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Best Phone Lock Apps for Android You Can Try This Year

Best Phone Lock Apps for Android You Can Try This Year

If you are worried about the security of your data on your Android device then app lockers are the best solutions. Here, these apps offer a bunch of security & privacy features to keep your data safe effortlessly. Using these smart solutions, you not only manage to secure your data but it also helps you improve your device performance. Let’s discuss some of these apps here.

Private Zone

Private Zone helps you keep your photos, videos, secret apps, files and everything safe with 100% security. It offers smart Applock function with secured password protection to keep your apps locked to avoid intrusion. To lock your apps & other data, you can use pattern, digital or fingerprint password options.

Further, you can customize lock mode, hide pictures and hide videos to secret vault. It also offers various lock screen themes & covers to customize and beautify your lock screen. It offers an advanced security feature, where you can hide and clone your apps and run multiple accounts of the same app. It offers free VPN to help you mask your internet footprints and freely surf the web content. In other features, it offers data backup, private browsing, privacy status, harassment intercept, Anti-theft, break-in-alert, phone boost and more.

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Super Locker

Try this smart screen & app locker for Android to keep your data safe. It offers advanced security features to protect your privacy and data security. It offers beautiful HD wallpapers with gravity sensor function, weather info, music and other details on your home screen to help you customize it. You can use its Memory Cleaner function with one tap phone boost feature to speed up your device. It offers the variety of unlocking methods that includes password, fingerprint, pattern lock etc.

It works on smart notification management where it helps you manage notifications and display only those notifications that matter to you. Additionally, it also helps you save your battery life by blocking all unnecessary apps that are consuming battery for no reason. In other features, it offers control center, weather forecast and music center.

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Applock-Fingerprint Pro

As the name suggests, this smart locker app for Android supports multiple locking methods including password, pattern and fingerprint option. It offers private photo vault & safe gallery vault to keep your photos, videos, and other important data safe. It offers multiple themes & patterns to help you customize your lock screen. Its app block settings avoid accidental deletion of the app by anyone.

Further, it helps you protect your emails, SMS and call logs. It offers three security private modes i.e. password lock, pattern lock, and DIY where you can lock device screen with your photo. In other features, it offers invisible pattern on the lock screen, lock & unlocks phone apps by a single click, multiple lock screen themes, password manager and more.

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Lock Screen & AppLock Security

Use this one of the best locker apps for Android to keep your data & device security intact. It offers all-around security to your device so that no one can breach your data security. It offers beautiful launcher & HD wallpaper themes to make your device look impressive. It not only works as a privacy guard but it also offers various useful widgets and themes to improve your device aesthetic value.

Here, it offers features like DIY locker, custom wallpapers, custom photo passcode, classic passcode and hand drawing lock screen features. Further, it sends you important notifications for easy access. You can use this phone lock app for Android to access most advanced features in the easiest way possible.

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CM Locker

CM Locker is a powerful phone locker app that helps you protect your confidential data and lock your device screen to secure your privacy. Its anti-theft protection can help you locate your lost device and enable siren or remotely lock it when needed. Its intruder selfie is a useful feature that snaps a photo of an intruder who enters the wrong passcode.

Further, it offers multiple lock screen customization features that include various themes, styles, and wallpapers. In other features, it offers anti-theft, notification reminder & instant reply, lock screen personalization, weather forecast and more.

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AppLock being a powerful app locker app is used by over 350+ million users around the world in 39 different languages. It helps you lock your device data and different social media apps effortlessly. Using this tool, you can lock social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram etc. in addition to other apps like Contacts, SMS, Gmail, calls, and other settings.

You can use this tool to hide videos & pictures as well where hidden pictures & videos will be vanished from the phone gallery and displayed only in the photo & video vault. It offers random keyboard & invisible pattern lock for enhanced security. In other features, it offers multiple pattern locks, well-designed themes, incognito browser, private SNS, intruder selfie, customized background & profiles, location lock, force stopped cover, power saving mode, quick lock switch and more.

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Gesture Lock Screen

You can draw something or gesture to unlock your device using this tool. It offers multiple gesture options including solid, invisible, transparent colors, gesture sensitivity, add/change/delete gesture, single or multiple gesture strokes and more.

It offers an intruder selfie where it snaps a photo of the intruder who entered the wrong gesture, PIN or fingerprints. It also shares other information like intruder alert & notification, custom intruder wrong attempts, intruder selfie folder and more.

Here, you can unlock your device using fingerprint option (with supported devices) as well. In other features, it offers notification on the lock screen, recovery password, wallpaper, screen item editor, settings panel, custom lock/unlock error sounds, unlock animations, lock delays, battery percentage indicator, intuitive WYSIWYG editor and more.

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Phone Lock Fingerprints Theme

Use this intuitive phone locker theme to upgrade your phone display. Using this smart solution, you can keep your smartphone safe and change your device look instantly with this impressive locker screen app. It will send you notifications on the locked screen on your phone and you can even access any app directly from your locked screen.

Here, you can select or change which apps you want to access from this new lock screen easily. You can send instant messages or read text messages from your locker screen theme. You can use this powerful app to access all advanced and useful features right into your device.

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Smart Phone Lock

This smart app lock solution allows you to create customized time/date based PIN with modifiers for enhanced security. Here, it offers different modifiers like offset PIN, where you can a specific number that will be added/subtracted from the current time, reverse PIN where the time format will be reversed to unlock the screen.

It even offers you a fail-safe feature where you can use your default PIN to unlock your device in case you forget the current PIN. In other features, it offers swipe to unlock, widget support, unlocker protection, lock screen background, battery saving mode, in-app purchase and more.

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Knock Lock

Knock Lock offers advanced locker features for your Android device where it offers an invisible pattern lock option to keep your device data safe. It offers beautiful HD wallpapers with custom date & time format for enhanced user experience. Its extensive features prevent unauthorized access, offers an invisible path to unlock pattern, helps prevent accidental calling, prevents others from using your device, offers a flashlight option and offers super-rich graphics. It also helps you click intruder selfie and offers emergency info on lock screen.

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Using the best locker apps for your Android device, you can keep your device data safe effortlessly. Here, we have discussed some of these effective apps to help you keep your data safe. If you know more such locker apps for Android, feel free to comment below.

Article Summary: Locker apps for Android provide you an easy solution to keep your data security intact. These apps work on advanced algorithms to provide you best security mechanism. Let’s discuss some of these effective steps here.

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