40+ Incredible YouTube Statistics

In this article, you’ll know 40+ very interesting YouTube statistics…

YouTube is among those platforms, which is serving everyone with every answer. If you are having any queries considered to any of the factors, the first place where you look is YouTube.

If you are a YouTube user, then you are a where it was launched in 2005, and from then till yet, it is creating a buzz every day.

Now everyone wants to earn, and YouTube is serving them as the platform for it. If you wish to earn from YouTube and you wish to get some Fame and want to be popular, then YouTube is the right destination for you. Unlike other platforms, YouTube is one of the most reliable, genuine, and also the platform which serves you with the best interface.

If you are among those who are not aware of some of the YouTube statistics, then here a few of them are mentioned that will help me to understand that why YouTube is considered to be one of the most innovative platforms and why people are the part of it.

Some YouTube stats are:

  • The domain youtube.com was get registered on 14 February 2005.
  • On 23 April 2005, the first video was uploaded by the founder of YouTube. He mentioned it as ” me at the zoo,” where he was featuring himself at the San Diego Zoo.
  • Google announced that they are purchasing YouTube on 9th October 2005, and the amount they paid for it was $1.6 Billion.
  • From December 2007, the ads started to launch on YouTube.
  • For the very first time in 2012, the US presidential debates had been streamed on YouTube.
  • YouTube has grown in an enormous way, and until March 2019, more than 1 billion users have created their account and become active users.

YouTube usage statistics:

  • YouTube is considered to be one of the most visited websites, and also it hits the third position for it.
  • Apart from Google, YouTube is also considered to be the largest search engine having all the answers available, and it hits at the second position.
  • Every single second 400 hour’s video gets uploaded on YouTube by the YouTubers.
  • Every day on average, people spend more than 1 billion hours on YouTube and every day and forty-six thousand years of video per year. The combined data of Netflix and Facebook is considered, and then YouTube still hit at the top.
  • In the present scenario, the total number of YouTubers is more than 1.3 billion and also each day, more than 30 million visitors are on the YouTube platform.
  • To get available with 1,000,000,000+ views, YouTube only took 10113 YouTube videos.
  • More than 80% of the YouTubers live outside the US.
  • On average day time, a person spend on YouTube is 60% year over year.
  • On average, the viewing session on mobile devices will not last for more than 40 minutes.
  • 70% of YouTube videos first get displayed on mobile devices apart from a laptop, computer, and PC.
  • Every day more than 1 billion mobile video views are reported.
  • With the introduction of smart TVs, views considering to YouTube have been the world since 2018.
  • Parents are also dependent on YouTube to get available with the content, which is beneficial for their child. More than 81% of parents are dependent on it.
  • Apart from using Facebook and another social platform for watching the videos, people use YouTube at first. The reason behind the same is the interface of YouTube.
  • The first query of a person, whenever they are using YouTube, is how they can do this particular thing. Usually, people learn so many tricks and techniques from YouTube so that they can make their life easier.
  • The number of how-to videos is increasing day by day. In recent years the increment in how-to videos is reported to be 70%.
  • If one wants to purchase a device at the very first, they look forward to YouTube and get aware of the particular reviews linked with it. Then further, they take the decision of purchasing the device.
  • YouTube is considered to be one of the best platforms when one wants to get entertained.
  • The most popular content on YouTube categories is a comedy, pops, music, culture, entertainment, and how to produce.
  • The music videos available on YouTube are more popular as compared to other videos available on it.
  • There was an advertisement where soccer star Ronaldinho featuring Nike is the first advertisement which reaches 1 million views.
  • The youngest YouTube Star hits at the second position considered to subscribers. He is available with 18.2 million subscribers.
  • In the period of 24 hours, “thank you, next” music video by Ariana Grande receives a lot of views. In 24 hours, it received 54.4 million views. 

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YouTube user statistics:

  • In a month, more than 2 million people logged into YouTube.
  • In an average month, 8 out of 10 adults who are below 50 years of age uses YouTube.
  • Apart from living TV, 60% of people prefer to use YouTube.
  • According to the reports, it has been announced that people who are below two years in age will not go for cable, satellite or any other TV platform by the year 2015.
  • Adults who are under the age of 50 are likely to be found on YouTube platforms, Unlike the table TV or satellite networks.
  • Great intro hits at the top. Some of the users start to watch the video, but because the introduction is not good, they nearly leave the video within 10 seconds.
  • 80 Different languages are available for YouTube, and one can easily switch to the language they understand.
  • YouTube is available in over 91 countries.
  • Daniel Middleton is known to be the one who has earned a lot of money from Youtube. Unlike the other YouTubers, he is the one who earned $16.5 million in 2017 alone.
  • In Los Angeles, a free collaborative feature is also available on YouTube. A YouTuber with more than 10000 subscribers can easily collaborate and connect with each other. They can easily share the content to learn about each other content and also enhance the content placed.

YouTube mobile stats:

  • In 2018, on iOS, YouTube was considered to be one of the most used applications.
  • Every year the viewing session on the mobile is increasing day by day.
  • People prefer YouTube to promote their talents as well.
  • In an average week, people used to be on YouTube for a longer duration and adults are found out to be more attracted to it.

YouTube marketing stats:

  • 9% of all the business that has set up in the US use YouTube for promoting their business.
  • More than $2 billion to shareholders have been paid by YouTube since 2007.
  • Each year the earning of YouTube channels have been increasing 40%
  • LEGO is considered to be one of the most popular bland on the YouTube channel, and more than 6 billion views are available.
  • On average, it has been noticed that some brands that are the same use multiple channels to operate. And this will let them get available with more traffic.

YouTube demographic statistics:

  • On average, there are 38% of female users are available on YouTube platforms.
  • Under the age of 45, more than 90% of adults go for YouTube videos.
  • More than 50% of YouTube viewers are females.

And many other statistics are there which are linked with YouTube. If you wish to know more about it or you have something else to say, then do let us know in the comment section below.

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