10 Best Ways For How To Save Money On Water Bills?

Worried about rising inflation costs and unable to pay your utility bills? Want to get an idea about how to save from these bills. Well, there are multiple ways to save money, either by not spending it or by saving it from wastage. Water wastage leads to money wastage. Yes, you heard it right!!! In this article, we will be discussing how one can save money on unnecessary water bills.

10 Best Ways To Save Money On Water Bills?

1. Fixing the faucets

Every third house in this world has a leaky faucet/tap which people are either ignorant knowingly or unknowingly. By fixing this leaking faucet, we not only save the water but also give a long life to our appliances and tools from being rusted.

One can easily replace these faucets once they have identified the reason for it. It should be noted that this way of saving water is a highly suggested one for every family. Hence, it is recommended that we spend a few hours repairing these faucets immediately and thereby saving money on high water bills drastically.

2. Turning off the water

All of us have a habit of leaving the water running while we are engrossed in some other activity. One such example is while we shave our beard, we let the water tap keep running even while applying the cream or using the razor.

Hence, with a proper presence of mind, one can avoid unnecessary water flushing.

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3. Keep it fully loaded

We use various appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, etc, to clean our clothes, utensils respectively. The best way to save water here is to simply use these appliances only when they are fully loaded to their neck with clothes or utensils. By doing this, we avoid wastage of minimum levels of water required to run the specific appliance each and every time we use the same.

4. Use of efficient appliances

Once every 5 years or max 7 years of time, we tend to purchase new appliances for our home. We consider so many factors to purchase the same, keeping in mind our budget, user-friendly, latest designs, and whatnot. However, we always forget to check if the appliances are water-efficient or not.

Next time please keep this in mind before investing in your appliances like – Fridge, washing machine, geysers, etc. They can save your water usage in all ways and give a big relief to your water bills.

5. Dishwashing vs manual washing

Many families still consider manual washing to be easier and more effective than using dishwashers. However, this is a very big myth as necessity is the mother of invention, and dishwashers were invented not only to make cleaning easier but also to save water.

This is because manual washing requires a running tap and the dishwasher stores the water in the sink in advance. This might look stingy, but in the long run, one can save a good amount of water.

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6. Install faucet aerators

Many corporates, public places, airports, hotels/restaurants, etc have found this method very useful to cut down on their operating cost just by installing faucet aerators. This mechanism of using water only when there is a need to use it is simply a great innovation of history.

Hence, installing an aerator/water sensor not only reduces the wastage of water but is also found to be very efficient. Statistics show that usage of the same has reduced more than 6billion gallons of water being wasted. This method is again considered as one of the essential methods to save money from unnecessary flow/wastage of water.

7. Shower economically

This might sound a bit miser, however, the idea behind this also is to save on water. One good news is that most people in the world still use buckets for bathing.

However, the need for using showers is slowly increasing. Having said that, using buckets for bathing is a good idea because we use a minimum quantity of water only rather than the flow from the shower which wastes the water a lot. It is measured that the shower bath consumes 3 times the water that is used in the bath from buckets.

Since showering has become a trend, it is suggested we turn off the showers while we are gelling or scrubbing the body, shampooing our hair. It is also suggested that we limit the number of showers or reduce the time of long showers to small ones.

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8. Lawn maintenance- time and native landscaping

Maintaining a beautiful lawn/garden is every household’s dream and hence people use water for their plants and trees regularly. Few important ideas here to save the water here is to water the plants either in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not at its peak.

This will remove the unnecessary wastage of water due to the hot Sun’s evaporation, especially during noontime. Another effective technique is to not miss the water of rain which hydrates the plants naturally. Another small but easy and beautiful technique to avoid usage of water is to plant more native plants which are drought resistant and don’t require watering very often.

This method not only helps to save on water bills but also helps in tireless maintenance of gardens which are generally cumbersome.

9. Rainwater harvesting

In the last point we mentioned using the rain for watering the plants, but can’t we think of using the gift of God by using the rainwater for every other requirement. Yes, rainwater harvesting is considered one of the best ways to save water usage.

It is also taught to children in the school these days. Hence proper storage of rainwater can effectively be pocket-friendly to every head of the family.

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10. Non-water methods

Last but not the least, non-water methods can help in eliminating wastage of money from excessive water bills. We should also look at using alternate methods of water usage, like for cleaning a car, we should look at using scrubbers rather than using buckets of water to clean the same. We can also use a compost pile and collect the garbage in a bin rather than pushing down the same in a sink.

Other techniques– Reusing and recycling the old water for watering the plants, covering our swimming pools when not in use to avoid the water evaporation are few other methods that can be kept in mind.


Hence, there are enormous ways one can adopt to save money from the water bills, however, the measures stated above are far easier and one should bring them into use immediately rather than focussing on the other ideas of saving money.

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