10 Best App Locks and Privacy Lock Apps for Android!

An Effective Guidance for Top Most App locks for Android Mobile

In these days, the Smart Phone contains a variety of sensitive data. You have a lot of personal information and messages in the form of messaging and in social media apps. Most of the businesspersons store their sensitive data in banking apps. The people have to give more security to some of the privacy apps like gallery apps, note-taking apps, shopping apps, etc from the third parties.

Choose the lock screen lock for providing two layers of security to your android phones. However, you have different types of applications are available on the play store, according to the features and utilities of your mobile. Now you are going to see about the top 10 app locks and privacy lock apps for Android mobile:

#1: App lock (by Ivy Mobile)

The Applock can provide better security to your android phones. It has the ability to lock your videos and photos from third-party access. The features included in this Applock such as random keyboard as well as the invisible pattern lock for protecting your details effectively. The Applock offers the theming facility and also have the ability to hide your personal app, clock frequency and some more. It can even take a picture of the people, who are all trying to open your password. It offers a free service to Android users.

Download Here: Android

#2: Norton App lock

The Norton app lock plays an important role in the field of antivirus software vendors. It provides an ad-free Android app locker top their users. As well as, the users can able to lock their personal apps by either pattern/PIN or a fingerprint scanner. Apart from the security applications, it also offers capture pictures of intruders, safeguards photos, and prevent uninstallation of apps in your android mobile. A Norton app lock is introduced with many features and it provides guidance to lock your apps safely.

Download Here: Android

#3: App lock Fingerprint

It is considered as a decent Android lock app and also an Applock fingerprint can act as a user-friendly interface. The users can provide security to their personal apps by using a fingerprint scanner, PIN or Pattern. You can able to create different types of passwords for each locked in your mobile and also the fake icon can be added to the locked apps. If anyone tries to unlock your phone, the Applock can take a picture of the intruder and sent that details to your email address.

Download Here: Android

#4: Perfect App Lock

The perfect Applock offers great security to your applications by using a gesture password, PIN or pattern. The features are not only applicable for the third-party applications but also for the Bluetooth, internet data and your Wi-Fi. The screen filter and rotation lock are the important features, which is used to manage the screen brightness of individual apps and prevent your screen from unwanted rotation.

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#5: Smart App lock

The smart Applock is used for providing security to your photos and apps, which includes phone apps, toggles, and your setting. Along with that, it also disguises as a lock screen. The features included in this app can offer a break-in alert, fingerprint scanner capability, auto-start upon reboot and delayed app locking to the users.

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#6: Lockit

The Lockit is considered as an impressive apps locker, which offers security to your private files in your android mobile. With the help of this app, the users can able to lock their screen as well. A phone booster, built-in file, and a notification cleaner are included in this app. The master password for your phone can be created by using a PIN or Pattern. The Android app locker will help you to store your private photos and videos inside the separate vaults and hide them from your gallery.

Download Here: Android

#7: Finger Security

The FingerSecurity offers a lot of features to the users and it is considered as the best app lockers for Android.  The protection features are greatly improved and the users can able to lock their screen via fingerprint. The app’s data and information will not be displayed in the recent screen. The latest version provides theming options to Android users; they can change their lock page with different backgrounds.

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#8: CM App Lock

The CM app lock not only helps you to protect your android phone from the intruders but also from the viruses and some other infections. It offers an instant cleanup for speed up your android device. A lot of features are included in the CM Applock protects your phone effectively with a password, fingerprint lock, PIN and pattern. It allows the users to change the background color and set the themes as per their wish.  Just like the other application, the CM app lock is also used to lock the private applications and hides your videos and photos. It takes the picture of the third party, who tries to open your phone.

Download Here: Android

#9: Max Lock

The MaxLock is the best choice for rooted android devices only. The users can able to get great features offered by the MaxLock if you have a rooted android device. It provides high priority to the performance and battery of your mobile. As well as the MaxLock is a completely free and ad-free app, this includes a Knock code, PIN, fingerprint, and pattern. The exposed methods installed in this app are much more powerful.

Download Here: Android

#10: Applock (DoMobile Lab)

If you want to keep your private information and applications with more safe and secure, you have to prefer the privacy lock apps like app locker for android mobile. Once the software application is installed in your mobile, it asks you to set a password, pattern or PIN number. The fingerprint method is only suitable for the Android version 6.0 or above. The lock screen background can be customized with the help of this feature.

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Final thoughts: 

With the help of this app lockers awesome feature, you can able to identify the intruder, who tries to open your phone.

Just go through the information mentioned in the above, for providing high-level security to your android phones. Thus, these are all the topmost app locks and privacy lock apps for protecting your phone unwanted use.

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