Does Best Buy accept Apple Pay?

Best Buy sells various electronic products and household appliances. This includes various products like computers, televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators, cloth dryers, car stereos, and washing machines. All those items have a high price tag. But there is a good option of financing the Best Buy products. You can choose any of the best payment options which are suitable for you.

Nowadays Best Buy supports Apple Pay at all of its stores. However, it was decided very late by Best Buy to accept Apple Pay transactions. For paying money at Best Buy there are various payment methods accepted by Best Buy. These include all major credit cards as well.

Best Buy has its own credit cards which are widely accepted for payment methods. It has two types of credit cards of its brand, My Best Buy Visa and My Best Buy Credit Card. It’s one of the credit cards the My Best Buy Credit Card is also known as Store Card as it can be only used for Best Buy stores and the retailer’s website. The cardholders get 5 % cashback on all the Best Buy purchases and have an easy facility to finance the purchases.

The My Best Buy Visa is one of the traditional credit cards developed by Best Buy. It offers the same facility as the store credit card offers, which means an easy finance facility and 5  % cashback on its purchases as well. But the one more benefit of this card is it is accepted anywhere as it is a Visa card.

As you use this card more for spending on various categories, the company offers rewards to you. If you use this Visa card on Groceries and Dining you will get 2 % rewards, and on all other purchases, you will earn 1 % cashback. Moreover, you will get a certificate for the amount of reward you will earn, this certificate can be used for purchases at the Best Buy Stores.

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How Best Buy Finance Works?

The finance facility is available by Best Buy on both credit cards via the Best Buy Flexible Financing Program. There are special financing offers by Best Buy to their cardholders.

At the time of purchasing if you use the branded card, the finance period begins from here, and you can set an amount of time to repay the loan. It also provides promotional offers which have no interest period. It is only for 6 months in which you pay the full amount as no interest was charged on this.

If you pay the amount after the time period of 0 % interest you have to pay the interest at the chargeable rate. Best Buy provides you all the outlines of monthly payment dues, promotional period, and all the financing information on the credit card statement.

Does Best Buy accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a simple and safe way of currency transactions. It is easy to use with Apple devices in daily transactions. This is a simple payment method that you can use in apps, stores, and the web.

You can only use Apple Pay to send and receive money in messages from friends and family. This also helps avoid pressing buttons or exchanging cash.

Earlier Apple Pay was not accepted by Best Buy Stores. In 2015, Apple announced that Best Buy would start to accept Apple Pay 2015, but it came into existence in 2016. After this, Apple Pay is exclusively accepted on all Best Buy Stores whether offline or online.

All Apple users are allowed to use their Apple devices like iPhone, or Apple Watch to pay at all the Apple Pay Stores. However, there are other payment methods also accepted. We will discuss them in Brief.

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Other Payment Methods accepted by Best Buy

It’s not necessary that you use some specific payout options only as Best Buy is one of the largest retailers which have both online and offline stores. Every major store has online and offline stores because you want to create a huge potential market for your customers.

There are various payment methods available for the customers which the Best Buy buyers can use to pay the amount to their stores. So, you have a variety of options like debit cards, credit cards, or finance your purchase. Besides these you can also pay with the following methods:

  • Pin based Debit Cards or ATMs
  • My Best Buy Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Pay using Points
  • My Best Buy Reward Certificates
  • My Best Buy Visa Card
  • Cash
  • Cheque

PayPal is accepted by Best Buy for online purchases only. You can pay for checkouts using PayPal as long as you have the balance to pay for the cart. However, the website doesn’t allow you to combine both PayPal with Debit Card or the Credit card for checkouts.

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Best Buy is one of the renowned platforms for various consumer products like electronic items or many appliances. As it is a large platform it accepts a wide range of payment methods for accepting payment.

Apple Pay is one of the largest platforms as Apple Pay is widely accepted all over the world for making payments. Earlier, it was not accepted by Best Buy but after 2015 it is accepted by the Best Buy store. I hope you will like the article and get the correct information that you want for Best Buy for accepting Apple Pay.

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