Top 10 best Craigslist apps For Android & iPhone 2019

The best online platforms for connects buyers and sellers with their products

As the use of mobile is extended for all the activities, it all also serves as the platform for buying and selling things. Craigslist app serves as the platform for connecting the sellers and buyers through an online medium. With the help of the app, there can be easier communication and the apps help in the process. Here are the top 10 best Craigslist apps for Android/ iPhone 2019.

#1: App for Craigslist Pro

This is one of the best apps for people who use Android mobiles. The app provides Google mapping to easily locate the place and a huge time4 is saved in the aspect. The app comes with the features where you will be able to sell your properties like land, house, an apartment or your car through online using this app. The app provides the entire required feature for easy use and worth downloading the app in your mobile. The other important feature is that the app allows you to post an image of the product or property and from that, the customer will know more about the product.

Available Here: Android

#2: CL mobile™- for craigslist and classified ads

When you are looking for an app for trading activities, buying, selling, jobs and services, cars, flats, YouTube, events, etc this is one of the right apps that you should prefer the app helps you have complete information on the property or product or job. Additionally, the app is neatly organized with sufficient details and also it is highly user-friendly; it is just enough to download and log in to the app.

CL Mobile pro

Available Here: Android / iPhone

#3: CSmart

Csmart is one of the best Craigslist apps that are used by Apple users. The app provides an option for searching and saving ads that are your favorite. The app also gives an option for saving the frequently used searches. The travelers can enjoy the high advantage of searching in more locations. The app also provides a filter is looking for products of listing based on the price, location, condition, date, area, etc. there are also some useful shortcuts to make still more easy searches. You will also have an option to view the past history column as well.


Available Here: iPhone

#4: CL Pro App for Craigslist

As an android user, when you are looking for house, service or electronics, etc the CL Pro App can be the better option. The app has the facility of easy and smooth navigation. Also, the app provides a hassle-free option where you can sort as per your needs for any products like housing, car, in both buying and selling activities. The app not only gives you an option to look for the navigation not only in India but also in places apart from India as well.  There is no need for more quantity of data; on the whole, the app is considered to be the best one for the buying and selling product.

Available Here: Android

#5: Qwilo

As an apple user, Qwilo will be the best option to download from the Apple store to fulfill the needs of buying and selling the app. The app provides information regarding the property, cars, land, jobs, etc. there is no high time consumption and the app is available with user-friendly features. Along with these, the app is very reliable and easy to be benefited from the app.


Available Here: iPhone

#6: CPlus for Craigslist – officially licensed

One of the best and free apps for both Android and iPhone users is the CPlus app it helps for people who are searching for jobs, housing sales, garage sales and also other property sales. It presents a very vivid view for its users and it is also possible to save or add them in your favorite list as well.

Available Here: Android / iPhone

#7: Quick for Craigslist: Sell-Buy-Rent-Posting

As the name indicates the app provides an option for buying, selling, and also for renting any properties. The app is user-friendly and it provides a hassle-free option with less time-consuming tasks for finding the products. Moreover, the filter settings present in the app will help you in precise settings and for easy selection of the products. The app extends its goodness for android users.

Quick for Craigslist

Available Here: Android

#8: Daily Craigslist Classifieds

The daily Craigslist classifieds provides options to search for products or that are available more in more than one city for android users. The place that you need to choose can be chosen can either be searched manually or by the help of GPS by adding some relevant keywords. The app will give you information about some of the recent search history to make the selection easier. One important feature of the app is the reply templates. If you find that you are sending the message repeatedly or reply over and over again, the app will help to save it as a template and makes it easy to use them again.

Available Here: Android

 #9: cPro: Buy. Sell. Date. Rent.

cPro is one of the most special apps since it will offer you a 110% guarantee on the things that you have purchased through the app. The app offers coins that you need to buy from your real money. You can buy the products paying the coins you with have some guarantee .most of the people feel this I highly advantageous to have a good product.  Apart from this, it is also possible to create some new ads.

CPro buy sell date rent

Available Here: Android / iPhone

#10: Smobile for Craigslist

The app is specialized in providing a built-in chat system. You do not need to create an account or come in contact with the buyers. It also provides an option to browse with multiple cities for future reference, sorting and filter listing. The app is highly encouraged for its ability to maintain anonymity. There are so many ads including adult listing. In such cases, it is important to maintain privacy and look for security.

Available Here: iPhone

When you are looking for the products, do not wait for anymore. Make a move by downloading one of the best top 10 best Craigslist apps (Android/ iPhone) 2019 and look for the products to sell or buy with ease.

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