Five Best Digital Signage Software in 2023 | Features & Pricing

Thinking of spending some money on your marketing budget to increase your sales using audio and visual displays. Or investing to introduce a public information system into your business.

Yes, you are absolutely right, Digital Signage is the best tool you can invest in for both options.

But, to use this technology you should have to equip your hardware with Industries best software. Which will definitely help you achieve your business goals effectively and efficiently.

Don’t worry; we have already done the homework for you.

With detailed analysis, testing and actual user reviews, we have come up with a list of the five best Digital Signage software available in the market.

This list will guide you through the Features of the Product, Pricing, Companies using software, Hardware compatibility etc.

Let’s stop wasting more time, and jump right onto our list here:

Five Best Digital Signage Softwares in 2021

  1. Telemetry TV:


    • Easy Layout Creation with Drag and Drop Option (No experts needed).
    • Automate and Schedule all your Visual Playlists, Tag and filter your content as per your choice.
    • Simple and Powerful Zone feature to structure multiple pieces of Content on a Single Screen.
    • Easily provision your device with Multi-Screen, best for creating video walls.
    • Powerful reporting system, helping you check your Devices Uptime, Identifying problems in Advance and get instant notification on the failure of any device or even content.
    • Overrides the User’s screens to deliver important messages or emergency alerts.
    • Integrates more than 70 Applications into your content campaign.
    • API Integration supports Content Scheduling, Manual and Event-Triggered Information.
    • No picture resolution loss on visual spreading across several Screens.
    • Single Software multi-content on multi-screen supports, helps you cut your costs.

    Companies using Telemetry:

    • Starbucks
    • New York Public Library
    • Stanford University
    • Carvana


    Prices are flexible to choose from Annually or monthly both with a minimum of $12 per month to $ 20 Per month (discounts on Annual Subscription available). If you belong to a Big enterprise then you can go for a Customized Plan.

    Also, there is a Free version offered by Telemetry TV with limited options. It’s nice, right. You have the chance to have a taste before you order.

    Hardware Compatibility:

    Good news! Telemetry TV is available on all platforms (Android, Chrome, Windows, iOS and Linux). What’s that mean? It means you do not have to buy Specific Telemetry products to launch it. You can have it running on AOpen Touchscreen Chrome, Android Tablet, Beelink T4, CTL Chromebook CBX1, Chromebit, Chromebox Commercial 2 and many more.

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  2. Rise Vision Digital Signage


    • Hundreds of Pre-built Templates to choose from for Design layouts requirements. This will save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to spend it on creating ones.
    • Data Integration for News, Twitter, Google calendar, Google Sheets and more available.
    • Create Unlimited Users, User roles, Parent and sub-accounts.
    • Get unlimited storage for all your Videos and Images need.
    • Email alerts and notifications for Display failures.
    • Easy Integration with Common Alert Protocol to show emergency Alerts.
    • Schedule your content as and when and where you like.
    • Offline mode for a Lost Internet connection. It will keep showing your last display.
    • Technical Support through Personalized recorded videos, call support, email support, Remote desktop support.
    • With a Paid option show real-world financial data on your displays.

    Companies using Rise Vision Digital Signage:

    • Marriott
    • Chicago Public Schools
    • Montana State University
    • University of Delaware
    • Eagles
    • Godaddy


    Rise Vision Digital Signage charges you per display licence which you can get from a range of $7.33 to $10.00 per month charged annually. The more the Licences the lesser you will be charged per licences.

    If you are not feeling confident enough then you can also go for a free trial. This comes for a limited time period. After the lapse of the trial period, you have the option to upgrade or use a free version (Rise Vision Free) with limited options.

    Hardware Compatibility:

    Rise Vision Digital Signage can be run through Media Players on major four technologies (Chrome OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, Raspberry Pi). Here Rise Vision Digital Signage does not have support for iOS. This means you will not be able to use your Macs to create your display content.

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  3. ViewNeo


    • ViewNeo comes with an integrated designer, which helps you create your Display layouts right into your CMS. Creating a template is as simple as using Powerpoint.
    • A powerful CMS will give you control to organise all your Players and monitors. Schedule all your players and monitors with an integrated Timer and Live-Ticker.
    • Automate and Schedule your Display content Playlists right from your CMS. Additional Plugins are available to fulfil your additional functionality needs.
    • Get into advanced workflow automation by integrating Zapier with ViewNeo easily (no programming experience required). Zapier will help you automate your processes and link ViewNeo with over 2000 applications.
    • ViewNeo comes with A comprehensive API that allows you to link your content management with Third-Party Systems, such as Calendars, ERP software, Cash Register software.
    • Easy Play and Plug hardware by ViewNeo


    ViewNeo Digital Signage software can be subscribed with two options

    • ViewNeo Professional – It will cost you $18 per month/per screen, best for small companies and professionals
    • ViewNeo Enterprise – It will cost you $240 per month with an additional cost per screen of $15 per month.

    A free trial of 30 days also available with access to full features and plugin of paid subscription.

    Hardware Supported:

    ViewNeo recommends using their own hardware to be used for best performance of the software such as Digital Signage Media Player, Viewneo Diwa – Digital Chalk, AI-Module and Camera, Viewneo RFID Module, ViewNeo Smart Plug.

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  4. NoviSign


    • Create your digital content form a customizable templates library or if you are creative enough create your own content from scratch using unlimited screen Zones.
    • Easy Drag and Drop widgets integration. No need to be an expert, simply pick and put the widgets where you want on your digital content.
    • Remotely manage your entire Digital Signage network from a single location. Automate and schedule your content or slides. Set expiry or replays to your content. Once played all the media will use local cache to rerun after.
    • A powerful Digital Signage Dashboard with an additional payment of $20. Gather all your screen players activity status, their online connectivity, run media reports and other real-time information about screens and media.
    • Create beautiful and engaging touch-screen Kiosks with no coding or HTML 5 setup.


    You can subscribe to NoviSign for $20 Per month per Screen Subscription fees.

    A trial of a 30 day period is also there in case you want to put your hands on it before going for a full subscription.

    Hardware Supported:

    Novisign supports various industries Digital Media Players based on Android, ChromeOS and Windows. No need for any specific hardware.

    Here you cannot use this software with iOS or Linux based players.

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  5. Yodeck


    • Yodeck Digital signage software comes with an Easy Plug and Play Raspberry PI 4 Player. All the things are pre-configured for your WIFI, No experts needed at all!
    • Fully customization, professional and absolutely free screen layout templates.
    • Create Data Dashboards from your services, Add news tickers to your dashboard using popular news services. Add a number of free, easy to use widgets to your project.
    • Support all TV Screen resolutions including Full-HD, 4K, or UHDs. Switch between screen orientation smoothly.
    • Flexibility to schedule multiple content playlists for multiple customers during different hours of the day. It just takes some seconds to change the schedule altogether.
    • Yodeck supports a CEC-enabled screen, which helps you to remotely turn-off the screens when not required.
    • Take control of all of your screen remotely from one single online portal.
    • No need to worry about system updates, it does itself over the Internet. Need Tech Support? All you need to fill in the In-app form.


    Yodeck gives you price flexibility to choose from its three options:

    • Standard: It will cost you $7.99 per month per screen. Ideal for small and large organizations with the least content requirement.
    • Pro: It will cost you $9.99 per month per screen. Ideal for users who have large content requirements.
    • Enterprise: It will cost you $12.99 per month per screen best for Enterprise-grade security and control.

    Here comes great news! You will get 1 Screen, free with every plan you subscribe to.


    Yodeck Digital Signage software is only designed to work with Raspberry Pi. So definitely that will be the additional cost to bear with.

    But if you choose annual billing then Yodeck will give you all required Raspberry Pi Player absolutely free.

    If you already own a Raspberry Pi then Yodeck will take you onboard absolutely free by giving away a single screen licence.

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We have tried to compile and bring to you the best available features among the listed software for Digital Signage on our list.

These are the best Digital Signage software currently some of the big corporates are using in the Digital signage campaigns.

All the software are designed in such a manner that it can easily be integrated with any Industry, be it Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, Corporates, Social Media platforms etc.

I have kept the language as simple as it could be so that you can make your decision quickly and efficiently.

I have tried to put myself into your shoes, but yes it may also possible I somehow not been able to clear all your doubts.

But do not worry, our comment box below is always open, just drop a little comment for any doubts.


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