Top 15 Best Mirror Apps For Android and iPhone

Taking selfie and uploading in social media is trending today. When you take a selfie with an option for mirror effects in Mirror apps provides funny, creative and emoji mirror effects create unique DP for your profile.

Here is the list of top 15 best Mirror apps for your IOS and Android version. These apps will help you to create or edit your photo into an amazing cartoon face or most modern and stylish face or sometimes a funny face. Share the pictures to your friends and have fun unlimited.

#1: Mirror – Android / iPhone

This wonderful mirror app turns your phone into a pocket mirror that helps to make up ready at any time. You can check the makeup instantly and create your unique photo mirrors to decorate your Whatsapp or facebook DP.

The best feature available in this app is to provide a button for freezing the image without click a selfie. Instantly you can save and sed the pictures in social media or to your friend’s group.

Just download this unlimited mirror image from the above-given link and change your DP instantly.

#2: Fun Mirror – Android / iPhone

A fun mirror is an amazingly popular mirror app allows making identical mirror effects for free of cost. It is easy to use and simple to share the pictures to your friends through Whatsapp or social media.

This app features 7 unique mirror effects that can be readily used with one click on image and photos. Now apply the mirror effects of your choice and change the DP instantly.

To make use of this lovely app, just download from the given link.

#3: Mirror Camera – Android / iPhone

This awesome app is available for both Android and IOS version. This works like the same mirror effects. It has a special feature of creating different image edition tools like thermal camera, x-ray, negative effects, etc.

This is the way it differs from another mirror effect. Just try once and find the difference. Start to download it from the above given link.

#4: Insta Mirror – Android / iPhone

Insta Mirror is an awesome app allows adding mirror effects and water reflection on a photo from your gallery or camera on Smartphone.

The app features with n number of editing options that helps to create the most trendy and stylish look for your photo.

It greatly helps to adjust the height of reflection or fade of the reflection and helps to share it with friends and relatives. This amazing app can be used by downloads it from the above link.

#5: Echo – Android / iPhone

Echo is popular mirror apps helps to create mirror effects easily on your photos. The app contains more than 20 mirror echo effects with effective tool options. You can choose any best option of your choice and edit your photo accordingly.

This photo edits can also be used as a cartoon picture app for your Whatsapp DP. Start using this app, download the app from the above link and have unlimited fun.

#6: Mirror Lab – Android / iPhone

This amazing app allows you to make reflective 2D or 3D effects of your wonderful gallery photos. Mirror Lab helps for easy collage for free of cost.

It is an app helps to bend your photos in different styles. It consists of many tools like draw, deletes, undo, redo and other edit options. So what are you waiting for? Start downloads the app from the above link and start exploring it!

#7: Makeup Mirror – Android / iPhone

Turn your phone into the best pocket mirror with this amazing app. It features with zoom and expose the photo creatures, it has good gesture control, provides images with a light frame, a selected button to freeze and use the image. This app provides the best image visibility and clarity like a real makeup face. Download this app from the given link and love to use this app.

#8: Lidow – iPhone

Lidow is a popular photo collage maker app available with lots of options include collages, layouts, grids, and mirror image.

In addition to this, it features square/no crop for Instagram, along with edit options of a blur, filter, contrast, brightness, color splash, light leak, etc.

It is easy to mirror an image with different mirror effects and create a new photo from the gallery or camera on your Smartphone. It is a professional photo editor app downloaded by million users proved with lots of photo editing options.

#9: Magic Mirror – Android / iPhone

The magic mirror is an incredible app with popular mirror effect for Android and iOS users. This android app has 9 amazing features with unique customization that reflects the wonderful mirror effects on your selfie.

You can stretch your face or your friend’s face and make different funny animal pictures like dog, donkey, lion, goat, etc. In addition to this, the app provides a shoot video option with different voice effects for the user’s benefit.

#10: Mirror Pic Collage – Android / iPhone

Many colleges are available in the play store, but the best and popular collage is Mirror Pic Collage provided with mirror effects. It is easy to use; it helps to make funny pictures on your Smartphone without any external app.

A huge number of collections of college are available on this app, just take a picture from camera or gallery and start applying collage of your choice. To make use of this app, just download from the above given link.

#11: Photo Mirror – Android / iPhone

This is another popular app specifically designed for selfie lovers. This popular app can be used readily without any training. This is one of the most downloaded apps in the world. It features with more than 50 different and unique mirror effects and patterns that are available on this app.

Just take a photo with the help of front or rear camera and open the app to apply the desired mirror effects and adjust the transparency of reflection with text editor option. Your lovely mirror effect is ready to share or use instantly. Just downloads the app from the above given link.

#12: Photo Mirror Pro – Android

It is another collage photo frame editor allows you to create reflection effects on your gallery photo or camera photo. This photo enables to make photo mirror effect or photo collage effect for free of cost.

This collage is incredible; you can add up to 9 different collage photos together with high resolution to bring back your old memories.

You can also add images of your friends, events, family members, tourist places, etc in your collage. This incredible app can be used by downloading it from the above-given link.

#13: Photo Flipper – Android / iPhone

The name of the app itself indicates that the photos are being flipped either horizontally or vertically. This wonderful app can be used by downloading it from the above-given link.

In addition to the flip option, it allows you to edit, cut, crop and resizes the image in different models. It helps to make the image more funny or unique in nature. It also provides video calling option to your friends and family members with real face option.

#14: Mirror + Selfie Camera – Android / iPhone

Mirror + Selfie Camera is an amazing mirror app used for android and IOS versions. It helps to convert Smartphone camera into a perfect smart mirror. You can take a selfie or rear camera picture and edit it using the best mirror effects accordingly.

The best feature available with this app is, if the user didn’t use the app or phone for more than 10 seconds then the app gets closed automatically. This option greatly helps to saves your battery life. Download the app from the above link.

#15: Mirror Emoji Keyboard – Android / iPhone

Mirror Emoji Keyboard is an iconic mirror effective app, that provides various funny stickers for text messages. With the help of this app, you can create a new, unique and your own sticker using a photo of you, your friends, or family members.

This app not only provides the mirror effects of the picture, but it also provides the best mirror emoji on your Smartphone. To make use of this app just download from the given link.

That’s it friends! Hope the time you spent to read this article might be useful in finding the best mirror app for android versions. All these apps allow you to turn your camera into a real mirror that helps to create different and unique mirror effects. One can easily customize the app and edit the photo into mirror effects for free using these Mirror apps in your Smartphone.

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