How to increase maximum volume in Windows 10?

Despite being one of the latest versions of Windows, many users don’t get the full volume. In this article, we particularly focused on the methods or tricks through which you increase maximum volume in Windows 10.

Concerning audio, you may have the most beastly hardware but the sound output would not be that good. If you think your device needs a little customization in the audio department to get the best output. Here we provide you some cool tricks you should definitely try to increase the maximum volume in Windows 10.

In this article, we guide you on some ways to get better and louder sound on Windows 10. Let’s move to the ways through which you can increase the maximum volume in Windows 10.

Ways to increase the maximum volume in Windows 10

Update Drivers

Let’s begin with the very first basic trick. The audio is produced by a piece of hardware and to work properly you need to ensure that the latest drivers for the same are not installed on your system. Generally, all the major companies notify the users whenever there is an update available.

To get the latest update of the driver you can visit the specific website ( ) and directly download the set driver. Alternatively, you can go to the device manager or use the shortcut keys Windows Key + X. Here right-click on Realtek audio and select the updated driver. It is the simplest trick but manages to fix almost 80% of the issues for most of the users.

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Adjust Volume of Individual Apps

Now the next cause is not the issue with the over output of the system but wants to change the volume levels for different apps. It is also possible natively in Windows 10. To set the individual volumes follow the steps.

  • Right-click on the Volume icon and select, open volume mixer.
  • All the open apps will be displayed on the right side while the devices are on the left.
  • Now you have to adjust the volume of different devices as per your choice.
  • Alternatively, you can go to sound settings, then click on other sound options.
  • Now click on the App Volume and device preferences under the Advanced sound options.
  • Now under the App and Volume option, set the device preference and select the different input and output volumes for apps and devices.

This was the process you can do with the individual app.

Adjust Sound Loudness Equalization and Equalizer

If adjusting the individual apps doesn’t solve your problem and you are not satisfied with the overall loudness of the speakers. For this, we have the solution for you.

Windows comes with hidden features using which you can use the maximum number of volumes by about 150 percent. To access the sound setting follow the steps:

  • To access sound settings, right-click on the volume icon on the taskbar and select sounds.
  • Now double click on the speaker icon under playback which will bring up the speaker properties.
  • Now navigate to the enhancement tab and check the option for loudness equalization.

NOTE: All the devices support this and some audio players might show signs of noise at enhanced levels.

Now, if you are an advanced user who likes to tinker around to get the perfect sound for each genre of music. Then equalizer would be something you’d fancy.  Thankfully Windows 10 comes with a native sound equalizer that lets you tweak the band and create your custom profile.

  • To access the equalizer, go to sound settings.
  • Here select the device properties.
  • Now, click on enhancements and uncheck the equalizer checkbox from the list.
  • Here you can adjust the bands as per your taste and while it’s slow and time-consuming it’s definitely worth the time.

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Install Third-Party Equalizer

If this fails you can move to third-party solutions. The one which window by default recommended is Dolby Atmos for a special sound. This feature doesn’t need any special hardware or receiver but does indeed have a digital signature processor that works by mixing the sound of the PC for an enhanced experience. So, to enable this feature;

  • Go to sounds and double-click on an audio device.
  • Now, select the tap from the spatial sounds and select all the Atmos for headphones from the drop-down list.

Alternatively, you can install a full-fledged app like Boom 3D, it is one of the best audio boosters. It comes with extra equalizer settings also with pre-configured profiles and a 3D surround sound mode.

So, it is one of the best to get the best audio experience but both these options are paid. So, you have to pay some money to get the best output sound quality.

Install Sound Booster

It is the easiest way to directly get a third-party application that boosts the sound quality as well as volume. Sound booster is one of the best-trusted software which will boost your sound voice to its highest level. You can download Letasoft’s application, this will increase the default sound volume by 500%.

To get this software, visit the Letasoft website and download the sound booster from there. You will get a 14 days free trial version of Sound Booster and after this, if you want to continue you have to pay for it.

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Adjust Google Chrome Volume

Many users reported that they will have a low voice when they use YouTube or other sites on Google Chrome. To solve this issue, you don’t want to install any other application. You can increase the volume in Google chrome.

You are even surprised to know that Google Chrome has its own extension which will help you to boost the volume while browsing. This extension is known as Volume Booster, you can get it from the Google Web Store.

Click on Add to Chrome button, this will open the extension tab which turns on the volume-boosting. To know it is turned on, you will notice a blue rectangle just next to the volume boosted tab – this means the extension is working.


So, the above mentioned are some of the ways through which you can increase maximum volume in Windows 10. There are some tricks that you can apply on the PC directly to increase the volume.

Whereas there are some third-party applications also available to you for boosting the volume. I hope you will like this article and surely increase the maximum volume in Windows 10.

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