How‌ ‌To‌ ‌Make‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Taskbar‌ ‌Look‌ ‌Cool‌?

On your PC taskbar, you would like some cool feature that gives your window a better look. To make this fulfillment we are going to customize the options that make your computer more convenient.

A cool taskbar gives a different look to your desktop wallpaper. In this article, we will know the different methods of how you can change your window look. Just read the given article carefully.

How to make your taskbar look cool?

#1. Set new wallpaper and Lock screen Background

The simplest and easiest way to give a new look to your desktop is to customize the desktop wallpaper which you like the most and matches your interest.

To set the wallpaper you need to open the settings option and enter the personalization section.

Now, You will see the tab of background and see several. options for your PC wallpaper. In the given option you have to select the background and choose the picture in which you are interested.

Once the picture is selected then hit the browse button given below of the image of your PC. Now have a look at great sites for searching for new wallpapers if you want some different wallpapers.

If the picture is not the right size then you also select another one by choosing images onto your screen. Finally, your wallpaper with screen will be customized on your PC and give a cool and awesome look.

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#2. Paint Windows with favorite color

Painting your window with your favorite color is a good option to make your PC wonderful. You need to go to the first Personalization setting option, then open the colors tab on another window. Now select the best color from the grid to apply to your window.

If you don’t have an interest in standard colors, you can also use the granular color to make it look good. Well, it automatically picks a good color for your background and windows and sets it on your wallpaper.

The menu option also gives the transparency effects and choice to select between light and dark modes of color. If you hate the simple white color then you can try the paint color for an amazing look.

#3. Set up an account picture

If you set your picture in the account profile then it represents a better look otherwise the account looks like a boring box. You can set and personalize the account with your custom photo.

If you want to set up the account picture then you need to open the settings option >Accountsyour information. You have to create a new picture with a camera and take a new photo with the help of a webcam or can upload the picture from your PC.

Once you set up your account picture you will see it around your windows interface. To add the picture it will the attractiveness and makes it feel like your personal window as compared to a default icon.

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#4. Tidy and Organise your desktop

To keep your desktop tidy and an organized desktop always gives a better look. Many people dump their files on their PC that makes the desktop look messy and untidy.

To avoid this and give a better look you use some tricks to clean all messy looks of the desktop.

Some quick and easy steps can make your desktop rid of messy situations where all the files, galleries, videos, downloads are in the same place. You also use the guide steps once to clean your desktop for all.

1. Hide the system icon

If your PC looks untidy then you can hide some icon buttons from your desktop by going to the settings optionpersonalizationThemes and click on your icon settings link on the window on the right side.

Hiding the unnecessary icons helps give a cool look to your PC.

2. Organize icons on the desktop

Apart from hiding the system icon, some tools are also needed to organize on the desktop and make an empty space that also looks easy for you to find anything.

To clean the desktop you can also search some tools like ‘fences’ or ‘desktop management for a desktop icon’s nice look.

#5. Customize Windows Sounds

Simple sounds always give good vibes during the time of work. You can customize it by going to your settings option > System > Sound and click it to the sound control panel on the right side.

It’s time to check and hear the sound which is applied on your desktop. It sounds like a pop-up voice. Sounds more interesting and cool for your desktop.

And if you want to change the sound voice you can select the replace option, highlight it first and pick a new sound from the menu option. Your sound will change at that time.

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#6. Setup Rainmeter on your PC

Rainmeter really makes the window look beautiful. This is more useful for advanced users who are not satisfied with the above-given feature options.

Rainmeter is often powerful for the new users to set up their desktop cool and fine. The Rainmeter looks like a rain of different colors and some people like this option on their desktop.

Anyways, you can also select any other third-party tools to customize your window with cool features.

How can you manage the taskbar to look cool?

The window taskbar handles the place where all apps are stored frequently. You can do some changes to give a better image of the taskbar by using the below tips:

  1. Move the default taskbar
  2. Hide the taskbar
  3. Adjust the size of an icon
  4. A glance at the desktop
  5. Make room on the taskbar
  6. Declutter
  7. Customize system tray

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These are some tricks which help you to make your desktop a better and cool look. Custom wallpapers, sound, and colors always keep your desktop clean and tidy.

Often, we want to give a better look to our desktop with multiple and different colors. If you are a huge fan of customization then these points will help to guide you on every step to making the desktop lovely.

I hope these options are good enough to make your taskbar look cool and well organized in a better manner.

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