How to Get Student Discount on Apple?

Nowadays studying through the online method or by a device like mac, Mac book, and iPad is normal in the present time. These online studies help the student most during the time of exam to make their work easy.

We can understand that the Apple device price is too high and every student does not afford to purchase it. Sometimes when they really need this then they think to purchase it on loan.

By seeing and understanding the thing apple starts to give discounts on purchasing any apple product for students for their study purpose.

Does Apple have a Student discount?

Yes, Apple has a good discount on students. If you are a student then you will be happy to hear this. Now, In this article, we are going to discuss how apple offers student discounts.

These discount offers are currently accepted by Apple for university or college students. Apple is not only offered a discount to students but is also available for the teachers, parents, college staff at all levels.

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Does Apple One have Student Discount?

Apple one is an all-in-one subscription for 6 apple services which includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple arcade, iCloud, and more. By purchasing the subscription to apple one all the services can be accessed. Now the thing is there is a student discount for the Apple One subscription. So sadly the answer is NO. Apple One currently does not give any discount to students. But Apple Music has a Student Discount of $4.99 individually. And there are different packages for getting the Apple One subscription. So make sure you check them before subscribing. But Apple does provide Student Discount on its various products. Keep reading the article to know how to get Apple Student Discount.

What do you need to carry yourself to apply a discount on the apple?

  1. You must have to carry your valid college ID proof.
  2. Your age not more than above 25 years may be an issue to provide a discount as per the student’s eligibility.
  3. Apple starts to provide the discount from class 10the or above.

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How to get Apple Student Discount?

If you are a student and want to purchase the Apple product so you can buy it online as well as offline mode. There are two options available in front of you. You can choose according to yourself which is easy for you.

1. Apple student discount on “online stores”

In online stores, you need to verify that you are a student on the apple website to get the discount offer. After that, you need to follow some steps to complete it. Just read the points carefully.

  1. Open your browser and go to the Apple education pricing page.
  2. Now click on the Apple store for Education.
  3. Sign up on the page to get started and go ahead to verify your age and your student status.
  4. Now fill in all the details which are mentioned there like your Institution name, year of study, and your course length. After that now you need to fill in your email ID which you have the receipt from your university.
  5. Now upload the I’d card of your college or university that you have provided. 6. And in the end, your student status is verified. Now you are eligible to purchase a discount offer from Apple India Education Store.

This is how you need to follow the procedure if you want to purchase an apple from an online store. Now we will talk next about the offline stores.

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2. Apple student discount on “offline store”

Offline it is easy to go directly to the apple store with your college Id card. You can visit your nearby Apple store or any other location.

If you want to check the best nearby apple store around you then you can also search by entering the city name and pin code.

It happens sometimes that some offline stores deny the student discount, to avoid this inconvenience you have to check properly about the store where you go to purchase it.

The offline store also follows the same procedure when you select the “Apple” product they will verify from you all the details of your student status and ask you to show the valid ID card proof of your college and university.

After following all the steps you can happily purchase an apple product with good discount offers.
These are two ways to purchase the apple. Now it depends on you which one you want to select according to your preferences.

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Apple devices that are eligible for a student discount:

  1. MacBook Air
  2. MacBook Pro
  3. iMac
  4. iMac Pro
  5. Mac Pro
  6. Mac Mini
  7. Pro Display XDR
  8. iPad Pro
  9. iPad Air
  10. iPad Mini version

You are eligible to buy a student discount only on these Apple products. Apart from these, you wouldn’t be able to buy any other Apple products like iPhone,iPhone watch, iPhone AirPods, Apple TV, or any other Apple device through the student discount.

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Faq’s for Apple Student Discount

1. Which cards are eligible to buy an apple student discount?

You can apply by any card or by any mode of payment to purchase it. Every online as well offline store accepts all kinds of payment. No restrictions on any payment mode.

2. Is GST applied at the time of purchasing the apple for a student discount?

No, GST will not apply for purchasing apple on the student discount offer.

3. Is it possible to mix other offer discounts with student discount offers?

No, you cannot do this, for any other discount you can ask the retailer what policy is available for this.

4. Can I purchase more than one apple product under the student discount?

No, you can only purchase a single apple product by using one ID card proof of your college and university.

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Through the help of this article, we want to inform you more about your studies so that you no need to worry about that and thanks to Apple for providing the student’s apple product for their study purpose at a good cost.

It also saves you a lot of costs, if this discount is not available then most of the students will not be able to afford this to purchase.

Anyway, I hope after knowing about all the student discount apple now, you are more aware of that and hope your all queries and doubts are clear now by given  FAQs.

I hope this article will help you a lot if you want to buy an “Apple” through a student discount.

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