10 Proxy Browsers for Surfing the Internet Like a Boss

When George Orwell wrote about a totalitarian state and mass surveillance systems in his widely acclaimed novel 1984, little did we know that one day, Big Brother will be watching us all.

But it turns out, Orwell was alarmingly accurate in his portrayal of the future. We have come a long way since the Internet revolution, and we are truly in the age of advanced tech and the omnipresent Internet. And as The Police point out in their much popular song Every Breath You Take (commonly mistaken as a love song), there is no escaping this constant gaze our activities are subject to in the real AND virtual world.

We would like to get into unending surveillance policies that we often find ourselves locked out of sites. From assignment help websites that offer study solutions to the ones that let you download games for free, the Internet has a habit of blocking websites frequently. Denied access does feel like a snub, and if you are not one to take those lightly, we can offer a way out.

Check out this post to find out the 10 best proxy servers that act as the perfect mediators between you and your desired destination on the web.

10 Best proxy browsers for Android & iOS

You will find 10 of the best proxy browsers for Android and iOS in this section. The following 10 are the finest and most reliable proxy browsers available on the Internet in current times, as far as online reviews and ratings go.

#1: Opera

Undoubtedly the VPN browser that made the biggest splash, Opera is like a quick fix to all your browsing woes. It blocks display ads and lets you edit the server locations as per your preferences. It has a super-fast network speed and a simplistic user interface to match its seamless functioning as a trustworthy VPN browser for Android. Hackers won’t be able to make their way into your systems or Internet activities once you have Opera in place. It also helps to eliminate annoying pop-ups and advertisements on social media websites. Having Opera on your Smartphone or system also means that you can thoroughly go over the security stages and status at any location before connecting to the Wi-Fi. It also offers unlimited data usage, so you don’t have to be stingy while surfing your favorite websites.

Price: Free (but contains in-app purchases and offers Gold or premium membership)

#2: NordVPN

NordVPN is a dedicated VPN service that encrypts your Internet activities and protects your data online. It ensures 100% anonymity when you are browsing the Internet and also lets you access all blocked sites with ease. You don’t need to compromise on the browsing speed even when you are surfing the Internet from international server locations using NordVPN. Chrome and Firefox users can download the NordVPN extension for their tablets, computers, and Smartphones. It lets you choose from 4500 servers located in 65 countries. NordVPN also has a 24*7 online customer support service that lets you fall back on them at all times.

Price: Free

#3: Express VPN

ExpressVPN’s zero-logging policies ensure that you can get rid of timestamps, IP addresses and other telltale signs of your Internet activities. You do not have to leave the place smelling like you were up to something. You can also use the automatic kill switch for desktop apps on ExpressVPN that aids in DNS leak prevention too. Now you can access over 2000 server networks located in 94 countries using ExpressVPN’s latest updates. It gives you a fast and secure Internet connection right in the middle of nowhere, enabling you to overcome all blocked site protocols when on the web.

Price: Free (but contains in-app purchases)

#4: Proxynel

Proxynel is a two-pronged approach to browsing using VPNs. It unblocks all the blocked websites in your region and also secures Internet activities. Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all accessible in blocked regions when you have Proxynel by your side. It works equally well on your tablet or Smartphone. The updated 2019 version promises new features like increased server locations all over the globe, much faster-surfing speed, and enhanced online protection. You can now browse safely and anonymously using Proxynel’s updated versions.

Price: Free

#5: CyberGhost

As the name suggests, CyberGhost lets you operate silently on the Internet. Its multi-device compatibility lets you access over 3100 in 62 countries. It also has unlimited data usage features. So you can now enjoy those late-night Netflix marathons with ease. The 256-bit AES encryption of data on CyberGhost ensures you go full incognito. It takes care of login information, IP addresses, timestamps and DNS leaks like a pro. You can browse the Internet anonymously using CyberGhost, unblocking websites that you need access to.

Price: Free (but offers in-app purchases)

#6: Hotspot Shield

Perhaps the highest rated proxy app on the App Store, Hotspot Shield ticks all the right boxes. You can skip the signing up process right in the beginning and yet stay connected to the proxy servers. It picks a location from the US in its default settings. The basic version does not enable the unlimited data streaming function as opposed to Hotspot Shield Elite. One of the best things about this app is that it lets you restore a purchase as well. For example, if you had earlier opted for a Hotspot Shield Elite version, this app lets you scrap it. And you can start anew with the basic Hotspot Shield version all over again.

Price: Free (but has a few in-app purchases)

#7: TunnelBear

A proxy browser that caters to your customized requirements, TunnelBear makes surfing the Internet an easy breeze. It offers 500 MB of data per month in the free version. But just a tweet to the TunnelBear Twitter handle can give you 1 GB of additional data to use per month. This proxy browser has both auto-location and manual setting features. You can switch between various server locations manually using TunnelBear as well. Browse safely with secure server locations from all over the USA, Switzerland, and Sweden, to name a few.

Price: Free (but contains in-app purchases and a premium plan)

#8: Betternet

If you have a thing for minimalism and ease of access in your apps, then Betternet is THE one for you. A simplistic design and interactive user interface are just two of the many benefits this proxy browser can get you. The free version lets you choose across eight cities in the USA as your proxy server location. Betternet has a quite reliable support system in case of any glitches you may encounter while using the app. Additionally, the premium version lets you opt for a faster Internet connection along with other standard membership features. Get Betternet to turn around the way you surf the Internet forever.

Price: Free (but has in-app purchases)

#9: VPN in Touch

Although you cannot use VPN in Touch without registering first, it really is worth it once you get over with the signing up process. It has special buttons to guide you along the way. You can pick any location you want from this proxy browser and opt for data-saving options too. So, in addition to helping you surf the Internet in incognito mode, it also allows you to access all those websites that are blocked on your server. Be it for marketing or personal uses, VPN in Touch is a trustworthy proxy browser for iOS. VPN in Touch also ensures that you browse the Internet through absolutely secure servers. What’s more, you can also opt for the 6-day free trial of the Premium plan on registration, if you are feeling fancy.

Price: Free (with Premium upgrade options)

#10: SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy VPN makes your life on the Internet a whole lot easier indeed. This one chooses the most suitable server location by default. So you can let the app decide when going through a particularly indecisive phase. It has a data limit of 250 MB and offers quite a few country locations to pick from. You can also extend the data limit by completing rewards in the app. You may need to verify your email ID and rate the app to earn rewards, for starters. You can go unlocking rewards as you use the app over time to increase the data limit. It also has an upgrade plan that you can opt for. It promises to have bigger and better data plans and is a hassle-free process using the ‘Upgrades’ tab.

Price: Free (but has in-app purchases)

Parting words

No one likes getting blocked out of websites of their choice. It may be hauntingly similar to those days of finding out how everyone apart from you got an invite to that cute senior’s spring break party. Pathetic, isn’t it? But if you could survive those trying high school years, constant rejections, countless fashion faux pas, and growing-out-of-teen-braces phase, you can take this one by the horns as well.

No matter your preferred modus operandi (Android or iOS), get these 10 brilliant VPN or proxy browsers to access all your favorite websites with ease. Show them who’s the boss, and get these 10 (and bonus two) proxy browsers to make the most of the abundance of resources on the Internet. Happy surfing!

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