Does Walmart take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a secure and easy way to make a monetary transaction. It works with Apple devices very easily in everyday transactions. It’s an easy payment method you can use in apps, stores, and on the web.

You can send and receive money from friends and family just in messages via Apple Pay. It helps you avoid touching buttons or exchanging physical cash. Also, this is an online platform. So from this short description, you understand what Apple Pay is actually. Let’s know about Walmart.

Walmart is one of the world’s largest retailers. It has over 11k stores all over the world. It accepts all types of payment methods by cards including cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many more.

But it does not accept Apple Pay as it is committed not to accept this because they want people to use their own mobile payment system that means Walmart Pay.

It also doesn’t accept google pay or Samsung pay. But in general Apple Pay is accepted in many grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, traveling expenses, and many others, as well as google pay and Samsung pay do.

Walmart doesn’t accept it as they use their own payment method to process transactions inside their online and offline stores. So if you’re going to a Walmart store don’t go with the Apple pay option as it boycotts Apple Pay. You have to pay with Walmart Pay.

Walmart Pay is the company’s own mobile payment method but it has a use that first you have to use it at Walmart store, not even at its different brands or companies. Then you can use it at other stores or for any transactions near you.

You can also make payment at your near-field communication as it pays by scanning QR codes also. This new system allows you to make secure payments with your phone, you can also add debit cards, credit cards, and Walmart gift cards with Walmart pay.

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Why does Walmart use its Walmart Pay method??

It uses this because of two reasons first is to avoid the transaction fees as any other banker includes charges for providing their services. And second is for marketing purposes as Walmart is a large store so for introducing Walmart pay, it doesn’t spend too much on marketing.

It just simply attaches the Walmart Pay option so that Walmart customers simply use that also by paying with Walmart pay allows discounts and many more offers to their customers. So that’s a good option for marketing. Also, Walmart pay is used for many other purposes.

So it can allow Walmart to make more profit from their customers and also provide them with the best services and offers.

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How to download Walmart pay?

  • Open the WALMART APP by downloading the latest version from the AppStore or GooglePlay Store on your Android or Ios device. Open it and sign in.
  • Tap the services, click on Walmart Pay. Choose the payment method you want to use with Walmart Pay.

If you’ve already saved credit, debit, or gift cards to your Walmart account, you’ll see them listed.

If you’ve not added any cards, it will ask you to add one or more credit or debit cards or Walmart gift cards.

  • Scan your items at any store maybe it Walmart or others
  • Open the Walmart app and tap to Walmart pay
  • Scan the QR code that appears on the register

You would hear a chime and see a confirmation. It will send a notification to your device when your e-receipt is ready. There are no physical or paper receipts available.

Every day millions of customers use the Walmart app and pay using Walmart pay.

It seems that Walmart has NO further plans to accept Apple Pay but then also this system is one of the most common payment systems and used by many millions of users. But you can use your Apple Card at Walmart. Also the world’s second-largest retailer Costco accepts “apple pay”.

So there are also many places where you can pay with apple pay you can easily search on your Apple Pay before you go?

  1. Open your ios or iPad device and open Apple Maps.
  2. Search for the places where you want to go.
  3. Check the result an information card will be displayed
  4. Click on the “useful to know” section after scrolling down the app.
  5. If the place accept apple pay it will show you “accept apple pay”

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In this article, we discuss the topic that “does Walmart accept apple pay” so we came to the conclusion that no matter Walmart accepts it or not both are popular and have a greater customer potential.

So it will not affect anybody but if they do so then it will be grateful for both the company but it may lead down the customers of Walmart pay so they don’t do that. Also, it may change the policy and accept Apple Pay in some other method also. So I hope you will find the article useful.

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