Call Failed in iPhone – How To Fix?

Facing the problem of call failure on call is seriously a frustrating and irritating thing for anyone.

If you are talking to someone on a call and it is something important and you are facing the same problem continuously then you start to lose your temper.

Getting the error of “Call Failed’. And the question is created in your mind “why my iPhone is saying the call failed error”? And you try many changes with your iPhone by rebooting, updating, and changing the location settings, and more.

But you did not get the result on it. Do not worry, In this article, I am going to share with you the best solution to fix the problem of call failed error.

Quick Guide to fix the problem of call failed

#1. Check Network Coverage

The most common reason for your call failing is your poor network coverage. The call connectivity depends on the coverage or location area of your calling. If there is an issue in your area then maybe it is the big reason for your call failing.

If we are in another location and sometimes in another place then we mostly face the so-called failed problem. Try to call in good network coverage so you don’t need to face the problem of Call failed error.

You can also try once to avoid this problem by making changes to your network settings. Go to your network settings option > then go to General > then reset the settings. Once you reset it then confirm the iPhone passcode and confirm it.

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#2. Disabling Do Not Disturb

When we are busy with some personal and professional work then we mostly use the option of “Do not Disturb”.

The Do Not Disturb option means that your phone calls go in silence, vibration and you only get the notification for that after you turn on your iPhone from the do not disturb option.

The Do Not Disturb option does not accept any calls. This may be the main reason for your getting the error of calling failed. Maybe you forget to turn off the do not disturb option.

You can turn it off this way:

  • Go to the settings option and open it.
  • Then “Turn off” the do not disturb mode.

Now you can check by trying to call someone that you face the same problem of failing. Hope this solution will work.

#3. Checked Blocked Numbers

When the person is mistakenly or intentionally blocked by you and you try to call them again and again and find the error of the call failed.

These blocked contacts are also the big reason for the call failing because you are not able to reach them.

To check it and confirm that this issue is happening for this reason of blocking the number of that particular person which we want to call.

If this is really the issue you can solve it in this way:

  • Open your all blocked contacts number
  • Check properly the person’s name which you want to call is blocked, tap to unblock them.

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#4. Restart your iPhone

To Restart your iPhone it takes action and clears all miserable things happening on your iPhone.

Sometimes the iPhone or any device is not working properly so we say that it will restart once the phone starts its all process again and if the network is stuck then it will work properly.

Restarting the iPhone often really works on some steps of call failed error. You can do some quick steps for this:

  • Hold the side button and power off your iPhone
  • And wait for 2-3 minutes and stay iPhone in power off mode.
  • Now Turn on your iPhone by holding the same button

These simple and quick steps help you to avoid and fix the problem of call failed errors.

#5. Reinserting SIM card

The method of removing and reinserting the SIM card on your iPhone works better if you want to fix the issue of call failed error.

Having some hardware problems on your iPhone like SIM adjustments, scratches, damages, or dust on your SIM card would be the big reason for the call failing.

In this scenario, being to be worried you need to do some quick steps to avoid this issue:

  • Open your iPhone and take out the SIM outside from the SIM tray.
  • If you find any dust on the SIM card, clean it with a cloth.
  • Now, you see the place to fix the SIM in the iPhone and adjust the SIM in a proper manner.

By cleaning your iPhone hardware part and removing and reinserting the SIM card you will not face the problem of a call failure.

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#6. Update your iPhone

One more quick method you can do to fix the call failed issue is by updating your iPhone.Sometimes the old software creates some glitches and bugs.

You need to update it once a time on a monthly basis. If you do it once a week it is good for you to avoid the issue.

When you are going to update your iPhone then you must check that your iPhone battery life should be more than 40% for update and connected with the wi-fi to stable update processing.

It takes only 5-10 minutes or depends on your wi-fi network. Follow the given steps  to update your iPhone software:

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Then click on the General tab option
  • Now click on the software update option
  • If updating is complete then click on install now


These are some quick and simple methods to fix your problem of call failing. Now you can adjust and make changes with your iPhone by following the steps.

Now you no need to go anywhere or any mobile support center to check your iPhone problem. With the help of this article, you will understand the main cause and reason for getting the call failed error. Hope your queries regarding the issue of getting call failed error would be resolved now.

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