Best Tools used to Promote YouTube Video

YouTube is one of the fastest growing platforms for sharing videos on the internet today. Content creators make millions of dollars every month by creating fresh content for the audience on the internet. Over 1 billion hours of content is watched on YouTube daily! (Source)

The right tools can help you grow your channel exponentially in a very short period. Here are a few tools that you can start using today to grow your channel and promote YouTube videos.

Tools to Promote Videos and Get the Competitive Edge on YouTube

Learn YouTube with the YouTube Creator Hub and Academy

Want to stay up to date with the latest YouTube creator trends? The YouTube Creator Hub and Academy is the best place to start your YouTube learning experience. The website has a dedicated Academy portal where you can learn how to make and upload videos on the platform quickly. It also teaches you the nifty tips to get your channel up and running.

Most popular creators on the platform agree that these tips are extremely basic. However, they also agree that these are the key elements to good popularity on the platform. YouTube advises the creator community to regularly follow the Creator Hub to stay up to date with the latest features and updates. This way, the creators can hack the potential for growth with the platform.

The most important components of the YouTube Creators platform include:

  • Learn and Connect: You can get updates to the latest events, space as well as big changes on this tab. The Academy portal too is accessible through this tab. The Academy has both video tutorials as well as comprehensive textual content that can help you with the basics of YouTube and video promotion on the platform.
  • Benefits and Awards: Want to monetize your videos to make a quick buck on the platform? No problem! The Benefits and Awards tab will take you to your channel analytics where you can see your eligibility for the awards. YouTube often sends out awards to the most popular and fastest growing channels on the platform in form of silver, gold, platinum and ruby play buttons.
  • Create Change: Want to know what’s happening on the platform? The Create Change tab will keep you up to date with the latest trends.
  • Support and Guidance: The Support and Guidance tab has access to Help Center, Help Forum and Partner Managers. You can ask the community for necessary support either through this tab or directly through your creator tab on the channel analytics page.

The YouTube Creators platform is dynamic and keeps changing with every major update.

Perform Analysis with the Google Analytics Tool (Aka Google Marketing Platform)

Google is the parent company to YouTube. This makes Google Analytics one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote videos on the platform. A good portion of the world population will most likely search for a video on the Google search engine. Instead of going to the audience will go search for content on

The Google Analytics tool gives you an invaluable insight into the latest trends on the internet. You can couple the power of the generic Google Analytics tool with the more focused YouTube Analytics tool to keep tabs on the trends of the platform.

The top SEO specialists use the Analytics tool on a regular basis to run their marketing campaigns more efficiently. The tool can help you understand the traffic trends to track their source. You can easily link this tool to your YouTube channel to keep tabs on its ranking and performance statistics.

Important components of the Google Analytics tool include:

  • Collection: Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Therefore, it has a bird’s eye view of the overall flow of data on the internet. Google can collect relevant user-interaction information for your YouTube channel within a couple of seconds. You can either choose to use the Analytics tool as a solo tool or use it in conjunction with other useful tools from the Google Webmaster Suite.
  • Configuration: The tool allows you to configure and filter out the information according to your needs. You can configure custom settings on the tool to get the most relevant information on the dashboard.
  • Processing: The Analytics tool will then process the user-interaction information based on the filters that you select in the configuration component.
  • Reporting: A powerful and simple reporting feature is what sets the Google Analytics tool truly apart. After processing, you can now pull out custom reports with pie and line charts to get more insights into the operational parameters of your channel.

Get Overall Insights into the Performance with TubeBuddy

The TubeBuddy tool is available as a browser extension that acts on top of your YouTube channel’s creator page. It is an all-in-one tool that can give you one-stop insights into the performance characteristics of the channel. It can also provide you with actionable tips to help you boost the growth of the channel quickly.

Some of the important characteristics of the TubeBuddy tool include:

  • Tracking: If you want to track the progress of your YouTube channel you can use the TubeBuddy tool along with YouTube Analytics tool. TubeBuddy can help you keep a tab on your growth as well as the growth of your direct competitors so that you can implement the most effective strategies on time. The tracking feature takes both the YouTube as well as Google search into account for a more comprehensive review.
  • Keyword Analysis: The right set of keywords in the tags of the videos help you generate SEO-friendly videos. These tags will help Google identify your video as a potential source of information for the audience looking for a particular keyword. You can use the keyword analysis feature on TubeBuddy with the Google Keyword Planner tool to fetch the most appropriate and trending keywords for your videos.
  • Video Scheduler: The nifty scheduler feature allows you to schedule the videos pending for upload. The top content creators on the platform upload their videos at strategic times to capture the attention of a larger audience base.
  • Video Review: The biggest problem with YouTube is demonetization of videos. YouTube, just like Google, takes plagiarism of content very seriously. In case of duplicate content, the original creator of the video can claim the monetization rights to your video. You can always approach the community of creators to ask them to perform a review and remonetize your video under complicated scenarios.
  • Thumbnail Creation: Attractive thumbnails will help you make a strong first impression in the minds of the audience. YouTube allows you to set a custom thumbnail for your videos after you cross the threshold of a minimum number of views on the channel. You can use the TubeBuddy tool to create the best thumbnails for your video.
  • Social Media Integration: Promotion on social media platforms is the fastest way to grow your YouTube channel organically and get more views on the videos. The popular content creators on YouTube have their own social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc. They actively share the content to increase the outreach for the video. You can use the inbuilt feature of the TubeBuddy tool to share your video on multiple platforms with a single click. If you don’t want to use the TubeBuddy tool, is a great option for you to integrate the social media functionality with the YouTube channel.

Bonus: Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Check out these bonus tips to grow your YouTube channel and promote videos.

  • Keep Tabs on Competitive Channels

The best content creators have the knack for creating original content. However, they are also actively looking for new ideas on the platform. They know how to manipulate the existing ideas to make them seem original.

  • Do a Keyword Research

The SEO-friendliness of the video tags will determine the popularity of your video on YouTube as well as Google search results. Do not upload videos without any tags. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to look for the most relevant phrases and keywords for the content.

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  • Follow Best YouTube Video-Making Practices

Use a good camera and video-editing software to record and edit the videos. High-resolution videos will get more views and likes compared to the ones that feel amateur. You don’t need to purchase a high-end camera or software for the same. The right use of freebies can help you pull off the millions of views.

  • Invest Time into Promotion

Invest a considerable portion of time into the promotion of videos on personal as well as professional social media platforms.

  • Create Thematic Videos

Creating a strong and singular theme for the videos is the best way to stay on track and acquire massive engagement quickly.

While new and engaging content plays a role in the promotion of YouTube videos, it is just one small aspect of the story. If you want to be successful on YouTube really quickly, you need to implement the right strategies and use advanced tools.

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