Eros Now On Amazon Prime | How To Get It Free?

Who doesn’t know Amazon? Amazon is one of the biggest Online Shopping Websites around the Globe. Not only this, Amazon continues to launch various platforms for its customers in many ways, one of which is Amazon Prime.

On July 26, 2016, Amazon launched Amazon Prime for the first time in India. Eros Is a kind of video platform which was launched in 2012, where you can watch “Video On Demand”.

What Is Eros Now?

Eros Now is one of the leading and on-demand video entertainment network platforms in India. You can watch movies, TV shows, music anywhere anytime. All you need is you should have a proper internet connection and a device where you can play the content.

Eros supports almost every device so devices can be anything like Mobile, Browser, TVs. Eros’s customer base is standing out. As per their report, it says they have more than 75 million registered users around the world. You can watch movies and also can download them with subtitles in different languages, music, Tv shows in HD quality, and crystal sound in Eros Now.

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Is eros Now Free With Amazon Prime?

Yes, you can access Eros Now for free if you are an amazon prime member and have a basic subscription but there are some limitations for shows, movies, and music.

You can’t get all the video picture quality in the basic plan. If you are from other countries and you are looking for subtitles for movies, then you have to upgrade your plan to get full access to movies in HD quality & subtitles for movies.

How Much Data Does Eros Now Consume?

Data is the main concern for people because they have no idea how much data can be consumed for 1 hour of streaming. You can watch movies in three different formats in Eros Now as per our research we are providing you some data. So you will have some basic idea about

Data Does Eros Now Consume With Different quality of Video

180P: Approximately it can consume 350MBs if you watch 1 hour in 180P

360P: It may take around 750MBs for one-hour shows.

720P: You will have to consume approx 1.5 to 1.8 GB of data if you stream content for 1 hour in 720P

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How To Get Eros Now Free With Amazon Prime?

If you are an amazon prime member and want to join eros simply go to the link and sign up. And the one who is not an amazon prime subscriber can directly visit the eros’s official website for registering.

Eros also has different plans for users. If you join the basic plan you will have some restrictions of not being able to access all the movies, shows and may have to compromise with the video quality as well but if you join premium plans then you get complete access to their entire library with HD quality and with multiple language subtitles.

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Eros has collaborated with Amazon prime in the past which provides users to watch their favorite shows, movies, and music on various devices. If you are an amazon prime member you can access Eros too. You will be able to access Eros on Amazon Fire TV. So here in this article, I shared all the information about Amazon Prime and how you can get access to eros if you are an amazon prime member and in case you have joined prime yet still, you can join Eros.

Above in this article, I told you how much data is consumed when you play video on eros. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article you can leave us a comment below.

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