How To Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything? 2023

In today’s world, having a mobile phone is essential. Not everyone, however, can afford a smartphone or pay exorbitant cell phone subscription bills. So, today we will discuss how do you get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. 

Recognizing this, the US government launched the Lifeline program in 1985 to provide low-income earners with free unlimited cell phone service.

If you are eligible for the program, you can get free cell phone plans, calls, texts, and data allowance, as unbelievable as that may sound. 

Through some service providers in various states, the government-sponsored program gives both free phones and free services. As a result, choosing the finest free cell phone service provider is critical, as their plans range.

This tutorial includes a full description of how do you get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, as well as instructions on how to obtain it.

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Procedure to Get Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything

This section will teach you how do you get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything, and some of those legitimate customer-friendly discounts, such as free phones and even free plans with adequate limitless services.

Identify Service Provider

As previously stated, some service providers give free phone service with unlimited usage. Some providers, however, are not available in all states. These providers are also subject to state-specific norms and restrictions. As a result, it’s critical to find the most convenient service provider in your area.

Prove Eligibility

The rules for eligibility differ depending on the supplier. As a result, it’s critical to understand their policies and demonstrate that you’re eligible for free mobile phone service from the carrier you’ve chosen.

Send an Application

Fill out a free cell phone service application form using your provider’s physical offices, email address, or official website. Make sure you fill in all of your personal information correctly.

Your request will be approved after the provider verifies your eligibility. 

They will then deliver your free phone, which will allow you to use the internet, send texts, and make free phone calls.

Wait For Approval

Your request will be approved after the provider verifies your eligibility. They will then deliver your free phone, which will allow you to use the internet, send texts, and make free phone calls.

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Advantages Of Free Cell Phone Service For Life And Everything

Here are some of the benefits of the Lifeline Free Cell Phone Service For Life Unlimited Everything:-

Maintains User Connectivity

It’s critical to stay in touch with friends, coworkers, and classmates. Most businesses expect to be able to contact their employees or potential employees at any time, but not everyone can afford a smartphone or phone service in order to stay in touch with work or other commitments. As a result, the free phones and services help keep low-income earners connected.

Lifeline For Unemployed People

Thousands of underemployed and unemployed persons have benefited from free cell phone services. Low-wage workers have taken advantage of the Lifeline program’s free phones and services to gain additional employment and shifts. 

Free cell phone services have also enabled low-wage workers to alert their employers if they are unable to work due to unforeseen circumstances. As a result, they will be able to keep their jobs.

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Gives the User Access to Healthcare Services:

Everyone should be able to contact a medical professional. However, not everyone can afford to call a doctor in an emergency using a cell phone. 

Fortunately, millions of people have been able to communicate with medical specialists thanks to the free phone service. According to a poll, 57 percent of Lifeline participants use free cell phone services to interact with doctors. As a result, numerous people have been rescued from life-threatening situations by making use of free phone services.

Required in Case of Emergencies:

For health and safety reasons, free cell phone services are essential. Users have been able to dial 911 in an emergency thanks to the free phones and services. It also allows the user to call friends or family in an emergency.

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Getting Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything

Verizon Wireless

This is one of the greatest providers of free cell phone service that includes everything for the rest of your life. 

It offers numerous fantastic options that include unlimited data, messages, and calls for a fixed monthly charge. 

Users can also enjoy high-definition video streaming, mobile tethering, and unlimited international services with these plans. 

They run on a stable 4G LTE network, with some of them offering 500GB of cloud storage. They don’t have any contracts that are renewable.

Verizon Go unlimited75$ every month.Unlimited everything.
Verizon above unlimited95$ every month.Unlimited everything.
Verizon Go beyond unlimited.85$ monthly.Unlimited everything.
Verizon goes family.The average price of 40$ per line totaling 160$ per line.Unlimited data, text, and calls.
Verizon beyond family.An average price of 50$ per line totaling 200$ for 4 lines.Unlimited calls, data, and texts.

T- Mobile Unlimited Plans

This fantastic service offers a variety of limitless options. This carrier is well-known for offering the finest plans for seniors, but it also offers the best family plans with limitless everything. 

It provides a discount for each additional line, making it ideal for large families. The plans work on a high-speed network that enables high-quality streaming and mobile tethering. Its plans are as follows.

PlansServicesMonthly Prices
Essential plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 30$ per line
Magenta plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 40$ per line.
Magenta plus plan.Everything unlimited.Average of 50$ per line.

Sprint Mobile

This is another dependable provider that offers low-cost cell phone plans with unlimited data. It is one of the top providers in the industry because of its consistent, low-cost, and high-value plans. 

It offers multiple limitless plans that include high-definition streaming, worldwide roaming, and mobile hotspot access.

PlansServicesMonthly Charges
Sprint kickstart.Unlimited data, calls, texts.25$
Sprint basic plan.Unlimited texts, calls, data.Average of 25 $ on each line totaling 100$ for 4 lines.
Sprint plus.Unlimited calls, data, texts.,140$ for four lines.
Sprint premium.Unlimited data, texts, calls.180$ four lines.

AT&T Mobile

AT&T Mobile is another excellent carrier with dependable plans. These plans are an excellent choice for large families. It can be used in a household with more than three people.

PlansServicesMonthly Charge
Unlimited starter.Unlimited text, data, calls.Unlimited texts, calls, and data to Mexico and Canada.140$ four lines.
Unlimited extra.Unlimited everything.15 GB mobile hotspot.50 GB threshold de-prioritization.160$ four lines.
Unlimited Elite.Unlimited services.HD streaming.30 GB hotspot.100GB de-prioritization.200$ four lines.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile also has a number of plans with unlimited calls, texts, and data. That means you can do whatever you want with your calls, texts, and data. 

As a result, customers may experience high-speed downloads, high-quality streaming, tethering, and music streaming at an average of 1.5 megabits per second. 

Other optional features, like premium caller ID and international services, are available for a small price with these plans. These are the plans:

PlansServicesMonthly Prices
UnlimitedUnlimited data, texts, and calls.Quality SD streaming.12 GB tethering.50$
Unlimited plus.Unlimited text, calls, and data.HD quality streaming.5 G capability.60$
Ultimate unlimited.Unlimited data, calls, texts.30 GB mobile hotspot.HD quality streaming.80$


Q1:- Are there any other limitations on the Lifeline?

Ans:- The Lifeline program’s benefits are limited to one individual per home. Furthermore, a household can receive free cell phone service from only one operator.

Q2:- What are the benefits of Lifeline?

Ans:- In 1985, the Lifeline program was established. The major goal was to provide low-cost phone service to millions of low-income Americans. Users can get free cell phones and cell phone services through the scheme. Users can then add subsidized plans to their free plans.

Q3:-Are the free phones and cell phones offering value for money?

Ans:- More than 15 million Americans have taken advantage of the free phone and free cell phone plans so far. Many people have been able to maintain contact with their families and society as a result of the program.

Q4:- What are the free government phones called?

Ans:- The FCC Lifeline Program For Low-Income Customers is the official name for the free government phones, which are commonly referred to as the “Obama Phone Program.”


While there are numerous free cell phone services for life unlimited everything available, the list above will assist you in how do you get free cell phone service for life unlimited everything in a short period of time. 

Before making any commitment, it is usually a good idea to check out the service and benefits of free phone service. 

It clarifies the free nature of the phone network service as well as its cost. For more information, phone subscribers can test the services listed above today.

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