USTVGO – Stream Live TV Channels for Free (Full Guide)

USTVGO is one of the largest free streaming services, which has more than 90 Live TV Channels. It is an alternative to cable TV channels as it offers various programs, including Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids, Sports, and a lot of content to watch.

Moreover, you don’t even need to register or sign up on the USTVGO. You only need to visit the site and stream the online video content. USTVGO is listed in the most beloved IPTVs.

But when we talk about legitimacy, USTVGO is not a legal service as it is no longer a legitimate streaming service.

Whatever content is offered on USTVGO is free and without any license or permission from the content owners.

However, it also offers various premium channels, but this IPTV service is not appropriate.  As all the content is without the permission of users, so it may lose its content anytime and anywhere due to legal issues they are facing. So, it is advised to use a VPN to protect your data and privacy.

Is it necessary to use VPN for USTVGO?

This site contains pirated content that is illegal to use. So, using a VPN will hide your IP address so the hackers will not track you.

Because all the contents you stream on a device will be easily trackable by the ISP or government, the hackers will also take advantage of your IP address. You should use a VPN for protecting your privacy and stay anonymous.

If you want to use USTVGO in various countries, you can not see all its contents. As some contents or channels are available only in selected countries to access all those channels or contents from any country, use a VPN. Some of the examples of VPNs are CyberGhost, NordVPN, TunnelBear, etc.

USTVGO – Features and Specifications

  • USTVGO provides you with a real-time streaming experience by offering direct access to the channels available on it.  So, you can stream and enjoy the program live when it is being telecasted on the TV.
  • USTVGO doesn’t contain any ads while streaming the content so that you will be free from the annoying ads. This site doesn’t contain any ads on it. You only need to click on the channels you want to watch and enjoy the streaming content without any ads.
  • Moreover, this platform doesn’t advertise any banners or pop-ups which annoy you. So, you will enjoy the service without any disturbance.
  • On USTVGO, you can see the complete schedule of a particular channel for the next two days.
  • This website is completely free to use, and you even don’t need to register or sign up for it.

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How to watch or stream USTVGO?

You can watch the USTVGO on any device; you only need a browser and a stable internet connection to access it.

You can easily access the content on this site using Android, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Windows PC, Mac, Firestick, Apple TV, etc. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access the USTVGO contents:

  • Choose any device you have, turn on the internet connection, and launch a web browser.
  • Navigate to the USTVGO site on the browser of your device.
  • A list of channels you will see here, choose the channel which you want to stream.
  • Please select the channel by clicking on it and pressuring the play button to enjoy the streaming content.

So, that’s how you can use the USTVGO for watching or streaming your favorite shows or content on it.

Note: It is better to use USTVGO with a VPN.

Contents available on USTVGO

There are various channels available on the USTVGO; you can find all the channels in different categories on the official site. There is a list of popular channels which you can stream on USTVGO.

  • VH1
  • TLC
  • MTV
  • HGTV
  • NBA
  • PBS
  • TBS
  • TNT
  • HBO
  • FOX
  • ESPN
  • CNBC
  • AMC
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CNN

USTVGO Alternatives

There are some alternatives to the USTVGO. However, there are various USTVGO, but we are listed there some of them.

  • 123TV NOW

Pros of USTVGO

  • You can use this website free of cost and stream the contents easily using the web browser on your device. Along with this, you don’t even need to register for using this service.
  • Most of the famous TV channels are available on the USTVGO.
  • There is no limitation of browser or devices; you can stream USTVGO on any device with access to the web browser.
  • The site’s interface is simple and user-friendly. Anyone can use this platform without a program guide.
  • It offers or advertises any ads while streaming the channels or programs, which is a great advantage of USTVGO.

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Cons of USTVGO

  • Some channels don’t work on USTVGO in some countries without a VPN.
  • Those devices which don’t have a web browser don’t allow you to stream USTVGO like Roku.


So, if you want to stream or watch live TV from a US television program, USTVGO is the best option for you. USTVGO is a simple and clean site with fewer or no ads, so it doesn’t irritate you like the other sites get irritated with Clumsy UI and heavy ads.  The site offers more than 90 TV channels that include most of the popular TV channels. But most of the IPTV services contain more than 1000s channels. Whereas USTVGO has only 93 channels, it has its advantages, like no need to register, ads-free content, and many more. And all the channels which USTVGO provides are popular and favorite to anyone. So, the USTVGO is capable of providing you with complete entertainment channels which anyone wants to watch. Moreover, the best part is it offers a simple video player with your favorite video content or channel. I hope you will like this article and now you will know completely about the USTVGO.

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