How much does a YouTuber make with 1 million Subscriber?

YouTube: earning platform for all

YouTube is one of the most advanced platforms nowadays. Every user who is having any query or is looking forward to having some solutions look forward to YouTube, and fortunately, they get the content relevant to it as well.

You have heard about it sometimes that all the YouTubers get paid for the efforts they are putting. But for the same, it is necessary that they are available with the number of subscribers and viewers. If a YouTuber is available with 1 million subscribers, then surely YouTube will be going to pay him.

If you are new to this field and you are not aware that what is the average salary of a YouTuber with 1 million subscribers then here everything is mentioned considering the same. At the end of this article, you will have an answer for the query you are having and nothing will be there which can create any trouble for you anymore.

YouTuber Average Salary with 1 million subscribers

When it comes to deciding the average salary of a YouTuber, there are multiple parameters that are a must to consider. But it is not also necessary that every YouTuber will get the same salary. It depends upon the content and upon the traffic available over it.

An advertiser needs to pay an average cost per thousand views is $2.00. This clearly indicates that it is necessary to pay $2000 to reach 1 million viewers. Whatever the earning has been done from it, YouTube will take 45% of the revenue. This clearly indicates that the left amount is only $1,100.

Apart from it, when the subscribers watch their video, there is one ad available in it. It clearly indicates that it is also letting them earn points now consider an example where a Youtuber is uploading one video per week. 

If the scenario is so then when the video is uploaded per week, then the YouTuber will have $57200 per year. Therefore it is to be concluded the simplest answer is $57200 is the average salary a YouTuber will get.

But there is no need for a user to get the firm on the above-mentioned amount. This totally depends upon the content and also it is necessary that a user is available with relevant content. In case they are posting unnecessary content, then there might be chances they are violating the terms and conditions of YouTube.

As mentioned above, there is an amount needed to be paid by the user who is looking forward to advertising. But the same amount also varies as per the content and as per the requirements. Therefore one cannot get a sure about it easily. Additionally, it is also necessary to pay to tax, equipment, and editors. This also cost them a lot.

Additionally, there is not a specific salary which you tuber will get. Everything varies as per the content and according to the videos available. Some of the videos are demonetized, and for them, a user will not going to get even a single penny. Not all the videos are demonetized, and it totally depends upon the content and number of views and subscribers available.

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Content on YouTube:

Apart from salary, it is also must that a user is aware of the content which is needed to be put on the portal. There are a few factors mentioned which you can consider when you want to attract the viewers over the content you are posting.


It is also must that when a user is posting content, it is considered towards the topic. Suppose if you are posting and educational content it is necessary that you are putting all the relevant information only. In case you are putting any relevant information then it will let a user get distracted and also they will not enjoy the content.


Graphics also plays a big difference. In case you are putting everything in a long way, then it will become difficult for a user to understand it appropriately. It is also necessary that you are putting every relevant graphic, which makes the content attractive and user-friendly.


If possible, add subtitles as well. Subtitles will let users from other countries as well to get aware about the content easily. It is not necessary that every time you are posting the content in every language. These subtitles will help other people to understand the content more easily.


Information also matters a lot. When you are posting content, it is necessary that you are making it informative. If the particular content is not informative, then a user will not be able to get the answer to the query they are having. Also, this will let them feel disappointed, and it will deteriorate the traffic on your YouTube channel.


It is also must that you are communicating with your subscribers and others. Now YouTube has offered you an option to communicate through daily stories and comment sections as well. If you have posted the content, then you will see there is an option available where a viewer will comment. It is necessary that you are getting in touch with the viewers, and you are resolving their issues as well.

User-friendly Content

It is also a must that whenever you are posting the content, you are posting it in a user-friendly manner. This will not only let the users understand the content but also help them to interact with you. If you have put the content in a manner that not a simple user will able to understand then it will become difficult for you to see the growth and people will not like the content as well.

Last Words

These parameters will help you to put appropriate content on the YouTube portals easily. Nothing will be there which can create any issue to anyone when you are posting content. Additionally, if you have any queries, then do let us know in the comment section below. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible with the solution and also let you get available with the answers as well.

Hurry up if you want to earn from YouTube then post the relevant content and also look towards the growth your channel is making.

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