12 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iPhone

Have you lost your keys, rings, hoop, or others in your home? In the event that you need to look through these utilizing your cell phone, at that point you should need to utilize stud finder applications on your cell phone.

Stud finder applications will assist you with effectively finding something metal. In the event that you need to locate any metal as wire, line, or others behind your divider then you can without much of a stretch utilize these stud finder applications.

There are not many metal indicator instruments accessible in the market which are expensive and not inside the financial plan for ordinary individuals.

Keeping these issues in our brain we work on them and recorded the best working stud finder and metal finder applications for android and iOS clients.

As time is vital for each individual so on the off chance that you had lost any of your things in the gathering, market, or somewhere else then it is hard to figure out them in less time. It can require some investment and in some cases, you won’t have the option to discover your thing in a public spot.

A stud finder and metal finder application will assist you with finding your things in such conditions. You can undoubtedly introduce any of the metal identifier or stud finder applications on your android or iOS gadget and effectively locate a lost metal in less time.

Nowadays, all we need is a stud finder app on the smartphone. So, here we will provide the details of the 12 best stud finder apps for Android and iOS.


A stud finder application utilizes the magnetometer (compass sensor) of your cell phone to precisely pinpoint divider studs, metal joists, screws, nails, and another metallic clasp in the wood situated under drywalls, sheetrock, or plasterboards, inside each divider.

In spite of the fact that you can get a stud identifier application on different stages these days, attempting to work out the best stud finder application to utilize can end up being a precarious undertaking.

Since cell phones weren’t made to identify metal, a portion of the stud discovering programming out there probably won’t deal with your gadget by any means.

This won’t occur once you introduce any of the top Android and iPhone stud finder applications we have highlighted underneath.

List of 19 Best Stud Finder Apps for Android & iOS

If you are having trouble searching your small daily use things, try some of these wicked and brilliant apps. They aren’t 100% accurate but they are surely helpful. The details are given below:-

  • Stud Finder Scanner
  • Metal Detector (Android)
  • Stud Finder
  • Stud Detector & Stud finder
  • Stud Finder and Stud Detector
  • Stud Finder, Metal Finder, Metal Detector Real
  • Metal Detector
  • Magnetic Stud Finder
  • Metal Detector EMF
  • Metal Detector (iOS)
  • Stud Finder
  • Handheld metal detector

1. Stud Finder Scanner

Stud Find is a standout amongst other stud finder applications for iOS clients which permits you to handily distinguish metal close to you. It is an astonishing application that changes over your iOS gadget into a stud finder device. It is not difficult to utilize and free application for iOS clients which work on attractive field idea and gives you metal utilizing this.

This application doesn’t identify nonmagnetic objects so for better utilization of this application your divider ought to be attractive and your gadget ought to have an underlying magnetometer.

You can discover and see the area of wires, pipes, and different correspondences on your telephone screen. This is a free application that works with no limitations. Here you will get limitless usefulness and a wide scope of features of this app:-

  • A portion of a few features offered by this application are:
  • Metal output mode fit for recognizing dark lines and copper.
  • Starts blaring after discovering metal in the divider.
  • Profound output to discover objects holed up behind mortar and dividers or on the earth.
  • Permits left to right and all over checking.
  • Quick recognition saves time.

The application utilizes the radiation meter and attractive sensor of the telephone and thus, your telephone ought to have both.

Download:- Android

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2. Metal Detector

This is the most flexible and respectable stud finder application. Intended to identify any metal item in a zone, the Metal Detector application depends on the basic rule that each metal creates an attractive field. The center features of this application are:

  • Move the gadget to see the attractive field of various metals on the screen. In the event that the telephone draws near to the metal, you are searching for, the outlines will increment and the telephone will begin vibrating.
  • It can discover electrical wires covered up in dividers.
  • It can discover iron lines underground.
  • The application requires your telephone to have attractive field sensors to work. It can recognize gold, silver, or coins[made of copper].

Download:- Android

3. Stud Finder (Android)

The following top stud finder application to utilize is the Stud Finder and Metal Detector, which is for looking through wiring, studs, and metal. This application could discover it through different items.

For instance, in the event that you are looking through where the screw or fastener is situated inside the divider, this application could recognize it.

Besides, the application could likewise be found through materials, for example, drywall, copper, wood, PVC line, and mortar. While looking, place the telephone close to the article where you need to distinguish it.

The application is not difficult to peruse, this is a result of the straightforward interface. Another extraordinary thing about it is that you could utilize it impeccably disconnected, so when there is no web association, you could in any case discover objects with it. The center features of this application are:

  • Finds studs, screws, nails, etc. in walls.
  • Uses a magnetic sensor of the phone. The more powerful the sensor, the more accurate the data it provides.

Download:- Android

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4. Stud Detector & Stud finder

Stud Detector and Stud Finder is additionally another application that you could use for recognizing objects. This application could recognize as well as discover objects. Beginning from wood, metal, links, and stud. It could look over drywall, plaster, plasterboard, and even wood dividers.

This application would likewise help the individuals who need to hang a mirror or picture on their divider securely. It is on the grounds that individuals could balance it on their divider without colliding with any articles inside, particularly on a huge apparatus.

Additionally, it very well may be utilized as a gadget compass also. The application could work on telephones as well as on tablets. Try to peruse the directions a long time prior to utilizing, as tablets may be greater and somewhat harder to utilize.

Accessible just for Android clients, this application is one of the most elevated rate applications on the Play Store. Intended to discover stud, metal, pipes, links, screw, fasteners, and so on through the divider, this application accompanies some cool features which include:

  • Gives numerous identification modes like divider wood stud finder, stud finder in dividers, stud finder metal identifier, and then some.
  • Utilizes attractive sensors and radiation meters to achieve the errands.
  • Works disconnected.
  • Live wire and AC identification.
  • Precise information however exactness will unquestionably rely upon the telephone.

Download:- Android

5. Stud Finder and Stud Detector

The following application for stud finder is the Stud Finder and Stud Detector. It could examine for metal studs and wood studs. The application could look over concealed items, for example, plasterboard, the divider, drywall, and even woods.

This application could be found on both android telephones and tablets. Concerning the prerequisite, it needs a gadget that is capable of working an attractive sensor. If not the sensor may break down.

This application is the furthest down the line expansion to the Google Play store and accompanies sparkling tones. It works a similar way any remaining stud finder applications work. That is, it utilizes the telephone’s attractive sensor. Thus, your telephone should have that sensor. The center features of the application are:

  • Simple to utilize the application with straightforward UI.
  • Distinguishes metal articles, silver, iron, studs, and so forth
  • Gives a vibration caution on finding a metal.

Download:- Android

6. Stud Finder, Metal Finder, Metal Detector Real

The other rundown great stud finder applications for your telephone are the Stud Finder, Metal Finder, and Metal Detector Real which is free. The application could help us discover metals that are covered up in articles or even covered underground.

Nonetheless, this application requires telephones that are outfitted with a sensor magnetometer. This is on the grounds that the application would utilize the attractive sensor from the telephone, which could give information on the area, the strength, and even the relative change.

The application would not work on telephones that don’t have one. As an extra note, try to utilize the application a long way from the TV, PC, radio, and PC signals. The signs would influence the attractive sensor and make the outcome not maximal.

No, this application found on Google Play isn’t here to play contrivances as it is apparent from its heavenly evaluations from 1000+ clients. The center features of the application are:

  • Discovers studs, screws, nails, and so forth in dividers.
  • Utilizes an attractive sensor of the telephone. The more remarkable the sensor, the more exact the information it gives.

Download:- Android

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7. Metal Detector

Another application to utilize the Metal Detector application. This application has been running since 2012. It comes free with no ads in it, so it would not try during the looking. Nonetheless, this application could just distinguish objects that are attractive metals, similar to iron and steel.

With respect to how it functions, this application would be quicker than other applications. The interface is basic and instinctive which makes it powerful also.

For extra tips, shake the telephone for adjustment when utilizing the application. intended to distinguish any metal article in a region, the Metal Detector application depends on the straightforward rule that each metal delivers an attractive field. The center features of this application are:

  • Move the gadget to see the attractive field of various metals on the screen. In the event that the telephone draws near to the metal, you are searching for, the outlines will increment and the telephone will begin vibrating.
  • It can discover electrical wires covered up in dividers.
  • It can discover iron lines underground.

Download:- Android

8. Magnetic Stud Finder

The Magnetic Stud Finder is additionally another incredible application to utilize. It is a helpful stud finder that everyone should have inside their pocket, or on their telephone. Far-fetched other applications, the Magnetic Stud Finder gives a subsequent source. This application likewise arrives in an air pocket level view.

The individuals who never utilize a stud finder don’t need to be befuddled, on the grounds that the application gives an ideal instructional exercise and video from their site or Youtube channel. Supporting us to utilize the application appropriately and maximally.

The application is tried effectively on a few unique telephones, which gives the normal outcomes on every last bit of it. That implies it doesn’t need to utilize the best android to get the best outcome. Additionally, it could experience thick layers like a clay tile.

This application is additionally accessible just for Android clients. It is intended to do two essential things – discover a stud on a wooden table and identify the metal in the divider. The center features of the application are:

  • Free application yet accompanies promotions.
  • Permits initiating and deactivating sensors whenever.
  • Permits setting recurrence esteem.
  • Permits choosing ringtone to set off the alert.
  • Guarantee that your telephone has attractive sensors and furthermore guarantee that your telephone doesn’t have a cover on it when you are utilizing it.

Download:- Android

9. Metal Detector EMF

The following stud finder to utilize is the Metal Detector. It is an extraordinary application that could change your telephone into a metal indicator apparatus. The application is not difficult to utilize. When you open the application, it would quickly show the metal identifier perusing.

The world’s attractive field shows from 30 to 60 µT which is extraordinary for a day by day exercises. Make a point to evade electronic gadgets since they may meddle with the framework and make it frail. The application couldn’t just be utilized for the EMF sensor yet additionally the EMF identifier.

Intended to identify metals close by, this application utilizes the attractive sensor of your telephone to quantify the attractive field esteem. Accessible just for iOS clients, the center features of the application are:

  • Distinguishes metallic articles that are holed up behind dividers or are stuck underground.
  • It can even identify gold, silver, copper coins, and so on

Download:- iOS

10. Metal Detector (iOS)

Metal Detector is a stunning stud and metal finder application produced for iOS clients. It is free, simple to use with stunning and special features to check metals. Probably the best component of this application is to give flexible affectability settings.

Alongside these, it has added the choice of sound and vibration which can without much of a stretch control and turn on/off from your iOS gadget. You can likewise utilize this application as an EMF meter and effectively identify it on your iOS gadget.

In the event that you have an iOS gadget, you can get this application to deal with metal discovery needs. The application functions as proposed and here are the essential features offered by the application:

  • Identifies any metal around the telephone.
  • The alert goes off when the attractive field crosses a specific cutoff.
  • It works through the dividers and can identify concealed metals and wires.
  • Produces a cool visual outline.

Download:- iOS

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11. Stud Finder

Accessible just for iPhone or iOS clients, the Stud Finder application is one of the most elevated evaluated applications on the App Store. It is a fundamental application that utilizes the attractive sensor of the gadget. The features of the application are:

  • Identifies metals near the telephone.
  • Can’t identify non-ferrous metals.
  • Discovers studs in dividers effortlessly.

Download:- Android

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12. Handheld Metal detector

A handheld metal finder is another famous convenient metal indicator application for iOS clients that causes you to effortlessly identify meta. It is a super scanner application which is tried on the various iOS gadget and turn out great for all iOS gadget.

It is a free and simple-to-utilize application that encourages you to handily recognize ferromagnetic metal utilizing your cell phone. You can likewise utilize the camera application of your cell phone for better utilization of this application.

This application is intended to work just on iOS gadgets. It works totally on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The fundamental features of this application are:

  • Distinguishes attractive metals just, for example, steel, iron, and so on
  • Permits alignment just by shaking the telephone.
  • Gives the best affectability close to the camera of the gadget.

Download:- iOS


So those are the list of the 12 best stud finder apps for Android or iOS that you could attempt from your cell phone and even tablets. The greater part of the applications is allowed to download. Along these lines, it is less expensive than purchasing a metal identifier instrument.

Not just that, these applications would help us save additional time on looking through the metallic things and do it viably too.

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