How To Install Google Chrome In Ubuntu?

In the whole world, the majority of computer users are using Windows computers and iOS computers the most, while if we talk about Linux computers, then you will see fewer users of Linux computers, especially in computers that are used for personal use.

Linux’s Ubuntu operating system is rarely used. But if you are a user of Ubuntu, then you know that Google Chrome is missing your computer in Ubuntu operating system, if you want to download it in your Ubuntu OS then not only will you need Google Chrome but also you need commands as well for installing.

If you want to Know How To Install Chrome On Ubuntu then stay with this article I will tell you the process of installing Chrome in Ubuntu. As we all know, Google is the world’s largest and most popular web browser. What is it that separates Google Chrome from the rest of the browser?

First of all, Google is very secure, fast, and above all, it’s a very user-friendly browser and has almost every feature included which is required for users.

You can use the Chrome browser in every operating system. It can sync your all data like Bookmarking, Password, History, Location so later on, whenever you log in with the same email id all your synced data will be available on that device also.

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What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an operating system that is also quite popular around the globe. What makes it popular? It is not similar to Microsoft and iOS because It is an open-source operating system where Windows & iOS are not open sources.

What is open source? In simple words, there are no restrictions for the users to see the codes.  Codes are given publicly. Anyone can see the codes, edit them. So if you use Ubuntu it means you can modify it and can sell your customization as well.

But the problem users face in Ubuntu is they don’t know How To Install Chrome In Ubuntu. No worries, I am here for you.

How To Install Chrome In Ubuntu?

Below I will share 2 ways to Install Chrome on Ubuntu with full details about it. You simply follow the given steps.

Process 1 – Install Google Chrome With The Help Of Graphically

Way to Install Chrome For Ubuntu is not as easy as installing in Windows and iOS. In windows, we just have to download the Chrome app and run it but the way to install google chrome in ubuntu is something different and tricky.

Simply follow the steps as it is.

  1. Visit the Google Chrome Website by using the default browser.
  2. You can see the two “Download Chrome” buttons on the screen.
  3. Download Google Chrome.
  4. Once you click on the “Download” option, you get two options there
    1. 64bit .deb (For Debian/ubuntu)
    2. 64bit .rpm (For fedora/open SUSC)
  5. Make sure you click on the first one (For Debian/ubuntu)
  6. Click “Accept & Install”
  7. Now make sure when it asks to save file or open file click on “Save File”
  8. Chrome will start downloading on your local computer.
  9. Go to the “Download Folder” and find Chrome .deb and run it.
  10. Ubuntu Software Center will open and click on the Install button.
  11. In case the software center doesn’t open then right-click on the deb file and open with the software center.
  12.  Before starting the installation it will ask for your computer password, so enter if any.
  13. It will be installed automatically in a few minutes.
  14. Once the installation is done you can find it by typing in the search bar.
  15. Launch and have fun.

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Process 1 – Install Google Chrome With The Help Of Terminal

For installing Google Chrome with Terminal you will need a command. Don’t get confused. I will tell you the command which will be needed for installing chrome.

Follow the steps carefully because it will require pure concentration.

  1. Follow the steps from 1 to 7 as is given in process 1 because the same process will be done here.
  2. Open the Terminal in your Ubuntu by clicking the icon or if you don’t want to find the Terminal icon then press the (Ctrl+Alt+T) keyboard button together to open Terminal.
  3. Once the Terminal is opened, type the following command “Sudo apt install” make sure to leave a blank space after the “INSTALL” letter.
  4. Now simply drag the downloaded chrome file from the downloading destination to Terminal.
  5. Hit Enter on your keyboard.
  6. It will ask for your Computer Password.
  7. Carefully type the password in the terminal window. (Password will be shown in Start Icon) and press enter.
  8. Processing will start.
  9. Once the processing is done, you will have Google Chrome installed on your computer.
  10. Close the Terminal window as well as the download folder.
  11. Click on the show application and you can see Chrome Icon in the list.
  12. Double click on google chrome and a pop-up will flash on the screen.
  13. Asking you to make Google Chrome a default browser and send the statistics to Google Chrome.
  14. Accept as per your need and click “OK”
  15. Congratulations !!! You are done now. Have fun with Google Chrome In Ubuntu.

Some questions may hit your mind after reading this article, so below I put the FAQ. you can find them useful as well.

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How To Uninstall Google Chrome from Ubuntu?

Open the Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T) and enter the code “Sudo apt install” and you can see the Google Chrome icon in the list, simply Hit “Remove”

Is it safe to Install Chrome In Ubuntu as Ubuntu is Open Source?

Yes, It is safe to Install Chrome On Ubuntu. Because both Chrome and Ubuntu are trusted. Companies like Ubuntu and Google always keep privacy-first for their users.

Can Virus enter Ubuntu?

Ubuntu has an inbuilt Firewall and Antivirus so it is not easy to get viruses affecting your computer. Keep your antivirus up to date.

Is there any Chrome available for Ubuntu?

For 32 bit there is no chrome available as Google withdrew Chrome for 32 in 2106. Chrome is available for 64-bit Linux.

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The question was How To Install Chrome In Ubuntu? Generally on Windows and iOS simply download the application of Google Chrome and install it but it’s not easy to install chrome on ubuntu because Ubuntu is open source OS and Google Chrome is closed source so you need to think about How To Install Chrome In Ubuntu.

I made it easy for you. I guided you on 2 ways to install chrome for ubuntu step by step. You can follow any method to do it. I hope you liked the article. You can share this with the needed one.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this you can leave me a comment below.

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