How To Get Cashback With Apple Pay?

Getting cashback on Apple Pay is just an easy and simple process. If you are a person who has an iPhone, or any Apple device you will be eligible to get cashback with Apple pay. You only need to link the credit card or debit card with Apple Pay and make secure payments using iPhone, Apple Watches, or other devices.

However, most Apple users don’t know that they will get cashback when using Apple Pay. By receiving a small amount on your purchase, it will save your money on expenses. You can earn cashback by using credit cards for purchases, a very common method to save money.

But by using Apple pay you can earn even more cashback – you just need to use Apple Pay using your iPhone for your routine expenses.

Apple Pay or Google Pay all work as mobile wallets. When you link a credit card or debit card to the mobile wallet you will be eligible to play at the Apple Pay terminals using iPhone, Smartwatch, or other devices. Companies offer these additional rewards for making more and more payments via their portals.

So, next time make payments using Apple Pay and earn exciting cash backs on your purchase. If Apple Pay saves more money than credit cards then it would be beneficial to use Apple Pay.

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An overview – Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a digital payment system introduced in 2014. After this initiative all the Apple Devices have this digital platform pre-installed. This offers the users a new payment gateway to make purchases at stores, online and apps. It lowers down the weight on your pocket, as you don’t need to carry a credit card and cash in your wallet all the time.

You can connect your cash digitally with Apple pay using the debit card or credit card on this wallet. In terms of security, Apple services provide one of the greatest and secure digital payment platforms.

Digital payment is one of the popular payment systems nowadays but still, some users don’t adopt this payment gateway. But many companies encouraged the users to use this payment gateway by using Apple Pay terminals in their shops or online stores rather than a physical card.

Apple Pay works on NFC technology that will accept contactless payments anywhere. The main aim of Apple to start this payment service is to replace the physical wallet with Apple Pay for Apple users. In 2019, Apple Pay will become the most popular digital payment platform in the US by overtaking Starbucks.

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How to Get cashback with Apple Pay?

Apple Card

Apple comes with an interesting idea of launching its own credit card – the Apple Card. With this Apple Card, you can get cash back easily on each purchase, the unique feature of this card is whatever cash back you earn on this card is immediately sent to your bank account.

However, there are some limitations on your credit card on which you can not get cashback with this Apple Pay digital platform. Let’s see with this Apple Card where you can earn Cashbacks and save your money.

  • If you purchase any Apple Product or selected partnered product you will get 3 %cashback by using Apple Pay
  • If you make another Apple Pay purchase you will get a 2 % cashback
  • And if you purchase anything else you will get a 1% cashback

Apple card is a great choice for you as it doesn’t include any fees on it. However, you may be charged interest on any outstanding balance.

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Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card

On Apple Pay purchases you will get exciting rewards like cashback when you use Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card. It is another credit card valid for Apple Pay cashback on purchases.

On using Apple Pay you will get 1.8% cashback on purchases made under the first 12 months and then unlimited 1.5% cash back on everyday purchases after the first 12 months.

So, if you are looking for such a credit card that gives you cashback it is one of the best for you. With this card, you will get $150 cash rewards after spending $500 in the first 3 months.

US Bank Altitude Reserve

It is one of the favorite credit cards especially among people who love to travel. With this card, you will get many valuable cash rewards on all purchases. When you use this card, you will get 3X per dollar spent on travel and mobile wallet including Apple Pay. The value of these points is 1.5 cents percent which you can use for travel such as flights and rental cars.

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New credit card issuers – Special Offers

Credit card issuers timely offer limited-time promotions to get cash rewards on purchases by using Apple Pay or other mobile wallets. Many cardholders offer cashback.

You can also see in the previous year American Express cardholders get an offer to earn $ 2 as cash backs on the spending of $ 5 or more using Apple Pay. Apple pay is largely accepted in many places around you, you can easily earn cashback by just paying bills via Apple Pay.

Other Credit Cards to get Cashback on Apple Pay

There are some other credit cards also which don’t offer you extra cashback but you will benefit from the use of Apple Pay. The Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express is a great card that will maximize your cashback potential if added to your mobile wallet.

If you use this card you will get 6 % cashback at US supermarkets on the first $6000 per year and after this 1X. along with this, you will also get 3 % at US gas stations and US streaming services and 1 % on other purchases. There are many benefits on this card you only need to grab the offers on this service.

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Limited Time offers by Apple for Apple Pay Promotions

Apple promotes Apple Pay and tells about its offers and cashback via emails. If you timely check your emails you will know about its offers and special cashback on various services or products. For example, you will receive an email from Apple for installing Apple pay on your device and get instant cashback on your first payment. There are many offers provided by Apple pay, you just need to grab them.

So, here you will see there are a lot of ways and platforms on which you can get cashback with Apple Pay. You only just need to grab the offers and use this payment method on various services or purchases. That’s how you will get cashback with Apple Pay.

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