internet where you can create an account and share original content to educate, inform, or entertain others.

So now I’m going to share with you the best 15 Alternatives of YouTube in 2023 to watch free videos or upload your own videos.

15 Best YouTube Alternatives Sites In 2023

#1. Daily Motion

Website link: https://www.dailymotion.com/

If you are looking for alternatives to YouTube, you should definitely check out Daily Motion. It also adds a huge number of user-generated videos every day (just like YouTube). In fact, it gets around 300 million unique users every month. Since its layout is quite similar to YouTube, users get used to this platform rather easily.

The website lists videos under specific categories which makes video browsing seamless for the users. However, if you want to upload a long video on this platform, you need to keep the length to fewer than 60 minutes.  Also, the HD quality (1080p) uploads are limited to pro users only (with an upload limit of 4 GB).

#2: Vimeo

Website link: https://vimeo.com/

If you are looking for quality content and a sophisticated interface, Vimeo is the right place to be. It gets over 170 million unique users every month with 715 million monthly views. The platform encourages budding filmmakers to showcase their work. While you watch videos on this platform, there are fewer distracting elements in the background.

The problem with Vimeo is that it comes with different subscription packages. You can use the basic features for free, but most of the unique features are available when you buy the premium packages. While the distraction on this video streaming platform is less, you only have 500 MB of weekly upload. You can upgrade it to 5 GB, but that will cost you some bucks.

#3: Metacafe

Website link: https://www.metacafe.com/

Metacafe is the oldest competitor of YouTube. In fact, this platform was introduced one year prior to YouTube. Even though it had potential, its strict 90-second limit kept it from becoming people’s favorite. However, it is still one of the finest places for shorter video clips. In fact, it has a 40-million-strong user base.

This platform is ideal for community-based content. Also, its neatly organized user interface makes surfing hassle-free for the users. Due to its strict duration limit, you will find little to zero poor content on this platform.

#4: Twitch

Website link: https://www.twitch.tv/

If you are a big fan of gaming videos, Twitch is created for the likes of you. It is basically a community for gamers, where they discuss various things related to games. Also, it’s a great place for live broadcasting. YouTube has this feature as well, but here the audience is a focused group.

However, the payout is lower than YouTube. Also, streaming performance is a bit slower than other websites. Despite those drawbacks, Twitch still manages to get 2.2-3.2 million monthly broadcasters. The number of daily active users on this platform is above 15 million.

#5: IGTV

Website link: Instagram IGTV

IGTV was recently launched by the popular social media platform Instagram for posting content of longer duration. Interestingly, it is built for mobile viewing, and it broadcasts vertical videos. Since mobile devices account for 50% of internet usage worldwide, this platform is gaining a significant amount of viewership every day.

While the platform offers high-quality vertical videos from the creators, it isn’t profitable at all. While YouTube content creators get around $3 to $10 for every 1000 views, Instagram does not pay a penny for IGTV content. Even if it is great for mobile viewing, it’s not very friendly for the creators.

#6: DTube:

Website link: https://d.tube/

Have you heard of blockchain technology? The concept of cryptocurrency (such as BitCoin and Eretheum) is based on it. DTube functions on the same technology. The website is completely ad-free, which separates it from the others. Also, this decentralized website has a similar layout to YouTube.

The homepage of this website features all the hot, trending and watched videos. There is a dedicated section for saved videos. Unlike some of the video streaming platforms in this list, DTube does not charge any deposit fee or transaction fee. Uploading a video on this platform is rewarded with Steam crypto-currency.

#7: Veoh

Website link: https://www.veoh.com/

Just like any other website on this list, Veoh also lets you browse and watch videos online. Also, it allows you to personalize the online viewing experience. It is actually ideal for longer videos, as it supports videos of unlimited length. You can use this website to watch movies, TV shows, and other content that are longer in duration.

It also works as a social media platform. It has features like direct messaging, adding contacts, and creating groups. However, the search capability of this website is not seamless. Unless you watch/upload longer videos regularly, you may want to look for another option.

#8: Vevo

Website link: https://hq.vevo.com/

Vevo is undoubtedly one of the best websites for watching music videos. If you watch music videos on YouTube, you may have already noticed the Vevo watermark on some official music videos. Vevo has an endless supply of music. And thanks to its smooth user interface, you can access music rather swiftly.

One of the best things about Vevo is that it offers high-resolution videos. However, you cannot find other forms of content on this platform. Also, this website does not allow regular users to upload their music videos. You can only use it to watch videos.

#9: The Internet Archive

Website link: https://archive.org

As the name suggests, this platform works exactly like an archive. It allows the users to save various documentaries, movies, TV series, and a variety of other videos in the archive. Contents available on this platform are free and open to everyone. Moreover, you can find videos from all the categories you can think of.

The search option on this platform is quite advanced. You can sort the content by using filters such as year, language, topic, and subject. In fact, you can find certain pieces of content that are hard to find on other platforms.

#10: The Open Video Project

Website link: https://open-video.org/

If you are looking for assignment help online, you can use the Open Video Project to find the necessary educational videos. This project was launched back in 1998 as a digital library for videos. Interestingly, there are 195 segments for videos. You can find documentaries, educational videos, and history-related videos.

This large video repository is completely free for users. Also, it is very easy to sort the videos with the help of proper filters. However, the interface of the platform is rather outdated. Since the database is mostly contributed by US government agencies, the information available here might not be relevant in other countries.

#11: 9Gag TV

Website link: https://9gag.com/video

9Gag is a popular brand on social media that creates original content every day. If you love to watch funny and intriguing videos, you can visit the video streaming platform of the 9Gag brand. It stores videos and other forms of content including images, GIFs, memes, and a lot more.

This platform is meant for pure entertainment. In fact, some of its content is more engaging than the ones available on YouTube. The ‘WOW” and “WTF” sections on the platform have some amusing pieces of content. However, most of the contents are marked NSFW (not safe for work).

#12: PeerTube

Website link: https://joinpeertube.org/

PeerTube is another example of a decentralized video streaming platform that is creating waves in the market. It uses peer-to-peer video streaming for a smoother experience. Interestingly, it is ad-free and easy to use.

One of the best things about PeerTube is that there is no censoring. Users can host their own videos without putting much effort. However, the website is relatively new. Presently, the platform has a very limited number of videos.

#13: Facebook’s Search Bar

Website link

Most people do not know this, but Facebook is one of the largest sources of user-generated video content. Although you cannot actually call Facebook a video streaming platform, you have the option to access all the video content on the platform by using its search bar.

When you do a keyword search on the Facebook search bar, you get tonnes of results. Select the Videos Tab on the search results. You will find all the video content on the platform related to that keyword. The variety of results will certainly impress you.

#14: Ted

Website link: https://www.ted.com/talks

If you are interested in watching speeches and lectures of educationists and business leaders, you may have already come across Ted Talk videos. Its website of Ted has an array of those.

Ted is one of the largest non-profit communities of scholars, delivering fresh ideas to young minds for years. If you are looking for insightful speeches and success stories, this website can be your go-to place.

#15: Crackle

Website link: https://www.crackle.com/

Crackle is a streaming platform owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. The platform has a library full of original content and other programs acquitted from other companies. Interestingly, this website can be accessed only in the US.

A lot of users treat this website as an online TV to watch original shows, Hollywood movies, and TV shows. The platform is absolutely free. However, Crackle does contain ads. You can only watch the videos and you don’t have the option to upload anything from your end.

Parting Words

There are plenty of reasons why YouTube is the no.1 video streaming website in the world. Even though all the aforementioned websites have great potential to compete with YouTube, most of them lack the versatility and cohesiveness it offers. If you want to try other video streaming platforms, you can definitely pick one from the list.

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